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When I was twenty-eight years old, I wrote my own winning lottery ticket. A simple idea thrust me onto the fast track to wealth, and into a world I had only ever dreamt about. I submerged myself in the unfamiliar, a life that seemed all too alluring … until it lost its appeal.
I made my fortune, built my castle, and then exiled myself within its comforts once reality set in.
Far too late, I discovered I was drowning in a sea of hungry sharks. Given the choice to sink or swim, I chose the latter … and it cost me everything.
Devin McIntyre, the most dangerous shark of them all, was the last nail in my naïve coffin. His beautiful smile and amazing cock tainted me in ways I could have never imagined.
I craved him. I needed him. I loved him.
Miserable with the outcome of my prosperity, I set out to change what disgusted me most—the first decision being to rid myself of Devin. Little did I know that taking that first step would make me a slave to a man far more tempting … or that my addiction to Devin would threaten to ruin it all.
If you are not a fan of cursing, erotic and extremely explicit sex, cheating, immoral behavior, dysfunction or sexual scenarios that may make you feel uncomfortable this is not the series for you. FILTHY EROTIC ROMANCE

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4 Star Review  by Jen Skewes (Opulence)

I became a big fan of Angelica Chase’s after reding her Sexual Awakenings eries.  When I found out that she was writing another novella series I was so excited to read it.  But I will say I was a little hesitant once I saw the warning after the blurb.  And no it had nothing to do with immoral behavior, dysfunction, or filthy erotic romance.  It was one word; cheating, that left me unsure.  You see triangles, cheating and me do not really go well together.  I will read them but I am not one to seek out triangles.  Anyway I have read the reviews and have heard so many amazing things about this series that I had to read it.  I was putting on my big girl panties and diving right in and I am so glad that I did.  This is the beginning of a series that I know is going to take me on one heck of a ride and I cannot wait to see how it all goes.

Nina was living a life where she may have seemed content but truthfully that life got boring and old too fast.  She divorced her husband and became a millionaire practically overnight.  She came up with an idea in her head and that idea has led her to where she is today, a wealthy woman who has been lied to and left wondering if there is anyone out that that she can truly trust.  Devin McIntyre is her kryptonite.  Nina and Devin had a relationship filled with passion and lust until it all fell apart when it was revealed that Devin is nothing but a liar.  But despite the lies there is still a part of Nina that needs and wants Devin.  After their last moment together she vows to stay away from him, no matter how much she wants him or loves him.  She needs to be rid of him from her life.

Enter Aidan, the very sexy, tattooed, bar owner/singer who has completely captured her from the moment she saw him and heard his voice.  There is a connection between the two of them, a spark if you will.  He wants her and is determined to make her his.  I think he is also determined to get her to open up to him.  There is something about Aidan that she trusts and also feels a bit of comfort with, something she hasn’t felt in a while.  She decides to give herself to Aidan and she asks him one question that should have a very simple answer.  And his answer is just one word and we are left wondering where we go from here.  And yes that is exactly how this book ends and it was at that moment I knew this was going to be a very bumpy ride and I could not wait to get my hands on the second installment.

I am really enjoying this series.  I cannot tell you at the moment if I am Team Aidan or Team Devin.  I love Aidan and all his sexiness but I wondered sometimes is he too good to be true.  Or is there something else going on with him.  Devin may be cocky and he may have kept the truth from Nina but there is a reason why he cannot be with her.  But personally I feel deep down he really cares about her but something is holding him back and I am so curious to find out why and what that is.  Nina I really liked all though in the beginning I was not sure what to make of her.  But I think there is a lot more to Nina than we see .  

This series is hot and steamy, but I would expect nothing less from this author after reading her other series.  She knows how to do HOT!!!   I cannot wait to see what happens and how this all ends.  I want to know more about these three characters.  I know there is going to be some major drama and angst and craziness but I am ready for it.  

