Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Review: Prototype (The Possession Series) by Gretchen de la O

Lauren Matthews believes she will be dead in seven days. She’s done witnessing others around her meeting that exact fate. With the device Marshall Grayson installed in her head as the only golden thread linking them, Lauren is left with no choice but to believe it is her destiny to die.
Unable to see her professional world in Washington DC is about to be ruled by her personal life in San Francisco, Lauren’s two realities collide when Grayson Industries’ influential financier, Alejandro Fernandez, infuses himself in her life. Enchanted by Alejandro's old world charm and modern sensitivity, Lauren becomes tangled in a web of sex, love, deceit, and murder. She struggles to find a balance between self-preservation and ethical responsibility.
With the full scope of the prototype slowly possessing her every thought, she truly understands―her life is not her own. Will Alejandro’s love be enough to reawaken her soul and change her destiny?

4 Shining Stars!

Review by Jen Hagen

Long before there was 50 Shades of Grey, I was a huge fan of medical mysteries.  Patricia Cornwell and Robin Cook were my go-to authors at that time, but now I am a self-publishing author junkie.  I crave their stories as much as I do a diet coke.   My usual reading genre at this point is that of romance so when I first read the blurb for Prototype I was intrigued as this seemed to be more of a thriller than a romance.  Could it be that I was going to go back to my roots?  Was this going to be a medical/science mystery?  It took me a little while to fully immerse myself into the book as I had to regroup from strictly reading romance over the past 2 years.   “Prototype” is a mixture of futuristic medicine, suspense and romance. 

 Lauren is caught up in her infatuation with her boss, Marshall.  She wants to walk away from her secret identity status and being a guinea pig for new technology testing, but Marshall is able to sweet talk  her into one last job, and he uses his lust-filled actions to his advantage in order to persuade her.

 This current prototype is one that has been sold to Alejandro, a.k.a  “a God from Spain.”  Alejandro is requesting he be able to see first hand what the device’s capabilities are.  Along the way to meet Alejandro,  Lauren discovers that she has been given 7 days before she will meet her untimely death.   Lauren and Alejandro have an immediate connection, a connection that Lauren has not felt with anybody for over 10 years.  Lauren is a tough gal and can tolerate many physical inflictions to her body while performing her job. 

 “These are just the scars.  The wounds I bury everyday lay deeper than this.  Don’t ask me to tell you who damaged me, there are too many to count.”

 There are twists and turns abounding in this story and you have no idea who to trust and who is telling lies to their benefit.   

 “You’re so hungry for this prototype to be successful, you’re willing to kill and main people to do it?  Who are you?  You’re not the person I loved and respected.”

 “Prototype” will have you making up your own thoughts as to whom to trust and will stimulate your mind.  It’s not a read that you can breeze though – you need to be able to keep track of everybody and their motives.  It does end on a cliffhanger and I look forward to reading the next installment. 



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