Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Review: Unspoken by Brenda Rothert

Palmer Sinclair was on the edge of happily ever after when she broke off her engagement to Brady Grant. The end of their relationship marked the beginning of a painful solitary journey for her. Though she makes places beautiful with her work as an interior designer, the rest of her life is anything but beautiful – it’s slowly pulling her under.

Brady, a contractor, is swiftly building his business into an empire. Work is a faithful companion that never lets him down like Palmer did. When he sees women now, it’s on his terms. And his terms are simple: just sex. He won’t let a woman break him again.

Palmer is barely holding it together when she and Brady are unexpectedly paired on a project after a year apart. The pull between them is stronger than ever, but the fallout from their reconnection leaves them both wondering if maybe some things are better left unsaid.

4.5 Star Review by Jen Skewes

Unspoken is a beautiful second chance love story but but it is also so much more.  There is also another story being told throughout the book but never once did it overshadow the love story between two people who have been given a second chance at love.   This is a story of love, family, sacrifices, forgiveness and second chances. 

Palmer was engaged to Brady, the love of her life.  And everything seemed perfect as she planned her wedding.  But one day she receives news that completely shatters her world.  As a result she needs to take a break from the wedding planning and possibly put the wedding on hold.  But in doing so it causes major miscommunications, misunderstandings and two broken hearts.  Her and Brady end their relationship and Brady decides to take the opportunity to move away and start his own business in 

About a year later Brady is back in town when his friend has hired him to build him and his fiancĂ© a new home.  But what Brady doesn’t know when he accepts the job is that his former fiancĂ© is the designer on the job, which means they will be working side by side to get the job done.  Brady’s heart was broken a year ago when he and Palmer broke up.  And seeing Palmer now has brought back many felings in him.  He is not over her but he’s afraid to be with her again for fear of getting his heart broken all over again.  Not to mention the fact that he is still angry and very bitter towards her,  but he cannot deny the attraction and connetion that they still have.  I honestly do not want to give too much of this story away at all.  I will say that working together is not going to be easy for Palmer and Brady.  Brady has tried to move on and up until recenltly he has been doing a good job.  Palmer has had her hands full and hasn’t really had time to even think about moving on.  But when working together again brings back all those old feelings will they get their second chance with each other or will the anger and bitterness take over causing more heartache?

So I really loved Brady but have to be honest in saying that at times he completely pissed me off.  I think he let his anger get in the way of what was really going on and the feelings that he had.  And because of that he did things and acted in ways that made me a bit mad.  But I also think that deep down he didn’t intentionally mean any hurt by what he did.  I think it was more about protecting his own heart.  In the end he made me smile and completely won me over. 

My heart honestly went out to Palmer.  She has so much pressure and stress going on in her life.  I think Brady being back in her life helped to take away some of that stress even if only for a few moments.  She was a very storng and determined woman.  But there were moments where I honestly hurt for her, on more than one occasion.  She was just so loving and devoted and I just loved her.  I wanted to see her and Brady get their happily ever after.  She has been faced with so much that she truly deserved happiness.  Sometimes in life the unexpected happens and the way you deal with it may not be the best.  And in times like that it is important to be honest with your feelings so not to let miscommunication and understanding get in the way.  I think for Brady and Palmer they learned that the hard way.  But in the end they loved each other and that trumped it all.  Brady was there when she really needed him the most.  I felt hurt that they both went through and I even understood Brady’s anger.  This book brought out so many emotions, from happy, to sad, to frustrated and angry to sad again.  But in the end I found myself smiling and filled with happiness.  This is a must read and another amazing job by Ms. Rothert. 

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