Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Review: Addictive by Jessica Prince

*Gabriel and Marley's story concludes in Addictive*

The past always comes back to haunt you.

Well my past is worse than most, and it hasn’t come back solely to haunt me.
It’s returned to annihilate me and everyone I love.

Now I know our pasts are tied together.
I should have stayed away. I should have continued to run.
But I couldn’t.

Gabriel is my addiction.

No matter how hard I fight it, I just can’t let him go.
My love for him is all consuming. I want him with everything I am.
He gave me light when I’ve lived in a world of nothing but darkness.

But the other shoe has finally dropped.
Our pasts have returned.
And they’ve set out to destroy us both.

4 Fantastic Stars!
Review by Jen Hagen
At the conclusion of Deceptive, Marley had walked away from Gabriel after finding out the truth of “that night” and gaining the knowledge that Gabriel’s side job is to be involved in the distribution of drugs…the same drugs that took control of her mother and essentially killed her mother, but not before causing irreversible damage to Marley’s soul.  Gabriel always gets what he wants, doesn’t take no for an answer, and is determined that Marley will come back to him.  Marley has ignored him with the hopes that he will go away.

It’s done.  We are done.  You need to get that.  No more calls.  No more texts.  Stop sending gifts.  I don’t want anything from you other than to leave me alone.”

Gabriel is a suave businessman and is fully capable of using acquisition tactics to get the end result he wants, and he wants Marley.  Gabriel has spent the past 5 years seeing only darkness after a tragic death took away his loved ones,  and Marley brought lightness back into his life.  There is no way he is letting Marley walk away from him, not when he is finally able to see past anger and revenge.  Poor Marley doesn’t stand  a chance at ignoring and walking away from Gabriel.   

You’re mine.  You. Are. Mine.  I will spend the rest of my like making it up to you if I have to, my bella.”

Being with Gabriel is not easy.  His past will always be an ill reminder to Marley of what she had suffered and the  numerous women he has slept with seem to surround them wherever they go.   Plus he has an evil crazy friend-who-wants-more-than-a-hug hell bent on breaking up Gabriel and Marley and will stop at nothing to make this happen.  She hits them where she knows it will cause the most damage.

“You said you trusted me, but the minute that trust was put to the test, you f*cking bailed.” 

It is clear how much Gabriel loves Marley and eventually she gets to the point of loving him wholeheartedly, and with that comes trust and forgiveness.  Gabriel and Marley are on track to a happy life with one another, but there are too many people not wanting them to be together.   Gabriel has been searching for his former friend and business partner who turned his back on Gabriel in exchange for helping the enemy.   Nobody is safe when it comes to Gabriel’s family and nobody can be trusted.  If Marley is taken from him, there is no way he could find his way out of the darkness again.   The past always finds a way to sneak up on us when we least expect it and betrayal can come in any size and shape.      

Not only is it Gabriel’s past that wants to hurt them, but Marley also has somebody wanting her just for himself, and he will take her at any cost, even if innocent friends are caught in the bargaining process. 
I’ll be seeing you soon, my love.  You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for you.”

I love these what I call mafia-type books.  You know…the kind where you know somebody who knows somebody who can take care of your problem and clean it up with no questions asked.  Gabriel has 2 very close right-hand men that are also strong alpha male characters, one of which will be getting his own book, and another that has a white-picket fence life (I didn’t see that coming). 

There is a small percentage of the book that may not be suitable for all readers.  It isn’t extraordinarily graphic, but the idea and evidence is told and that may not sit well with everybody.  I wasn’t bothered by it, but I wanted to put it out there for those that are hesitant to read anything of graphic nature. 

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