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Blog Tour: 39 & Holding by M.R. Joseph

Author: M.R. Joseph
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Standalone Novel
My name is Greer Walker. Mom of two. Friend. Daughter. Dance instructor. And, let’s not forget—a woman scorned.

For the fourteen years were were married and the twenty years we were together, I devoted my life to my husband. What did I get in return? Heart break, crows feet, stretch marks, and a slew of insecurities.

You see, the douchebag dumped me for a twenty-five year-old, real-life Barbie Doll with a large repertoire of medical enhancements. He crushed my heart. His affair destroyed me. The signs were there-I just chose not to see them.

Finally with my eyes wide open, I vowed to never go through that kind of heartache again. I didn't need someone to make me feel special or beautiful, or sexually charged. Hell, I can take care of that part on my own if you know what I mean. It was twenty years since I last dated-and I was okay with never doing it again.

But…There’s always a but.

The day Nick Costa walked into my life—or rather drove right into it—he made me feel all sorts of things that this woman right here had no business feeling. Lot's of feelings. He made me ask myself questions.

Could I allow someone into my life again? Could I risk being hurt? Could Nick deal with all the insecurities the fallout of my marriage produced?

I am thirty-nine! Can I start all over again? Can I let go of the past in order to have a chance at a future with this man?

You might want to stick around to discover the answers.

For now, I'll be 39 & holding.

5 holding stars by Natasha Gentile

When I first read the blurb I was already hooked.  I mean I’m 39, I know shocking, but true.  I’m 6 months away from forty and fabulous.  But before then let me tell you about this gem of a book.

My name is Greer Walker. Mom of two. Friend. Daughter. Dance instructor. And, let’s not forget—a woman scorned.

Already it’s as if we are the same person, just a couple of little differences.  I have three kids.  I’m a great friend.  I’m a daughter, if I drink enough wine I can totally be a dance instructor.  This might just be where we are bit different.

For the twenty years my husband and I were together, I gave him my soul, my life, my everything. What did I get in return? Heart break, crows feet, stretch marks, and a slew of insecurities.

Oh you mother flipper.  You did not.  So all that time she spent devoted to you, she was cleaning the house, raising the kids, doing laundry, working and of course I’ll add, fluffing your ego.  I have to put that in because let me tell you, when you’re with someone you always have to make them think they are so much better than they are.  So all this time she’s been there for you and what do you do?  You go and have an affair with a silicone Barbie doll half your age.  And you don’t even have the balls to tell her to her face, nope that would be too much of a thing a man would do, no she has to find out from an e-mail that your vagina on the side send to you. 

I’m not a violent person by nature.  I mean, I don’t even own a fly swatter and I hate those outdoor bug zappers.  Just listening to a mosquito in the summer sizzle as it’s electrocuted by a thousand bolts of electricity… I just hate it.  But when I saw the words written in an email to my husband when I accidentally-yes accidentally-clicked on his account, I felt violent.

Oh I hear you, I would get violent, I would get very, very violent.  I think I would go bat shit crazy and destroy him.  I see lots of matches, gasoline, knives, fire, bats, golf clubs.  Oh I also see stiches, casts, black eyes, and some burns, on him of course. It wouldn’t  make me feel that much better, but sure would help.

It’s sad really.  You think you know someone.  You sacrifice for that person, you give them everything, and what they give you in return is heartache. 
Do you know what it feels like to have someone tell you they are no longer in love with you?  Truth is, I don’t want you to know.  I would never want anyone to feel the pain that I have felt.  I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

So now here she is;  

Greer Walker, thirty-nine, and single after twenty years.  My kids are gone most weekends with their dad and one night during the week.
And I’m alone.  But that’s ok because I won’t ever let my heart or my pride be smashed beyond recognition again.  I’ll be a cat lady once my kids are grown and out of the house.

Greer is now single and almost a cat lady, her gay best friend refuses for her to go down like that and stages an intervention, or what we like to call a night out on the town.  So on her route to her night out she is stuck in traffic, but what happens when you’re stuck and next to you is a hot guy?  Well, if you’re me you flirt and smile, if you’re Greer, you roll up the window and hope he doesn’t notice you.  Except he does, oh does he ever!

Our vehicles are so close I can actually make out how they actually have an array of green specks, which makes them even more interesting to look at.  Then something happens to me that again hasn’t happened in a long time.  I squirm.  You know the kind of squirm I’m talking about too.  ‘The Squirm’.  The adjusting of what’s inside your pants.  Whether you’re a guy who has to adjust his balls, or a girl, who from the very sight of a pair of attractive eyes, can become wet.

He flashes me a grin of all grins-straight, white teeth, a dark curl, like Superman hanging on his forehead- and yeah, damn it, I do it again when I see it, I squirm.

She strikes up a conversation with a stranger in the car next to her, then they both go on their way.  No harm, no fowl and a couple of squirms thrown in there for good measure. Hey it’s the experience that counts right.  Except fate is going to step in and send him to her again.

