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Release Launch - The Rocker Who cherishes Me by Terri Anne Browning


The Rocker Who Cherishes Me


The marines took me from a Tennessee farm boy and turned me into a hard man. Between the things I’d seen during my tour of duty and the things I’d done during my years as a member of OtherWorld, nothing could faze me. Nothing.

Except for HER.

She’s everything that is good in the world. At least, my world. Everything I’ve ever done has been for her. Always for her. I feel as if I need her to breathe, to feel alive. But I can’t have Marissa. She’s to innocent, to damn perfect. And me? I’m not good enough for that girl. She deserves better, someone who would spend their life CHERISHING her. Not breaking her heart.


Between my brother and Wroth Niall I’d been protected from the world for most of my life. You would think I was still a little girl the way they treated me. But I wasn’t made out of glass. It would take a lot to break this girl. Because if a childhood cancer hadn’t kicked my butt, nothing would. Right?


All I’ve ever wanted was for him to look at me. Really look at me and see that I wasn’t a fragile piece of porcelain that would break if he touched me. What I got was a lot more…but nowhere close to enough. Once I touched heaven—at least heaven for me—and now I didn’t know how to go back to what Wroth and I had had before. I can’t go back to the life I was living before my short time with Wroth. It would destroy me to stay that close, when I know that I’m not what he really wants. So when my brother asks me to go on tour with him yet again, I decide to jump on that tour bus without a backwards glance.

Only I wasn’t prepared to be stuck on HIS bus.

4.5 Star Review by Lisa Kane

I adore Terri Browning's Rocker series and this newest addition is just as fantastic as the ones before! Marissa Bryant is Liam's step sister. We got an in depth view into his life in Axton and Dallas' story, The Rocker Who Wants Me. Liam had serious drug issues, has since cleaned up with Dallas's help and is ready to go back on tour. Marissa is his younger step sister; she battled childhood leukemia and he is fiercly protective of her. Marissa has been head over heels in love with Wroth Niall, one of the guitarists for OtherWorld for as long as she can remember.

He was using the nickname I loved so much, but I could tell he was about to let me down easy. I couldn’t let him. I needed his kiss to get me through the weeks that were about to follow. “Please, Wroth. I’ll never ask you for anything ever again. I promise. Just… Please. One kiss. I…” I hated thinking the next words, let alone saying them but I was desperate. “I might not…” My voice broke, and I was unable to finish the sentence, but I saw the way the skin around his eyes tightened. “…I want to know what a real kiss feels like.”
“You really know how to gut a guy, huh?” He shook his head, but didn’t try to stand again.
I didn’t answer, because I didn’t know how to respond. Was he really gutted at the thought of losing me? When I just sat there, staring up at him, my plea still in my eyes, he groaned. “Mari, you know I’d give you anything you want.” With a curse under his breath, he raised his hands and cupped both sides of my face. “You’re so beautiful, girl.”
Where he once thought of her as his own sister, those thoughts changed once Marissa got older.
It wasn’t until she was nineteen that my feelings had changed. One day I looked at Marissa and saw the same girl I’d always seen. The beautiful chick that could make me laugh when no one else could, with her kind blue eyes and slightly plump body. The next day? I’d seen the same chick, but just the sight of her had made me ache in a way I’d never ached before. I’d looked into her blue eyes, twinkling with merriment over something she was teasing me about, and had had a pain sharp and burning shoot through my chest, leaving me gasping for a breath that I still couldn’t fully take in.

He wants her, needs her, cherishes her. A year ago it seemed they were both finally on the same page about their feelings and being together and then all hell broke lose when Marissa saw Wroth in a compromising position with a groupie.

“Tell me not to touch them, Mari. Tell me and I won’t.”

Her eyes widened. “I don’t believe you.”

“Have I ever lied to you? Do you have any reason to not believe me?” My hand had wrapped her hair around my wrist until I was now cupping the back of her skull. I used my thumb to massage her scalp. “Tell me, Mari. Tell me.”

“Don’t touch them,” she whispered, losing some of her confidence. Long, dark, thick lashes lowered to hide those blue eyes from me. Hiding her thoughts from me. “Please don’t touch them, Wroth.”
“Okay,” I rasped. Pulling her head down, I nuzzled the side of her neck. “Anything you want, sweetheart. Anything at all. All you ever have to do is say the words.”

