Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Review: Noah by Justine Elvira


It's a small word that says so much. 

It's a word most of us don't use when we should. 

It's a word that could have kept my life on an easy path. 

No is the word I should have said... 

But it never left my lips that night. 

Now I'm torn between two men. One is tender, sweet, and dependable. The other is rough, dirty, and unreliable. One man will lead me to the life I've always planned. The other man will lead me to a life with wild new experiences. 

I'm in this mess simply because I didn’t say that one word at the right time. I couldn’t resist him. 

It would have been easier if I had said no. 

I should have said no. 

4.5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

I LOVED this book!  I started this book in the evening, after the kids were fed, homework was done and they were all in bed.  I figured I would read a little and then continue the next day.  But that didn’t happen, simply because I could not put this book down.  It was after midnight and I knew I needed to get some sleep but how could I when I needed to know what would happen with Noah and Skye.  The best books are the ones you do not want to put down and once you are done reading you do not want to let go of the characters.  I am still thinking about this book the next day and how much I loved it.  How much I loved Noah and his sweet ways.   

Skye and Noah have been friends since Skye was 8 years old.  They lived next door to each other.  Even though Noah was 3 years older than her the two of them were inseparable.  When Skye wanted to play Barbie’s, Noah was the one to play them with her.  They were the best of friends and Noah has always been there for Skye.  He is the one person in her life that she could always count on no matter what happened or how far away he was.  Noah was always by her side in some way, even if not physically, he was there.  He was her comfort, her rock, and he felt like home.

When Noah went to visit her in college he brought his friend with him, whom he had met in his travels.  That was the night that things changed between Noah and Skye.  That was also the night that her and Caleb started dating.  It’s six years later and Caleb and Skye are still together and Noah is still best friends with the both of them.  Skye has been in love with Noah since she is fourteen but the dream that she has had since a little girl of being married with the white pickett fence will never happen with Noah. He is not that type of guy and he does not share the same feelings for her.  But when things get to be a little rocky and Noah is there for her in a way that she only dreamed of, what will happen next?  Who will she choose?  Caleb, the man who can give her everything she dreamed of?  Or Noah the man who she has loved for most of her life, but is not reliable?

I don’t think that I realized that this was going to be a triangle even though reading the blurb again I can see that.  To be honest I am not always a fan of triangles.   Usually because I have a hard time deciding which amazing guy she should be with.  But once I started reading there was no doubt in my mind.  I disliked Caleb and had issues with him and I absolutely loved Noah.  In my eyes, he is who she belonged with.  That man has loved Skye for so long and you can see just how much.  Even if he does not come out and admit it you can see by his actions how much she means to him.  He is known for being a player but a part of me wonders how much of that is really true.  Or is it something that he let Skye believe?  Honestly I really do not know the answer to that question at all but my point is that no matter what he does in his spare time this man is so caring and so genuine and will always care for and be there for Skye.  Aside from being hot and sexy he is a really really good, caring and loving guy.  To see the little things that he has done for Skye throughout the years will melt your heart and make you fall in love with him each and every time.  The thing with the kisses I think was the sweetest thing EVER!!!!  When I eat a Hershey’s kiss, from now on I will do so with a smile on my face while thinking of him.

I could clearly I could go on and on and on about Noah….But I will move on.    I honestly loved Skye, I really did.  Even though she made some really poor choices I understood where she was coming from. I wanted to shake her on many occasions and make her see what was really going on.  But Skye was so in love with the idea of her future and her dream that she didn’t realize that she had sacrificed a part of her dream once she moved to NY with Caleb.  She let so much get in the way of her true feelings, which I think in a way made her completely naive to what was really going on. 

This book had drama and angst.  My stomach was in knots as I was reading and I waiting for that moment when it would all just hit the fan.  And my God when it did I went through all of the emotions.   I hated Caleb and honestly laughed to myself at his words.  I wanted to knock some sense into Skye and I wanted to just hug Noah.  I was frustrated, annoyed and found myself yelling at these characters in my head while reading.  That’s how much this book made me feel.  It brought all of the emotions out, good and bad.  Because there were also so many sweet moments, happy moments, and hot moments as well.  And the letters, those made me tear up just a bit.  In the end I was left with a big smile on my face.  It was worth all of the drama, and the roller coaster ride of emotions that I went through.  The ending was perfect.  

This is by far my favorite book from Justine Elvira and I have read them all.  My only issue is I really wished we had some of Noah’s point of view.  There are so many behind the scene moments that I would have loved to see from his side.  Plus I just didn’t want it to end. I am still thinking about it as I write this review.   Cannot wait for the next one in this series. 

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