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Blog Tour: The Consequence of Revenge by Rachel Van Dyken


After losing his best friend to another guy, the notoriously too-confident Max Emory suddenly feels lost. He may have devastatingly good looks, an abundance of charm, and a claim to one of the biggest hotel empires around, but he has no ambition anymore. So when his fed-up friends decide they’ve had enough of his moping, they sign him up to be the next bachelor on the reality series Love Island. And between his pride and his forged signature on an ironclad contract, Max just can’t say no.

Now he’s stranded in paradise with twenty-four women, one terrifying goat, and Becca, the breathtaking barista who already turned him down back home. The closer Max gets to Becca, the more determined he becomes to win her over. As she gets to know him better, things start heating up. But is Becca really after Max’s heart—or is she after the cash prize she could claim once the cameras stop rolling?

GOODREADS: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23381456-the-consequence-of-revenge

4 Star Review by Jen Hagen

If you have not read “The Consequence of Loving Colton” then I strongly urge you to read that before this book.  Max, the main character in this book, was introduced to us in its predecessor. Although this can be read as a standalone, you will get a better feel for the group’s dynamics if you start with book 1.  Max, by himself, is a funny guy – but throw in the gang and you will be holding your stomach so it doesn’t burst open from laughing too hard.

At the start of the book, Max finds himself not knowing what to do with his life now that he has graduated from college.   He is set to replace his father in the hotel industry and really wouldn’t have to work because he has so much money, but until he knows what he wants to do with the rest of his life he is hanging around Jason.  He also seems to be lost without his other half/best friend, Milo.   Jason and Max did not start out the best of friends, but Max thought that they had made progress…until that one day when Max answered the ringing of the doorbell…

The cameras were directly in my business, all my business.  My eyes narrowed, then fell on Jason.  He was partially covering his face with his hands and smirking – the ass.

Jason decided that Max needed a little help finding his way out of Jason’s apartment, so Jason signed Max up for a reality TV show where Max will be living on an island with 25 women for 3 weeks.  The woman he chooses can either choose him as her prize or go for the $250,000.  But before he heads out to the island, Max spends an evening out with his friends.  Now if you have read the first book, you know when all the members of this group are together things tend to get a little crazy and usually Jason ends up with an ice pack to his face or somebody ends up in the hospital…which is the case here.  Have you ever read the reviews on Amazon for those sugar-free gummy bears that cause intestinal troubles??  Good gravy I was laughing hysterically at this scene.

“He took a handful, I’d pulled them out of my purse to throw them away.”
“Well, shit.” I chuckled.
“Ha, oh, believe me,” Colt sighed.  “He’ll be doing plenty of that in a few minutes.”

Oops…I guess Reid is allergic to anything sugar-free.

“I’m allergic”—Reid’s eyes widened – “to anything sugar free.”
“Please.”  I waved him off.  “You had an attack one time.”
Reid’s eyes narrowed.  “I was in the hospital a week.”
Reid recovers and off to the island Max goes.  He is very surprised to see Becca, the waitress that he recently tried to pick up, and was denied.  Becca needs to win the show for the money to pay for her college education.   She will not be swayed by Max’s charms…she will not be swayed by Max’s charms.  Yes, keep telling yourself that Becca because Max has a lot of charm and he will work his charisma into your heart.

I’d only known Max for three days.  Three days and he was already making me second guess all my preconceived notions about the type of guy he was.  I’d thought that because he was funny he was harmless, but I’d had no idea funny could be dangerous because it was too easy to let him in and once he was in he stayed there – refusing to budge.

For a while it was just Max leading the book on his own and although he is a funny guy, it’s the group that really gets things rolling.  It was a little slow for a short period of time, but then a surprise visit gets things moving quickly again.

“Do you even realize how many people I had to pay off to be here?"

There’s no Benadryl in this book.  Nope…it’s gone hard-core.

“Tranquilizer? Where the hell did you get a tranquilizer?”
“Online.  What you think?  I zookeep on my days off?”