She has nursed her broken heart for over a year and refuses to even speak to Wroth. He has pursued her relentlessly, but she won't budge. Now that her brother is going out on tour with his band,  he thinks he may have a chance. Liam refuses to let Marissa stay in New York by herself. Her roommates, Linc and Natalie (Drake and Shane's sister) will be on tour. Natalie assists Emmie and Linc is Liam's physical therapist, treating him from the car accident injuries that almost ended his life.  Wroth thinks this is the chance he has been waiting for!

I loved Marissa Bryant. Have loved her every day of her life.

Marissa comes up with a scheme to seduce Wroth then kick him to the curb at the end of the tour. Let him see how if feels to hurt badly. But in spite of her best intentions, Wrath is so anxious for a second chance and is so over the top Alpha over her that she can't  help but have her heart melt-at least a little.
Thinking of the pain I had to live with on a daily basis reminded me of the payback I was going to have by the end of this tour. I should start it all right now, give in to him and let him think I was malleable, ready to start where we had left off before I’d confronted him about what I’d walked in on that horrible night…

She plays games in this one, pushes his buttons with his jealousy over other guys, especially over Rhett Tomlinson, one of the guys from Trance, touring with them. There is quite the twist with that relationship that I didn't  see coming!

We are treated to all our favorite characters from the Rocker series as they are all on the same tour. Emmie and Nik have their 2 kids with them, Layla and Jesse have their terror twin boys and Lucy, Lana and Drake have Neveah and she is expecting again, Axton and Dallas have their son Cannon and Shane and Harper and their dog complete the picture. Shane and Harper are still broken hearted over their fertility problems. There is some intrigue and suspense with them in this story, and a heart stopping moment with Ranger, their dog. I am wondering if this story line will be expanded when we get their follow up novel.

Marissa is a huge Wizard of Oz lover and there is a great tie in with the movie and this story. I haven't read one of Ms. Browning's stories that has disappointed me and this one just proves her writing is consistently great!

 “I love you, Marissa. Then. Now. Forever. I gave you Oz, but all I want in return is you."



(Unedited. Subjected to Changes - Mature Language)

She was out on the dance floor with a glass of something fruity in one hand and her other hand wrapped around Rhett’s arm as she danced between him, Natalie and Linc. I slammed my now empty bottle of beer down onto the bar top, making Emmie who had been standing close by jump. But I didn’t think to apologize. My mind was cloudy but focused on only one mission. 

Kiss Marissa.

“Fuck, why am I the only sober one when he is suddenly shit faced?” I thought I heard Axton whine behind me. 

Was I shitfaced? Maybe, but I didn’t care. 

As I strode toward my girl someone stepped in front of me, but I pushed past him, not caring if I knocked the man on his ass or not. As I drew closer Natalie and Linc stopped dancing and Natalie took a few steps back, pulling Linc with her. After a small hesitation she reached for Rhett and tugged him back with her and the muscle head. Marissa, oblivious to her friends’ desertion and my approach continued to sway to the soft music with her eyes nearly closed. 

My buzzed mind decided to take advantage of her like that and I wrapped my arms around her from behind. My hands folded around her waist and I lowered my head even as she stiffened in my arms. Burying my nose in her neck I inhaled like a man deprived of oxygen would take in lungful after lungful of fresh air. Dallas had been right earlier. Marissa’s shampoo did smell good. It was something different from what she had once used, but it smelled delicious and made her hair soft and shiny. 

Marissa tried to turn in my arms but I tightened my hold around her waist, locking her in place against me. As if it had developed a mind of its own, my tongue snuck out and tasted the soft skin under her ear, rewarding me instantly with a shiver that she was unable to contain. Around us everyone else disappeared and I swayed to the music with her. I didn’t dance, but if it meant I got to have her in my arms then I would do the fucking Macarena


Having had a passion for reading from the time my aunt first handed me my first romance, I slowly grew bored with just reading. I wanted to control the characters, make them into who I wanted them to be and that way I was never disappointed with the endings. I soon learned that it isn't always that easy. The characters control the author. But that is all part of the fun when creating a new story. Seeing where these people take you on their journey to find their soul-mate has become my new passion and getting to incorporate my love of music--Rock music in particular--has been a dream come true. Thanks for taking this crazy ride with me, and I can't wait to see where we go next!


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