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Review: Mistletoe & Hollywood by Natash Boyd and Kate Roth

Jack Eversea and Evan Weston, two of Hollywood's hottest young actors had their hearts stolen by regular down to earth girls, and we lived and laughed and loved their stories in the Eversea Series and in the Desire Resort Series. But what happened when the books were over?

How did each couple choose to spend their first Christmas? Was it sexy, emotional, stressful or heartwarming?

Perhaps it was everything and more. Let's find out!

Mistletoe & Hollywood is a bundled duet featuring:

Evan and Dani's first Christmas in Many Times, Many Ways by Kate Roth.


Jack and Keri Ann's first Christmas in My Star, My Love by Natasha Boyd.

An Eversea Novella

5 Snowy Stars!!

Review by Natasha Gentile

This book is the reason I can’t say goodbye to Jack Eversea!! 

I didn’t even know this book was coming out so when I saw it online, I jumped and fist pumped the air.  Ok maybe jumping was not exactly what I did, but a fist pump was done, with a twist.  BOOM!!!

This book is about the first Christmas together for Keri Ann and Jack!!  Can I say that I would really like to be Keri Ann for this Christmas, ok maybe not just for Christmas, but I’ll take what I can get!

Keri and Jack are finally reunited after being separated for a couple of weeks.  Now they are off to London, his hometown, his old stomping ground, where his mother lives.  To say that Keri is a little bit nervous is the understatement of the year, but let's face it ladies, meeting your boyfriend's mother for the first time, can make any sane person freak out!

She’s on her way, she’s got this.  It also helps that she has Jack holding her hand every step of the way.  Have I mentioned I love Jack?

One more reason to think that Jack is the best boyfriend to have ever - he has prepared 12 gifts of Christmas for her, because, well he’s Jack, he’s awesome and I love him.

“Me too.  And I can show you how much I love my presents,” I whispered in his ear, biting back a grin because I knew what was coming.

Jack let out a low vibrating growl and shifted beneath me.  “Wench.” He said.

I pulled back with a giggle and took his face in my hands.

His eyes stared into mine.

We said nothing and everything.

This is why he is the romance king.  This right here is why you want him, Every. Single. Day.

Once the meeting of the mother is out of the way, they have nothing but two whole weeks together.  Two weeks with no paparazzi, no hiding, no interruptions, nothing but the two of them together.

Jack growled and yanked me to a stop.  His lips came down hard, his hot tongue sliding inside, and my body instantly went from a slow simmer to a full roar.  I found the stone wall at my back, and Jack pressed hard against me, on hand tangled in my hair and the other lifting my leg against his thigh.


Seriously, how hot is he and ...he has that sexy accent!  How can one say no to that?  But with new relationships , comes insecurities.  Keri Ann she only wants to love Jack, except he just isn’t Jack, he is Jack Eversea, the top movie star,  and he comes from drama; drama that is splashed on the covers of every tabloid rag.  See, he’s just a boy, standing in front of a girl, asking her to love him. (Thanks Julia!)  

“You know the answer to that, Jack.  You know I picked you and would do it again, and again, in a thousand different ways.  I love you.  I do fight for you.  Everyday that I don’t let the malicious gossip slip through my trust in you.  My belief in you.  In us.  Everyday that I live this life with you and let myself believe you picked this normal, boring small-town girl instead of a thousand willing beauty queens.”

Once they get all their ducks in a row, let the Christmas celebrations begin!

Jack hauled me back into the doorframe mid-rush and planted a kiss on my lips.

“What?” I asked impatiently.

“Mistletoe,” he mumbled, nodding to where he’s tacked it above the front door.

“Won’t ever pass it up.”

God he was cute.

UMMM hello Jack, got myself a mistletoe, it’s above my head, it’s here, just lean in closer, closer, closer.  Ok fine, ignore my requests!

So it’s come full circle, it's supposed to be the end.  It was suppose to help us with closure, it did the opposite.  It made me want more.  I e-mailed Natasha and I think I begged and pleaded for more.  We need more Jack, we need a wedding, we need a baby, we just plain need more Jack.  I don’t think anyone is ready to say goodbye, so my question is, when is Jack Eversea coming to my Kindle next?

Amazon Eversea

Amazon Forever, Jack

Amazon Mistletoe

Nook Eversea

Nook Forever, Jack

A Desert Resort Series Novella

5 Tropical Stars!

Review by Natasha Gentile

It’s so good when an author puts out a novella with a couple we've met and fell in love with.  So it’s like a Christmas present when Kate Roth gives us a story about Evan and Danielle’s first Christmas together.  Who can forget how we met Danielle and Evan in Desire Resort.  We fell head over heels for Evan, the minute he pinned her to that stucco wall. 

When they finally gave in to their feelings, they had to fight hard to make it work.  This little gem of a book gives us their first Christmas together, and I for one couldn’t wait to get more of DanEva.  Look out Bragelina!!

What I love most is that Evan really bent over backwards for Danielle.  He was chasing her, not too fast because he didn’t want to scare her off, but he knew in his heart this was it.  He was just waiting for her to catch up!

Evan was standing at the curb, leaning against the driver’s side door of a huge black Escalade with a smirk on his lips and a dark red scarf around his neck.  He was in his leather jacket, holding the phone to his ear.  God, I’d missed that face.  He looked so beautiful standing there- like a dream.  I crashed into him, wrapping my arms around his neck, suddenly unaffected by the icy wind whipping around my exposed skin.  I breathed in his cologne and refused to let go.  Evan hummed into my hair and squeezed me tight, shifting for a moment to slop his phone in his pocket.

“Merry Christmas, baby,” he said, pulling back to look down at me.

I’m sorry I think I swooned and actually went awww.  So he shows up with what every single girl wants at Christmas time -a get away.  He’s taking her to a beautiful house, a mansion where I swear I was transported into Bing Crosby’s White Christmas. 

While at this massive mansion, he showers her with gifts that make your heart melt, and then finally, finally she sees, that this is it. He is the one.  He is it. And he wants her.  Always

“I love you, Danielle.”

“I love you, Evan.”

Every time the words feel from this mouth, I rejoiced internally.  He loved me.  He had been loving me for months and it felt like a lifetime.  Evan’s hand skimmed the length of my naked body, causing goosebumps to scatter along my flesh.  He pressed his hot mouth to all his favorite places. 

Just like that, this story has come full circle.  We fell in love with Evan in Last Resort and In best Laid Plans he solidified our love for him, but in Hollywood, he made my heart swell with joy and happiness.  Thank you Kate, for giving us a peak into their life years later.  It was a magical journey and I thank you so very much.

DanEva forever!!!!

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Nook Best Laid Plans 

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