Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Review: Scoring Her by Max Monroe

The end of the Billionaire Bad Boy era, the series comes to a close.

From Kline and Benny to Wes and Winnie with Thatch and Cassie in between, spend time with the characters that have stolen the hearts of both each other and readers alike, and meet the men of the upcoming spinoff series Mavericks Tackle Love.

If you'd like to use this "disclaimer" instead of the blurb in an effort to mix things up, we encourage that as well:

Disclaimer: 9 out of 10 early readers claimed some combination of heart palpitations, sobbing, and incoherent muttering about it "not being the end" when coming to the final pages of Scoring Her. Use caution when reading.
*Some evidence suggests the Acknowledgements may lessen the side effects enough to breathe normally again.

4 stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Max Monroe's books should come with a warning-"Read at Your Own Risk". Nothing is off limits when it comes their writing and lord knows that Georgie and Kline, Cassie and Thatch and Winnie and Wes have no boundaries. 

The three couples are enjoying some R and R with the New York Maverick football team at the Atlantis on Paradise Island. It's a great PR opportunity, not to mention an excuse for them to get a free vacation. Cassie and Thatch have little Ace with them and have been busy scheming to keep Georgie and Kline babysitting for them. These two are horn dogs and now that Cassie has been cleared for action, they don't want to waste any time getting back in the saddle. 
"Do you think you could put some clothes on, guys? Sheesh, I've been standing out here for what feels like eternity while you and Kline were bringing it home."

Georgie and Kline are dealing with some serious baby making issues. Both are desperate to become parents but the fertility gods have not been smiling down on them. They adore baby Ace but would love one of their own.
I had a wonderful and loving husband. A healthy life. I literally wanted for nothing.
But when it came to having a child of my own, I wanted for everything.

Wes and Winnie are pretty much issue free. Wes is totally smitten with Winnie's daughter Lexi and his biggest concern is making his favorite girls officially his. This is one guy who can't wait to put a ring on it.

"She is my daughter," he whispered into my ear. "Our daughter. We're a family-me, you, and Lex. We're a family."

Anytime these nutjobs all get together expect shenanigans galore. There's no subject off limit. Anal, toys, penis size-keep it coming! They push each other's limits and drive each other crazy. But they wouldn't change anything.

Leaning on each other, literally, there wasn't one of us who doubted we'd be able to do it forever-for whatever we needed. 


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