Then he walks in.
Holy mother-fucking shit balls.
Dressed in a white lab coat, gray slacks, baby blue dress shirt, and black thin tie, and the viva la resistance, black horn-rimmed motherfucking glasses.  I’ve been thinking motherfucking a lot lately.  So unlike me.
His name is Nicholas.
Nicholas Costa.
Dr. Nicholas Costa

She throws caution to the wind and she just goes with it and finally gives into it. I mean it’s her first fling she should just do it right? 

He starts to finish what I started, never taking his eyes away from mine.  Slowly, methodically, and it’s more than I can stand.  It’s the way he looks at me.  He’s sex.  Plain and simple; Nick Costa is actually sex.  Google sex and it’s his picture.  I swear it.

Umm sorry but I Googled it and let me say Nick was not there, and I was a touch disappointed.  I’ll let you know why, cause not only is Nick a doctor, he’s hot, he loves kids, he wants her oh and the cherry on top of the Sunday he’s younger than her.  Hello cougar!!!

But now that this fling is started and she has accepted it, what she doesn’t expect is the love that she starts to feel.  The walls to her heart, which she is guarding tighter than Alcatraz , is crumbling and she is so afraid for the outcome.  She is so afraid of feeling the pain of losing someone else that she loves. 

I’m afraid of the obstacles and I’m afraid of the uncertainty, but I think if I keep my mind open, it will open my heart.  I can be brave and I can be cautious.  I can take how I feel day by day, but the answer is clear when I look into his eyes.  I’m not a teenager anymore.  I can’t go around waiting for the jock to notice the nerd and ask her to the school dance.  I can’t deny the something anymore.

I understand why she is fighting so hard. But with all this she has to trust herself, trust her gut and most of all trust her heart with someone who wants to hold and cherish it like it’s crystal. 

“Remember, my dear.  No matter the year, the season, or the reason, love comes to you when it’s the most unexpected thing.  The unexpected things are the gifts we should cherish the most.
Words with such simplicity, but with so much meaning.
Unexpected. Love. Gifts. Reasons. Cherish.
Those things describe my life as it is now.  My kids.  My friends. My work.  My Nick. It’s bliss.

So now that she is finally seeing things through his eyes and sees that she could do this, what happens if it took her longer to get to the finish line than he cared to wait?  Will it be too long- will she be 39 & holding forever?



I was blind. Blind as a bat. I mean I was actually more blind than a bat. At least a bat can see what it needs to see when it needs to see it, or what it wants to see.

I didn't see it and it was right there in front of me.

For months.

I guess I should have really spotted all the warning signs. They were as bright as the lights on a neon sign that hangs above a bar, or a tattoo shop, or a strip club. You know the ones that practically flash in your face and say, “Hey, come on in and open your eyes, moron.” Well, I was not that person. Like I said before, I was blind.

Oh, right, back to the signs. Okay, so the first, let's call this exhibit A. This would be the new job, late nights at the office, and late dinner meetings with clients. Totally acceptable. You have to start at the bottom if you want to make it to the top. I got it. Back then, I got it.

Then there's exhibit B. Last-minute business trips. Yes, spare-of-the-moment trips that required a bathing suit and a crazy looking Hawaiian shirt, and a trip to Macy's for some new underwear. Sigh...yes. Fucking boxer briefs. No more tighty whities with the wet fart stains. I tried to bleach them out for fourteen years. What the fuck was I thinking?

Well, I wasn't.

Let's not forget about exhibit C. See C is a big one. It's the one that made me start to question my sanity. Electronics. They are the devil. If I could rid the world of cell phones or email, trust me I would. They are the spawn of Satan himself. If I didn't have to use a cell phone to keep in constant contact with my kids, I wouldn't have one. But this is the age of electronics and the be all and end all of love, hope, and forgiveness. And don't even get me started on girly, fruity, sexy fragrances. They are the eye of newt in this witches brew of lies and deceit. But I'll get back to that later.

I'm still on electronics. Yes, phones buzzing in the middle of the night and feeling the shift in the mattress as the phone that was buzzing is picked up and taken out of my earshot. I heard the whispers, thinking maybe, God forbid, someone forgot to tell someone about a big audit.

Big audit problems at one a.m. Yeah...audit my ass.

Emails. Ha, ha. Oh, yes. Emails. Such a brainless way of getting information from one person to another via the computer.

Whether for business or pleasure—well in my story it was for someone else's pleasure—it's the cherry on the proverbial top of the sundae in the form of communication or miscommunication. Depends how you see it.

In my case, it was simply the means to the end.

One email. One stupid email that sent my happy home into turmoil and into a tornado of absolute disarray.

I'm not a violent person by nature. I mean, I don't even own a fly swatter and I hate those outdoor bug zappers. Just listening to a mosquito in the summer sizzle as it’s electrocuted by a thousand bolts of electricity...I just hate it. But when I saw the words written in an email to my husband when I accidentally—yes accidentally—clicked on his account, I felt violent.


Can't wait for you to fuck me even harder tonight, baby.

xx- Giselle

Who names their kid that unless she's a princess in a Disney movie or some shit like that?

Giselle. Christ Almighty. That name. I can't even say it without green, acid-inducing vomit rising up in my throat, which will probably be the cause of esophageal cancer somewhere down the road.

