Monday, December 29, 2014

Review: Watch Me Fall by Nora Flite

Pain, abuse, brutality. That was my life. I struggled and stressed; cried until I forgot what tears were. But I worked hard. I clawed to the peak.
And then I lost everything.
Most people would have shattered.
I'm not most people.
My dreams are gone, but that's fine. I could have lived this tiny, broken life. I could have suffered in silence.
Until I met her: Noel.
God, she's so alive. She makes me ACHE and I just...
I can't ignore her.
So I won't.
Noel thinks she can handle me. Survive me.
If she knew the truth—could see into my mind—she'd smarten up and run.
I'm so lucky she doesn't have a clue.

--Author's Note-- This is a dark romance novel, it contains themes of violence and mature situations that could make readers uncomfortable.

4 Star Review by Jen Skewes

Carter had been a dancer since he was very young.  His goal was to be accepted to an elite school for ballet.  And the truth is that whether Carter wanted that or not he had no choice.  His parents put so much pressure on him to be the best, to the point that they were abusive both physically and mentally.  Telling him how worthless he is and beating him if they felt he didn’t give it 100%.  His parents were into drugs which in turn caused their death.  But their death also had an affect on Carter as well.  Something happened to him one night, which shattered his dreams of ever becoming a dancer.  Carter was offered a position in Paris which seemed to be the best choice for him, giving that his career as a dancer was over. 

Noel is an amazing dance who could probably get into any school she wanted to.  Well actually she did.  She was accepted to the NYCB but her dream was to dance at the school that her deceased mother attended.  It doesn’t matter that she is too good for the school in Paris.  She wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

While in Paris her first week she meets a stranger on the streets who in a way saved and helped her.  That stranger ends up being Carter, her dance teacher.  But he has no idea about their first meeting.  Carter is a bit of a mystery to both Noel and the reader.  There is definitely an attraction between the two of them but there is something about him that is a bit scary in a way.  It is as if he wants her and gets close to her only to pull away.  They give in to their attraction but being together can be bad for the both of them considering that he is her teacher.  He could get fired if someone found out what went on behind closed doors. 

I love Nora Flite’s writing.  I think each character she creates is different and unique in some way.  There was so much more to Carter than you expected.  He has a dark side to him that came out and we got to see more of as the story went on.    It was a side that he was afraid to show Noel but her reaction to it was one that surprised him.  Noel saw tat dark side but something in her liked it.  She was falling for Carter, even if she shouldn’t have.  But she just couldn't control her feelings. 

Carter has grown up in an abusive home and became a shell of himself because of it.   And then his dreams were completely shattered making him lose all hope  But Noel sparked something inside of him.  She was the perfect match for him and the perfect person to bring light to his dark, dark world.  I loved the two of them together.  Carter wasn’t this swoon worthy hero that was all hearts and flowers but I loved him.  He knew what his issues were and knew to stay away from Noel.  But he just couldn’t.  She made him feel things.  And she made him fall….for her!

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