Monday, January 5, 2015

Review and Giveaway: Falling Away by Jasinda Wilder

My name is Benjamin Dorsey. You know my mom and dad's story. You know Kylie's parents' story. You even know Kylie's story.

You don't know mine, yet.  

You don't know what a broken heart is until you've loved someone your whole life, only to have her slip through your fingers because you waited too long. That's heartbreak. That's regret. And how do you live with that? How do you go through the motions when she's there as a reminder of what you lost, of what you could have had but were too damn chicken to go after? I couldn't. So I left. 

That's right, I ran away. I found myself across the continent, playing minor league football. I mean, at least I still had football, right? 

Nope. That got taken away from me too. A career-ending injury left me down-and-out, scraping the bottom of the barrel, hating myself and hating life. And then I met Cheyenne Leveaux, my physical therapist, who became my one and only friend, the one bright light in the darkness of my messed up life.

But of course nothing is ever simple, or easy. 

Tragedy struck, and the rug was swept out from under me yet again, and this time the guilt, the doubt, the secrets, and the old heartbreak may threaten my one chance at true happiness, my one shot at my own happily ever after. 

Reading Order: Falling Into You, Falling Into Us, Falling Under, Falling Away

4.5 Star Review by Allison East

It's no secret that I absolutely LOVE Jasinda Wilder and everything she writes. Three of her books made my top fifty list this year! So when I had the pleasure of reading Falling Away, book four in the Falling series, I jumped at the chance. In book one I was rocked by Colton and Nell's love story- and I got more in book three, with their daughter Kylie and Oz. I fell in love with Becca and Jason in book two- and then I felt so bad for Ben in book three that I HAD to have his story. And finally, I got it!

But it isn't without angst, or heartbreak- because there is a lot of that in book four. But there are also happy times and totally scorching times too!

Ben Dorsey is the hero in this book, and at the beginning we get a glimpse into how he is living. It's told from his point of view for a majority of the story. He is basically drifting along after the whole Kylie and Oz drama. He settled in San Antonio where he started in a minor league football league, and that's when tragedy struck.  He was injured and met his physical therapist, Cheyenne Leveaux.

Cheyenne was a fantastic character and for some reason I believed she was going to be the heroine- and then I was sidelined yet again by Miss Wilder! Something happened that I NEVER EVER saw coming in a million years, but it also brought Cheyenne's daughter into Ben's life- and he is forever changed.

Echo was a spitfire of a heroine- and I freaking LOVED everything about her. She was a slut, for lack of a better word, but self-defined. She thought she was never going to be good enough for anyone, because of issues involving her father. She has lived through some crazy stuff, and let some crazy stuff happen to her. Underneath it all, she was just a scared little girl who wanted to be loved. Aren't we all a little bit of Echo at sometime or another?

I loved this book, and it was a roller coaster from page one. I am SO glad Ben got his story. I was worried it was the last we were going to see of him at the end of Falling Under, but he came back with a vengeance. And I was really happy that he at least made peace.

As with all her books, I am never disappointed by Jasinda's books. She makes you feel all the feels, and then some. Happy and sad, steamy and serious, all the best parts tied into an epic finale of a series! Read this book, you will be so glad you did. And I can honestly say, yes you should read books one, two and three, but Jasinda does a fantastic job of introducing everything and catching
everyone up, it almost reads as a standalone if you didn't know any better!

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  1. Thank you for the chance to win this book . I just recently bought the first 3 books in the series and can't wait to read them!


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