But back to the email, oh and my distaste for swatting at innocent insects. Remember me telling you I'm not a violent person? The night I found the email, when my husband of fifteen years was fast asleep in our marriage bed, the man I had been with since I was nineteen and in my final semester as a freshman year in college. Yes, that one with the thick dirty-blond hair. Well…that night he had a little less of it because a clump rested in the palm of my hand after I dragged his sorry ass out of bed by the roots to confront him. The man is dead weight when he's asleep, but the adrenaline I felt that night took over any weakness or guilt of harming another human being, animal, or insect. Ryan Walker was all of the above except for the human part. He was the animal and the insect. If I had one of those outdoor insect buzzy-killing things, I would have thrown him in it and watched his body be charred to a crisp. Like he did my heart.

Sound a little violent to you? The dance instructor turned murderer? I guess you could say violent. I mean I wouldn't have done it...that way. Arsenic-laced cupcakes anyone?

He didn't deny it. After I screamed and cried and clawed at his face—and smashed the laptop jumping on it like a two-year-old—we just sat there in silence. We leaned against our bed like we were two strangers. Not two people that had been together for twenty years. We leaned our backs against the bed we picked out when we got home from our honeymoon. The bed we fucked in, watched movies in, had tickle fights in, and made two amazing children in. Now, it was just holding us up from falling. Me mostly. I learned he fell about six months before that. When he had her in my bed. My husband fucked Giselle, the long-legged, half-French-half-whatever whore, when I was away in Phoenix for a master class in Ballet, in my bed. Did I mention it was in my bed? My loving husband said he had to work that entire weekend and thought it would be better if the kids went to my dad’s because he felt bad he would not be able to spend ample time with them. He would not be able to take Cole to his baseball game or go watch Sophie take her dance class. What a good dad. Thinking of the children before himself.

Enter sarcasm here. Asshole.

Have you even tried to figure out what to do with a broken fifteen-year marriage in one sleepless night? I have. Trust me, you don't look like Miss America after a night of crying and lack of rest. The bags under my eyes—yes there was enough of them to take me to Mexico for a month. And the leftover mascara that streamed down my face, ha, ha, it made me look like Courtney Love from Hole. It's sad really. You think you know someone. You sacrifice for that person, you give them everything, and what they give you in return is heartache.

Do you know what it feels like to have someone tell you they are no longer in love with you? You don't? Truth is, I don't want you to know. I would never want anyone to feel the pain that I have felt. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

Did you know that your heart actually hurts when you break up? I mean that fateful night I thought I was having a heart attack. Here it was just my heart cracking inside, dying—weeping—in total agony. That's exactly what a broken heart feels like. Doubt me? Think I'm exaggerating? I wouldn't think those things if I were you.

I told him I smelled her in our bedroom but at the time thought it was the scent of the new laundry detergent I had recently bought.

Remember the fruity, girly, sexy scent I told you about? Yeah, well laundry detergent doesn't smell like that. Guess I couldn't smell that well either.

He told me he loved her. I think I would have tried to make it work with him if he would not have told me that. He told me he loved me for being a good mother to our kids, but that he was no longer in love with me.

He left the next day.

Please don't get me started on how my kids reacted. Cole, my thirteen-year-old, bad, I mean real bad. He said he hated Ryan. I told him that was wrong. Daddy just didn't love Mommy and sometimes that happens, but he would always love him and his sister. Sophie, my six-year-old, just asked questions about having two Christmases and then she went back to play with her Barbies.

The first hard thing was seeing his side of the closet empty and his medicine cabinet in the bathroom bare of all his shaving things and colognes. A few days after he left I still smelled his scent lingering in the air, and I have to admit, I clung to it. Inhaled it and kept it in my lungs until they burned with remembrance. I had grown tired of that.

It eventually left. There were no traces of Ryan Walker in my home. Our home. The one we once shared. He gave me the house. I earn enough to keep it up. He pays the mortgage out of guilt I suppose and lives with...oh, God forgive me while I swallow my vomit...okay…I'm back…while he lives with what’s her name.

I got rid of the bed by the way. I wanted to set it on fire like Angela Bassett did in ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Back.’ Torch it in the front yard for all the neighbors to see.

The trash men took it instead. That's what it wound up being. Trash. Like the way I felt. Left out on the curb. Discarded. Replaced.

So here I am.

Greer Walker, thirty-nine, and single after twenty years. My kids are gone most weekends with their dad and one night during the week.

And I'm alone. But that's okay because I won't ever let my heart or my pride be smashed beyond recognition again. I'll be a cat lady once my kids are grown and out of the house. No offense to all the cat lovers out there.

I'm done with giving myself completely to one person. I can do this. I'm a big girl. I'll be okay.

Being single isn't so bad. Being thirty-nine and single isn't so bad.

Soon forty will be knocking at my door and I'll answer it with my head held high. I'll do my best to welcome it.

Forty. The big 4-0. The over-the-hill; the crest of going from a Lamb to a Cougar.

God, I hate that analogy. But it is what it is. I'll hold on to thirty-nine as long as I can.

I'm Greer Walker and this is my story.



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