Friday, September 18, 2015

Review: Calling Me Back by Louise Bay

From USA Today bestselling Author Louise Bay comes a friends to lovers erotic romance. 

Is it possible for a guy to turn on a switch and realize he’s been in love with a girl that’s been under his nose for over a decade? Ashleigh Franklin can’t decide. 

Ashleigh wants the fairy tale. Ever since she was a kid, her best friend’s brother, Luke, has been her fantasy Prince Charming. Now he’s trying to convince her that she’s the one he’s wanted all these years. There’s no way it’s that easy to escape the friend zone. 

Single after years living with a girlfriend, Luke has finally woken up. What he’s been waiting for has been right under his nose for almost his entire life. Can he persuade her that he’s serious and won’t break her heart? 

A Wonder Woman costume, a bottle of tequila and a game of truth or dare between two close friends changes everything. 

Calling Me Back is the first in a three part novella series. 
Part Two, Calling Me Away is out on 29 September. 
Part Three, Calling Me Home is out on 13 October. 

4 Star Review by Jen Skewes

I am such a huge fan of Louise Bay and her serials.  I am a sucker for them really.  I love the anticipation of waiting for the next one and not knowing what will happen next.  And this one is no different.  As always Ms. Bay did not disappoint.

Luke and his sister Haven have been friends with Ash since they were kids.  They are like family.  They love each other and will do anything to protect each other.  This is the way that it has always been, they have always been close especially since Luke and Haven lost their parents.  Ash is the only family that they have.  But Ash’s love for Luke is more than that of a best friend and sister.  She has loved him for some time but he is oblivious to it.  and Ash will never admit her true feelings to him.

Luke has been in a relationship for the past three years.  But when talk of taking his relationship a step further he questions what he really wants and in the end finds himself single again and living with his sister.  Luke realizes that maybe what he has wanted and needed was right in front of him this whole time.  But when two people who have been like family suddenly take their relationship to a new level, will they be willing to take the risk?  If things don’t work out can then ever recover from it?  We will have to wait and see how this al works out.

I am such a sucker for a friends to lovers romance.  It is one of my favorite books to read.  I always love that moment when they finally get together and how much it makes them feel.  Especially in this case because being with Luke is everything that Ash could have hoped for.  I wanted these two to get together.  I wanted Luke to see what was right in front of him.  I sat and read as fast as I could waiting for that moment when it would finally hit him.  He is a great guy and honestly I felt that his relationship with his girlfriend was just one of comfort.  I didn’t feel the love he had for Emma.  But when it came to Ash I saw it and I felt it.  she wasn;t just family, even if he told himself that , she was so much more.  I am so excited to see what will happen between the two of them.  Will being with Luke be everything that Ash hoped it would be?  Or will her feelings for him scare her causing her to run away.  So many questions and scenarios running to my head.  Once again another fntatic job by Louise Bay.  Cannot wait for book two.

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