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Release Blitz: The Date by JB McGee


Two families. Two hearts. One forbidden love. One Date.

Timing is a funny thing. It can make or break any situation. Any relationship. The only thing worse than timing is miscommunication, especially when one person thinks the other isn’t interested.

When Cammie Spencer is left to sort out the mess that’s becoming her life, she reflects on what she thinks she knows versus what is reality. Has her perception of what’s expected of her high society life kept her from the one person she’s always wanted but resigned herself to never having?

After all, her fiancé is definitely not what she thought he was. And to make matters worse, or maybe better, Holden Masters has always been the most tempting form of forbidden love. She’s discovering he also may very well be the best medicine for her broken heart.

For Holden Masters, his haunted past collides with the present. His plans, which seemed so clear, become muddied. Will he finally drop his façade and back up his words of affection with actions or is he the player Cammie’s long pegged him to be?

Now that the auction is over, could it be that Holden Masters has already won the prize before he’s even had The Date? 

4 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

The Date is the second book in this series.  I am loving this series and the characters.  I do not want to give too much away but if you read The Auction you know how that one ended.  Cammie found out that her relationship with her fiancé was anything but honest.  And now she must decide how to handle it all.

 Holden as won a date with the girl that he has been in love with for as long as he can remember.  But she has also just found out that her fiancé is not the man she thought he was.  He does not want to be her rebound but he also does not want to lose her.  He wants her in very way possible.  This is the woman that he has dreamed of being with since he was a teenager.  He will do what it takes to make her see how much he loves her and how much they belong together.  But given her current circumstance, Cam is not sure of anything right now, her feelings for Holden, what to do about her failed relationship, and how to handle it.  All though maybe she is aware of her feelings for Holden, but is afraid to admit them, or is not sure what to make of them, or just doesn’t know how these two can be together given their past.  So what is she to do about it all?  You will have to read this series to find out.

I just love this series so far.  I love the chemistry between Cam and Holden but I think what I really enjoy is seeing how much Holden loves this woman and what he will do to make sure he doesn’t lose her again.  He is sweet and completely swoon worthy.  I think Cam had this idea about who he was, thinking that because she knew him once upon a time that she knew the man that he has become.  But I think she is so wrong when it comes to Holden Masters. 

I really love Cam and feel so bad for her because of everything that has just happened in her life.  But at the same time it has led her back into the arms of the man that was once her best friend.  and who would complain about being in Holden’s arms?

This is definitely going to be a bumpy ride for the tow of them because of their pasts as well as their present.  But I for one am looking forward to it all. 

When I right myself, he brushes away the extra tears I didn’t even realize had tumbled down my cheek. “You’re beautiful…”
I can’t breathe. Not with him this close. Not with him looking at me like that.
“Even when you’re devastated.” He licks his lips, and all I can think about is his tongue. How smooth it was against mine, how good he tastes, and how all I want to do is forget about everything that’s happened and get lost in him like I was in the cabana. To pretend I don’t know it’s him, to act like we’re just two strangers without any strings attached letting our senses, our tongues, and our fingers do all the exploration. No words this time to ruin it. My engagement, my life, is upside down. And all I want to do is have Holden send me into a euphoric bliss, a faraway paradise.
As if he can read my mind, he sighs. “C’mon before I do something I’ll regret.”
I don’t move. “What would you regret?” Oh, you know what he’d regret.
“Fuck, Cammie. Seriously?” His eyes shift to the sky.
“Yeah. Seriously.”
“Kissing you. I’d regret kissing you.”
My stomach feels like it’s in my throat, a large lump forming. Even though it should feel like someone’s thrown a bucket of ice on me, my body is ablaze. This is dangerous. I’m flirting with him, provoking him, pushing him, egging him on, yearning for him to do something he’d regret. Wait. Does he regret kissing me in the cabana? “You regret kissing me, or you’d regret it if you did it again? I’m confused.”
“I’d regret kissing you again tonight,” he says as he steps in closer, boxing me in against the exterior of the building.
“Why not the first time?”
He glances away, then back at me. “When I kissed you the first time, I thought you wanted it. I thought you’d seen the woman spill shit all over my pants. I thought you’d know I’d go to the cabana.” He sighs. “That you were waiting on me. I hoped that maybe you’d come to your senses. I thought you were there for me. That you finally wanted me.”

“Right. The reaction will be the same with this, probably worse because this is me, Cam. Your parents aren’t going to be supportive. My plan had been to win your date, for you to come to your senses, you to break up with Oliver, and decide you wanted me. But not any of this shit. This isn’t even shit.” My lips twitch. “It’s fucking diarrhea it’s so messy.”
She laughs, and damn had I missed hearing those giggles escape her sexy body. It’s not helping my cockache.

The Auction information
“I don’t need to know about your package. I am pretty sure I have you figured out better than you have me defined.”

After an unexpected turn of events, Cammie Spencer starts to wonder if there is more to life than being high society arm candy and whether her fiancé, Oliver, is the man for her. There's no denying Holden has always made her hot, but over the years, he's become the most tempting form of forbidden love.

For Holden Masters, there are some things money can’t buy, but that isn’t the case at the annual Magnolia Grove Cancer Charity Auction. The only woman Holden Masters has ever wanted is up for bids in a ‘secret date’ auction. It’s not the first time he’s yearned for Cammie. He’s wanted her for as long as he can remember, but family drama, façades, and social rank have gotten in the way.

The biggest obstacle now is determining whether Holden knows her well enough to prove that he’s more than the cocky bad boy she’s always known.

Does Holden know enough about Cammie to win her date and her heart in The Auction?

Pre-Order The Promise (Releases November 29):
 “No secrets, Holden. Promise me.”

After nine years of holding her feelings and affection for Holden inside, Cammie can’t seem to keep her hands off him. With new resolve to no longer let high society expectations drive her actions, she says to hell with the ramifications from the gossipers of Magnolia Grove.

Even before she’s had a chance to formally break off her engagement, move out of her shared apartment with her jerk of a fiancé, Oliver, or tell her parents.

When she and Holden are caught in a goofy, yet intimate moment, Cammie questions the decisions they made together in the cabana earlier that morning.

Cammie needs more than gestures from Holden. Talk’s cheap. Promises are easily broken. And the only thing worse than new secrets are old ones.

Can Holden finally open up and give Cammie what she needs in The Promise?
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2e5aw57

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