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Devin I was a prick, but I never hurt anyone that didn’t deserve it. Well … until Nina. I was a very smart man who made a very bad decision, but the mistakes I was paying for were not just my own. My behavior toward her, no matter how unforgivable, had always been about protecting her—from me, from my wife, and from the long line of mistakes I would never be able to rectify. Nina was finally done with me, and I knew it was for the best. I could finally keep her safe from depraved people like me. I needed her as far removed from the situation as possible. I tried to force myself to be content with her decision to move on … until I found out whom she was moving on with.
Nina My unyielding love for a corrupt man might have cost me the affection of someone worthy. With Aiden, I had finally discovered a version of myself I could tolerate; then he dropped a one word bomb that ruined my new sense of self. Instead of listening to my voice of reason, I blocked it out, until it became a scream that refused to be ignored. Now, I would give anything to quiet that voice.
If you are not a fan of cursing, erotic and extremely explicit sex, cheating, immoral behavior, dysfunction or sexual scenarios that may make you feel uncomfortable this is not the series for you. FILTHY EROTIC ROMANCE

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4 Star Review by Jen Skewes  (Reverence)

Reverance is book 2 in the Excess series.  After reading the first book in this series we were left wondering what will happen next.  Will Nina continue with whatever this thing is that she has going on with Aidan.  Will Devin give up so easily and let Nina go?  And most of all is there any connection between these two men that has Nina all wound up.

Reverence is told from both Devin and Nina’s point of view, which I loved.  We get to see from Dvin exactly what it is that he feels for Nina.  He takes us back to the time when they first met.   We see how he felt about her from the very first moment he met her until now.  But we also see the reasons why he has hurt her the way he has.  Everything that Devin has done he has done with Nina in mind.  We see just how deep his feelings for her truly are and how much his marriage has had an effect on the way he has hurt her.  We see that he is a man who is in love with a woman that he cannot have and doesn’t deserve.  But despite all the obstacles and the bitch of a wife, will Devin let it all stand in his way or will he fight for her?

As Devin is coming to terms with everything going on in his life, figuring out ways to finally be free, Nina is moving forward with her relationship with Aidan.  She loves Devin and is not over him by any means but she feels safe with Aidan and he knows how to make her body feel good.  Boy is that men sexy!  But while she is enjoying spending time with Aidan she is also trying to figure out what the real connection is between the two men, if any.   When Aidan and Devin finally figure out that they both have a connection with Nina, how will they react?  Will she lose the man who has her heart and the man who is her present and be left feeling all alone?  Hmmmmm… will have to read to find out.  Of course we are left with another cliffhanger and left wondering what will happen next.  

I am loving this series and after seeing Devin’s point of view I will officially say that I am Team Devin.  Now don’t get me wrong I love a sexy tattooed singer but there is still something off about Aidan that I am still trying to figure out.  And seeing Devin’s side and how much he truly cares for Nina just made me fall in love with him.  I think Devin is a really good guy who is stuck in a marriage with a woman who will do anything to make him miserable.  I cannot wait to see what the connection is between Aidan and Devin and see why these two seem to be enemies.  And will Devin finally become free and fight for Nina.  So many questions that still need answers.  I am going to dive in right now and get them.

If you are looking for a hot and steamy series that will have you on the edge of you seat wondering what will happen next then this one is for you.  Angelica Chase knows how to write a hot sex scene.  Aidan and Nina were scorching hot.  I loved that we got to see more of Devin and his feelings.  Nina still frustrates me in ways but at the same time I feel for her.  I feel how much she still loves Devin despite the fact that she is trying to make it work with Aidan.  But she is a woman scorned and trying to move on.  But it’s not always that easy.  Only time will tell how this all works out.  Another amazing job by Ms. Chase.  

