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Blog Tour: Unfolding Desires by Kristy Love

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Title: Unfolding Desires (Undone #3)
Author: Kristy Love
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 10, 2015
I’d been hurt. But then again, what girl hasn’t?
I wouldn’t let myself fall again. I was smarter than that. Used them before they used me—live the way I wanted. No man was worth a broken heart. David seemed the perfect match for me. He scared me and thrilled me. Tested me and saved me. But bad habits were hard to break. Love wasn’t worth the fall. * * * Roxie stormed into my life, demanded my attention. She’d built thick walls around her heart. I needed to demolish them and claim her. She fought me at every turn—refused to be tamed. I wanted her to be mine. The course of my life changed. I made selfish decisions. Lost my way. I couldn’t hold onto her. My mistakes haunted me.
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Screw Harper and her stupid self. I leaned my chin into my palm, a polite smile plastered on my face. Her best intentions aside, I was out on a blind date, which she set I nodded and laughed softly, trying to appear that I gave a shit about this guy. I made the mistake of telling her all the feelings and thoughts swirling through me as I watched my sister and her husband. She immediately told me she had the perfect guy for me. He was, according to her, sexy, interesting, and not the victim of a lobotomy. My number one requirement in men was that they not be boring or stupid. His name was George. And George fell so far short of that hopeful mark that he set a new IQ low. I was amazed he could chew and talk at the same time without choking on his food. He was doing a good job of spraying it all over the table, and me. I was going to kill Harper. “Do you want to go back to my place and wrestle in the sheets?” George asked. Apparently he thought he was able to charm the panties off any woman. “Oh, George, I’m not that kind of girl.” He didn’t need to know that I was exactly that kind of girl. I wanted to escape his bad jokes and stupidity. This date cured me of any misguided desire to have something more with anyone. I let him pay the bill and then followed him outside with enough distance between us to keep from touching. Was stupid contagious? I didn’t want to find out. As soon as we exited the restaurant, George leaned in to kiss me and I jerked away as though he were on fire. “I’ll see you around, George.” I left him there, his lips puckered and ready to launch. I sped away as quickly as my heels would allow, got in my car and laughed to myself as I raced off. I called Harper and the bitch sent me right to voicemail. “You are officially the worst best friend in the history of best friends. This guy had a combover, Harper! He had black hair dye on his forehead like he’d just had it touched up today! And I swear to God he hadn’t brushed his teeth in at least a year.” I took a deep breath to collect myself. “I love you dearly, Harper, but, if you ever set me up on a date again, I will poke holes in all of your husband’s condoms. That pesky-ass stork will be at your house all the damn time.” I hung up and flung my phone on the seat next to me. I wasn’t sure what to do next. I didn’t feel like going home yet, but at the same time I wasn’t sure where to go. I pulled into the park- ing lot of a club named Allure. Maybe a drink would help me feel better. At the very least, I could lose myself in some music. Once inside, I went to the bar and ordered a margarita. I sipped it, scanning the club, looking for any single guys and not finding any. It was a good thing I didn’t have any interest in hooking up tonight. I finished my margarita and ordered another. My hips swayed to the rhythmic beat. Once I had my drink, I went onto the dance floor, holding my glass and dancing as best I could without spilling. My hips swung and my feet moved to the music. I chugged the rest of my drink and set it on a table at the edge of the dance floor. Moving back into the crowd, I closed my eyes and got lost in the music. My arms were raised high above my head when big hands slid around my waist, pulling me back into a strong body. I smiled as we moved together. With my eyes closed, I enjoyed the feel of his strong body against mine and the way his hands glided over my curves. We danced to three songs, my back to his front, before he spun me around and I looked up into David’s gorgeous blues. My breath caught in my throat and my heart slammed to a stop. “Roxie,” he said as he moved his lips to my neck. His teeth nipped at the tender skin before he ran his tongue over it. My eyes fluttered as his hands kept moving over my body, even though we were standing still with a throng of people grinding and dancing all around us.  
About The Author
Kristy Love
From the time she was old enough to form words into sentences, Kristy Love has been writing stories. She attended La Roche College and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Professional Writing. When she's not writing, Kristy can be found with her nose stuck in a book or spending time with her family and friends.
She lives with her husband and two girls in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
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