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Blog Tour: The Way We Fall by Cassia Leo

The Way We Fall Synopsis:
From New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo comes a twisted and passionate love story that pushes the boundaries of loyalty.

Maybe we shouldn’t have fallen so fast and so willingly.

Maybe we shouldn’t have moved in together before we went on our first date.

Maybe we should have given our wounds time to heal before we tore each other to shreds.

Maybe we should have never been together.

Houston has kept a devastating secret from Rory since the day he took her into his home. But the tragic circumstances that brought them together left wounds too deep to heal.

Five years after the breakup, Houston and Rory are thrust together by forces beyond their control. And all the resentments and passion return with more intensity than ever.

Once again, Houston is left with a choice between the truth and the only girl he’s ever loved.
The Way We Fall is the first book in The Story of Us series, which follows the tumultuous love story of Rory and Houston. The sequel, The Way We Break, will be released Spring 2015.

4.5 Star Review by Jen Skewes

Well Cassia Leo has done it again!   She has managed to completely suck me in with this new series.  It is just as intense and emotional as I would expect it to be.  She has created two very complicated characters whose love is intense.  It is filled with betrayal, secrets and lies.  There is enough drama and angst to keep you on the edge of your seat and a twist that you never saw coming. 

Rory has loved Houston since she was a little girl.  Houston is Rory’s best friend’s brother.  Houston was older than Rory and never really noticed her.  But then something happened where both of their worlds were shattered and were both left trying to cope.  They needed each other more than anything.  It was the best and worst months of their lives.  They fell in love but their love was complicated.  As much as Rory loved Houston and wanted a forever with him, she wasn’t sure if Houston could give that to her.  And he proved her right in the end.

It’s five years later and Rory and Houston have been thrown into a situation where they will be working together.  Rory has never gotten over Houston and while Houston may have moved on he still loves Rory and probably always will.  But there is still a secret that Houston has been holding onto for the past five years.  And unleashing that secret can tear them apart once again.  But in order for them to make their way back to each other, Rory needs and deserves to know the truth.  Will Houston tell her the truth and risk losing the only woman that he has ever loved for a second time?

The Way We Fall is the beginning of a new series that I know is going to be intense, emotional and full of angst, all of which Cassia Leo does best.  While this one was a little tamer than I had expected I can feel that the next two will be a bumpy ride.  I loved the emotions that I felt in this book.  There were some stomach dropping moments, and some moments that will break your heart.  And when that shoe finally dropped and we find out the truth, OH MY GOD I never saw that one coming. 

I loved Rory and Houston and I felt how intense their love was and still is.  But there are a few other people in this little web and I am not sure how it will all play out and how this will end.   And that is where the nerves and heart palpitations come into play.  This book gave me one big hangover.  I could not stop thinking about it when it was over.  I discussed it with a friend and we spent hours trying to figure out what would happen next.  Which way will this story go?  And can I handle the drama and angst that is to come?  And that right there, those feelings and emotions that I felt, the anxiety over a book that isn’t even out for a few months and the hang over from the first book is a sign of a great book.  I am patiently waiting on the edge of my seat to see what happens to Rory and Houston.   I loved the two of them.  I think they have this love that will not die but need to figure out their own crap before even thinking of moving on.  This is just the start of a wild ride and one I cannot wait to take!  Another fantastic job by Ms. Leo!

Cassia Leo Bio:
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cassia Leo loves her coffee, chocolate, and margaritas with salt. When she’s not writing, she spends way too much time watching old reruns of Friends and Sex and the City. When she’s not watching reruns, she’s usually enjoying the California sunshine or reading – sometimes both.


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