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Nina Storms are a funny thing. Most people ignore the warning signs: a strong gust of wind, a lightning strike on the horizon, the distant rumble of thunder.
My head and heart had been at odds for the last two years because of Devin McIntyre, and my relationship with Aiden had only complicated matters. Still, I craved both men. Just when I thought the decision was taken from me, a choice between the two became inevitable. The two men I had attached myself to emotionally and physically had already told me everything I needed to know. Although the dark clouds were gathering overhead, I ignored the lightning, played deaf to the thunder, and let the tempest push me toward them both. I ended up in a whirlwind of secrets, a vortex of deception and depravity I never imagined possible. I was drowning again, but this time … this time I would be ready. Or so I thought. Nothing could have prepared me for the coming storm. If you are not a fan of cursing, erotic and extremely explicit sex, cheating, immoral behavior, dysfunction or sexual scenarios that may make you feel uncomfortable this is not the series for you. FILTHY EROTIC ROMANCE

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4.5 Star Review by Jen Skewes - Hindrance

Wow!.  No seriously just wow!  I had people warn me about the craziness in this series.  Even the author herself prepared me and told me it was going to be a crazy ride.  Boy they weren’t kidding.  I thought I was prepared for whatever Ms. Chase had in store for me but there was no way I could prepare for what was to come.

This series is about a woman who is trying to move on from the man who has her heart but has also betrayed her.  In the process of trying to move on she meets another man who makes her feel the way she should feel.  She feels comfort in a way.  But when she finds out that these two are not only connected but that they also hate each other she wonders what happened to bring them to this point.  When the truth comes out who with Nina end with?  Or will she run as far away as she can?  

I don’t want to go into too much detail about this last installment because I really do not want to spoil it for anyone.  But I will say this much.  For one I loved Devin.   He loved Nina so much and you could see and feel how much he needed her.  I loved the devious side to him in this book as he tried to take back control of his life and become a free man again so that he could hopefully get a second chance with Nina.  He would do what it took to get out of the loveless, meaningless, sham of a marriage that he was currently in. 

Aidan is a sexy tattooed singer/bar owner that I sort of liked.  I mean what’s there not to like.  He was so sexy and he made Nina feel good, he helped her forget about the man who had her heart but also betrayed her.  But there was something about Aidan that I was not so sure about.  At times he was sext and hot and I liked him, but then he seemed off.   I needed to know more about him.

Nina, oh dear Nina.  I really liked her but at times found her to be so frustrating.  I knew who her heart belonged to, and I believe she did as well but her fear of getting hurt caused her so much confusion.  I think she was lost and confused and honestly driven by sex.  But there was something about her that I just liked.  

Then there is the evil bitch herself, Eileen, who is Devin’s wife.  Now I knew there were reasons for Devin staying with her and knew he was only looking to protect Nina.  But I needed to know exactly what it was that Eileen was holding over him.  

When the truth finally comes out holy crap, brace yourselves because you will be in for one heck of a ride.  I knew something was going to happen but I NEVER imagined that it would be that.  I could not put this book down.  Because I suddenly felt like I was on this crazy train and needed to know where it would take me.  I had knots in my stomach and had that "what the hell" expression on my face.  Questions were running through my brain.    How could this be?  Is this really happening?  Did she just go there?  And the answer to that question is a very big YES!!!  All I can say is well played Ms. Chase!!  

This series was fantastic!  When you get to the point in a book where the “twist” happens and you never saw it coming at all, you know that is some great writing.  Even writing this review I am trying to put it into words and having a hard time.  But will just say it was pure genius.  With that one truth that came out the author managed to tie it all together and in the end it just all made sense and it worked.  I was completely blown away by it all.   I loved the way that it all played out and I think my only issue is I wish there was an epilogue because I would love just a little more of Nina and her man.  

This series is filled with drama, angst, hot sexy scenes and one twist that will have your head spinning.  Was it all worth it in the end?  Absolutely!!!  

Just a side note I mentioned in my review for one of the other installments in the series about cheating.  And I know it is in the warning of the book and honestly I am not a fan of cheating.  But trust me when I tell you to read this book.  The cheating in this book is such a small part of what this book is really about.  So put your big girl panties on like I did and go for it.  You will not regret it.  Another amazing job by Angelica Chase.  I cannot wait for Taylor’s story.  

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