Monday, June 13, 2016

Review: More Than Us by Renee Ericsson

It’s the wedding you’ve been waiting for… 

Evelyn and Foster cordially invite you to celebrate their blissful union of an unlikely and perfect chemistry. Guests should be prepared for major swooning, aching cheeks, misty eyes, and laughter. 

*More Than Us is a More Than Water wedding novelette that includes pitched tents, origami cranes, missing swim shorts, and a happily ever after fit for two opposites that are completely and totally in love with one another.

5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

More Than Water is one of my absolute favorite books.  I fell in love with Foster and Evelyn.  Two people who were just so perfect together.  I, like everyone else who read their story wanted more of them.  That is how much we loved them.  We needed that extra little bit of them, to see a glimpse into their future and their happily ever after.  And that is exactly what Ms. Ericsson has given us in More Than Us.  I don’t really need to go into detail about what this book is about. All you need to do is look at the stunning cover and read the blurb and you will know.  What I can say is that this novella is everything that I could have hoped for.  It gave me exactly what I needed where these two are concerned. 

You know when you read a book and just fall so in love with the characters that you become selfish and want so much more of them?  Well that is exactly how I felt after reading More Than Water.  EJ and Foster were one couple that just stayed with me and I wanted so much more of them.  I know that at times when you read a follow up novella to your favorite story, it feels more like it was written for the sake of being written.  I can honestly tell you that this is NOT the case here at all.  Renee Ericsson did such a wonderful job with the ending to their story.  This novella was written for Evelyn and Foster.  It was written for all of the readers who loved them as much as I did.  This is that extra bit of Foster and EJ that we all needed.  This is the part of their story that needed to be shared with everyone.  It was amazing and filled with so much beauty and love.  If you thought you loved Foster and Evelyn in the first book, then just wait, because you will love them even more. 

Everything about this novella was the two of them, from the proposal, to the cute and adorable way that they still flirt with each other, to the ways that these two will just make you smile over and over again.  And yes I smiled for a majority of this book because I was just so giddy to have these two back.  They are still the fun loving, adorable couple that we first saw. They are still very much in love and looking forward to their future.  From the beginning to the very end I loved every minute of it.  I was sad to have to say goodbye to these characters, including Wolfie, but this book gave me the closure that I needed for this beautiful couple.  It was the perfect ending to a beautiful love story between two people that will melt your heart.  Two people that are made for each other, because everything about them just fit perfectly together.  If you have not read More Than Water yet than I definitely recommend that you do.  You will thank me afterwards. 

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