Becca and Max seem to hit it off during the show.  She puts up with his craziness and Max is ready to throw in his man card to be with Becca.  But in the end will it be love or money that wins?

Becca’s eyes filled with tears as she looked my way.  My gut twisted, and I reached for her, one final pitiful plea for her to choose me.  It was getting hard to breathe.

This was another fun quick-paced read by Ms. VanDyken.  This is a great series to lighten your mind when you need a break from the darker, angst-driven books.  How can you not laugh at an underwear-eating goat and a gecko in your pocket?  I look forward to more in the series, and there will be more.

“I’d be afraid, man,”Colt said from his spot on the couch.  “Revenge is a bitch.”
“Please,” Reid snorted.  “I hardly think I’m in danger of being Max’s next target.”

(I feel like I should add a Mwahahaha here!  Bring it on Max!!)

Excerpt ONE:

“Have you been sexually active in the past six months?” The doctor sniffed and started pulling out supplies, laying them across the table. I watched in horror as visions of getting abducted by aliens danced like sugarplums in my head.

People die from fear.

It could happen.

I read stories where people would just spontaneously combust.

And it was about to happen if the heat in my body and all-around shaking were any indicator.

“I have to—” Jason ran toward the door and slammed it behind him.

“Weak stomach?” The doctor chuckled.

“He’s afraid of my nakedness—makes him feel like less of a man.”

“O-okay.” The doctor laughed again and motioned for me to turn around. “Now, drop your pants to your knees.”

Let it be known that no man. NO MAN should ever hear those words from someone who could pass as his great-grandfather.

The cold air bit my ass as I turned and waited.

“Now, bend over.”


I did as he said, cursing Jason and all his future children.

“Now, this may be cold.”

Just let it be small.

“And a bit painful, it’s totally normal to experience some discomfort.”

“Ha-ha.” I laughed dryly. “Guess we know what it means if it’s comfortable, am I right, Doc?”

And silence.

Worst thing to say when you have your pants at your ankles and the doctor’s about two seconds away from making you see stars. Where were the drugs?

“Now try not to tense up.”

Ha, seriously?

“Here we go.”

Oh. God. Did he need to count down?

“Turn your head and—cough.”

“Mother of God!” I shouted, hitting my hands against the metal table as the doctor made his intentions perfectly clear.

“Cough!” he shouted.

“Stop yelling at me!”

“I’m not yelling!”

“I want to go home now.”

“Almost done!” The doctor laughed uncomfortably.

I choked when he removed his digits from my special place. I had one of those moments, the kind where you feel so used you’re not sure whether you should cry or laugh.

“All right! You can put your pants back on.”

I felt ashamed. Like I’d just been screwed and not even offered dinner for my gallant efforts in the bedroom. Holy shit, was this what girls felt like after one-night stands?

Where the hell were my flowers?

At least give me a sucker or something . . . maybe a sticker? Saying I got . . . never mind. Those types of stickers were probably illegal.

“Now.” The doc took off his gloves and washed his hands.


He put on a new pair.

And the torture train just kept tooting.

Ha, tooting, see, it’s funny because . . . never mind.

“I’ll just need to draw some blood.” He pulled out a giant-ass needle and I had one of those moments that I’m sure every five-year-old experiences right before his mom holds him down while he gets a needle in the ass.


“This won’t hurt a bit.” He laughed nervously.


I winced as he pricked my arm and started drawing blood. His lips were moving but I wasn’t really catching anything.

“All donnne.” His voice was low. Why was he talking so slow?

“Youuu cannn gooo noowww.”

I shook my head and tried to go to the door but was met with total blackness before I took two steps.

The last thought in my head?

I was trapped in a room with a man who’d just seen my Mighty Max. I hoped to God he hadn’t liked it.

About Rachel Van Dyken:
Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she's not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.
She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband and their snoring Boxer, Sir Winston Churchill. She loves to hear from readers! You can follow her writing journey at

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