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Review: Toni Aleo Laces and Lace

Nine years ago, things were perfect. Lacey and Karson had found their happily ever after in each other…or so they thought. How do two people who were meant to be move on from that once-in-a-lifetime love?

Lacey has a strength inside her that comes alive with the things she’s most passionate about. She’s a fighter, a survivor, and has everything she’s ever wanted but the one thing that matters most—love.

Karson is doing the one thing he loves most—playing hockey for the Assassins, yet he knows regret. He knows his life has been missing the one thing he walked away from so many years ago—Lacey.

Nine years later, and neither has been able to succeed in moving on from what was, what could have been, and who each of their hearts still beats for. When a chance encounter during a fateful night has their paths crossing again, will the tether still attaching their souls allow them to face the past, present, and a possible future?

Can two people with fate on their side find a way back to each other? Overcome all the obstacles in their way to finally live life together to the fullest?

Or will they let those around them and the circumstances they face, along with questions and doubt, ruin a second chance at the life they both deserve?

5 Fantastic Stars!

Review by Natasha Gentile

Ok Ladies, here is the scoop.  Toni Aleo is either two people 1) Shea Weber in a woman’s body or  2)  from outer space.  She says she not either, but I haven’t seen anything to sway my mind.  I have said it time and time again that no one, not one person writes hockey romances like this lady, and I know, I’m Canadian!  Hockey is in our blood, we bleed our team colors.  I swear nothing makes my day as much as watching Sport Center in the morning.  I also may be a man, but whatever. 

Let me introduce you to the man who has stolen my heart.  Karson King. The “King” of his college team,  he is one game short of being picked up for the NHL.  He’s that good, and he's super hot!!!

He had arresting eyes, dark brown hair that had a red hue to it, and a face that could grace an ad for Calvin Klein.  With hard angels, scruff that made him hotter, and a sexy smile.  His body just screamed sex.  He had door-busting shoulders, toned and thick in the most delicious way.  She had seen him all over campus; girls flocked to him like he was a famous pro.

So at the early morning practice he meets none other than Lacey Martin, one look people, one look at it sealed their fate.  What he doesn’t know is that Lacey she is a survivor- she has fought and  kicked breast cancer’s ass.  She was kicking ass and taking names.  Karson didn’t care about her body, he wanted her heart.  And she gave it to him wholeheartedly.  Their love affair made my heart go pitter patter and I felt so complete..But then, I meet the most hated man in the whole world, Nate Martin.  Nate Martin I hate you, you make me want to smash something. 

It's at this point in the story, about 5% in that I message Toni.  At first they were nice messages, cute and sweet.  Then they started to get just a little hostile.  I believe I told her that I hated her about 45 times an hour.   

Nate does what every spineless person does, he threatens Karson with the one other thing that Karson loves more in the world, his hockey career.   What's a college kid to do?  Cue I hate you message number one!!  I would also like to say I hated this book, not just that I loved that I hated it.  I couldn’t read fast enough, it was insane how much I wanted to finish this book. 

Nine years later, they are both equally successful, Lacey owns a lingerie store in Chicago.   For nine years they went on with their lives trying to forget the other.  She even got engaged to Ethan, another hockey player. But wait Ethan is also Mayor of a douchebag village.  Yup, let me tell you what a tool this guy is, seems the cancer scar is too much for his to stomach so he pays for her to get implants.  Dude, if I could karate kick you in the balls like a ninja, it’s on!!  Yup another I hate you message sent!!  Regardless she can’t seem to forget the one man who branded her heart!

Taking in a sharp breath, Lacey nodded as she looked down at the counter, tears stinging her eyes.  She did her best not to mention him.  She kept him locked tight in her heart, but as always, Rachel saw right through her.  She hadn’t been lying all those years ago when she’d looked him in the eye and said that she would never be the same.

She hadn’t been since she’d watched him walk away, leaving her behind.

And yet another I hate you message, and this time for fun I added in why are you so mean!!!

Karson is playing hockey for the Assassins, he has everything he has always, well almost everything.  He is missing the one things that he hasn’t been able to let go.  Ms. Martin.

Whenever Karson is in Chicago for a hockey game, he hated coming back here,  knowing she was in the same city, but knowing that he would never be able to have her.

Wiping a the stupid tear that fell, she watched as a cab pulled up and she reached for the door.  But  as she got in the cab and sat down, someone else sat down beside her, having entered the cab from the other side.  Someone big, someone who filled the whole side of the cab.  Not that she cared; this was her damn cab.

“Excuse me, this is my cab, “ she said, but when a pair of caramel eyes that she could never forget met hers, everything inside her went blazing hot.  Sitting beside her wasn’t just some jackass who was trying to steal her cab-no it was the love of her life.

The same love of her life who’d left her behind.


Who would have known that a simple cab ride could put you face to face with the only one person in the world who makes you complete and whole.  Seems that when you believe in fate, she helps you.  Or better yet she kicks you in the ass!!!

But this was fate.

He always said too, when he saw her again that he wouldn’t think, he would just do.

So he did just that.

Taking her face in his hands, he pressed his lips to hers and almost cried at how right it felt.  When her hand came on top of his, he deepened the kiss, getting lost in the splendor that was Lacey Martin.  His heart.  Her lips were as soft as he remembered…and the taste.  Sweet Jesus above.  She tasted like heaven.  He never wanted to stop; he wanted to die with her lips on his.  He knew then that he could die a happy man.

Now that they have that first meeting out of the way, clearly everything will be ok.  Right? One thing they both agree on is that they can’t live without each other.  From this day on, it’s them against the world. Unfortunately or them, there are a lot of people not so happy about their relationship.

I feel that at this point I should also point out the characters that I did love in this book.  All are on Karson’s side.  From his mother who I love, to his father that I wanted to high five, to his ball kicking sister, right down to his horny best friend.  They made me somewhat forget about the evil parts of the book.

Here is the thing, in nine years they each became who they are today, the question is do they love the person that they are today?  Will they each let their insecurities win and put doubt into their mind? Or will they let those around them ruin their second chance at finally loving each other!



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