Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Review: Scoring the Billionaire by Max Monroe

Two love-matches made. 
One to go.

Even though two of his best friends have settled down, Wes Lancaster is determined not to get sucked into some siren’s web. As owner of the professional football team the New York Mavericks and wildly successful BAD restaurant, his lifestyle is full as it is. 

Well, it was, until Winnie Winslow, the new, sexy, stiletto-wearing Team Physician trash-talks him in the locker room without batting an eye.

Now he can’t stop himself from wanting her.

The only girl in her parents’ brood of five, she’s as outspoken as she is beautiful and the kind of woman who holds her own—and then some.

Always competitive at heart, if he’s going all in for love...
Wes sure as hell wants a Win-Win. 

Prepare to get a little dirty because this one might go into overtime. 
Game. On.

4 Stars
Review by Lisa Kane

I am so going to miss these bad boy billionaires with hearts of gold. We are only one novella away from saying good bye and it's gonna hurt. Scoring is Winnie Winslow and Wes Lancaster's story. Wes is the uber rich, gorgeous commitment phobic owner of the New York Mavericks football team, a restaurant with a cool name-Bad and a bunch of start up companies. Oh yeah, and he's worth three or four billion dollars. 

I like the control. I like the escapism. I like being in charge of my own life. 

Money may not buy happiness, but it definitely buys opportunity. 

He loves his work-it's his passion. He has no time for relationships that might take away from his wheeling and dealings. But he does have an eye for beautiful women. And right now, he has his eye on Winnie Winslow, the new team's physician. 

She's everything I don't want.

Strong-willed. Demanding. A mother to a young child. 

But Winnie may just be the game changer in the contest of wills. 

Winnie  is smart, responsible and a mother who puts her daughter (who has special needs)  above anything else. So getting involved with Wes is the last thing she needs. But when the opportunity presents itself by way of a chance meeting at a tempting vending machine, things happen. Quickly. Passionately. Repeatedly. 

He was a player, a many-woman man, and about the least likely candidate for a ready-made family I could think of. 

They can keep telling themselves that this is purely dirty, raw, the best sex they've ever had. But it's becoming more. Especially when Wes meets Lex, Winnie's little girl. All the things he swore he didn't want-family, responsibility, love, they are all coming at him in spades. Is he up for the challenge? 

"I can't do this." 

Wes, oh Wes, how I want to introduce you to my septic tank that needs to be cleaned out. By you, using no gloves. Or face mask. Why for the love of God man would you screw up and screw up so royally? Winnie was burnt by Lex's father Nick. He is a renowned surgeon but rarely bothers with his daughter. She has had trust issues with men and that's why she knew it was a bad idea to involve herself with a self proclaimed manwhore. It just proves- it's always been Winnie and Lex, this is her priority, and the two of them are worth coming first in a man's life. Damn it. 

"No," she whispered fiercely. " I deserve better. Lex deserves better. And for fuck's sake, Wes, do you you."

Is Wes ready to man up and face his mistakes? Is he able to be the man that these two girls deserve? Can Winnie forgive someone who hurt her heart and her daughter's? 

"Stop being the guy who asks me how my daughter is. Stop being the guy who acts like he cares, but in reality doesn't care. Stop. Being. That. Guy."

I have loved this series and we only have a novella coming our way to look forward to reading. With these crazy over the top characters I bet we could squeak out a few more books couldn't we? 

"I'm hoping you'll let me love you for always. I never want to go a day without you."

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