Monday, February 1, 2016

Release Blitz: Dibs by Kristi Pelton

a super hot Romantic Comedy
by Kristi Pelton
Released January 26th, 2016


Dibs—a game that spanned over two decades between three friends. My best friends, Juls, Kat and me. It’s easy. One girl calls dibs on a guy making him off limits to the others. It’s a game of ‘what if’ and who saw the hot guy first. Honestly, the ‘dibs’ guy never panned out…yet. But it was tradition and you never screw with tradition…

I’m Dr. Samantha Williams—queen of banter, following rules and divorced from the biggest ass in ex-husband history. Fighting hard to swallow my OCD ways and get lost on a luxury cruise liner for 12 days—all for the sake of friendship. Yep, drinks and dibs!

A wedding party going on a cruise together? Come on! Get real. 12 days of torture! I’m Mac McAllister – I don’t discuss my past. I’ve never done relationships. Rules? What rules… Yet, the moment that woman walked away from me after putting me in my place, all I could think was—challenge accepted. Who did she think she was? I’ll tell you…she was a woman that slayed me with her smile and murdered me with her wit… She may not need me, but after all these years, I finally needed someone. It was her.

Mac McAllister is about to learn the rules of Dibs.

The game of Dibs is about to change.


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About The Author:

The Just One of the Guys series was Kristi’s  first writing experience. She loves  writing romance but struggles writing sex… But usually likes the end product….
She works part-time as a probation officer for juveniles. But spends the majority of her time with two of the most freakishly awesome boys ever...HER two sons!

She is a huge Kansas Jayhawk fan, Oregon Duck fan and Chicago Cubs! She is deliciously addicted to music...Loves all kinds! Dr. Pepper is a close second in her addictions.

Life is taken way too seriously by most...Kristi likes to enjoy every moment, have a drink and READ!

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