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Release Blitz: Between Him and Us by Nicole Richard

Cover Design: John Pacheco
Photographer: Sara Eirew
Release Date: November 15, 2017


This is what happens when life takes a break, love steps in and fate decides for you.

A year ago when tragedy stole her heart and soul, Lilly Crenshaw-Gibson was left weary and alone with a future full of nothing but uncertainty.

Now, she’s back in Savannah, and despite her sister’s constant support and encouragement, she still doesn’t want to feel. She doesn’t want to let go. She doesn’t want to move on when it’s easier to simply exist in a world that keeps spinning around her.

Her plan to live a secluded life is threatened by one powerful glance. The perfect stranger and an unexpected run-in stir emotions Lilly would rather never feel again.

When she’s taunted by what could have been and tempted by what could be will she be able to make the choice between the man who holds her heart and the man who could heal it?


4 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

I really enjoyed this book.  After reading the other books in this series I could not wait for Lilly’s story.  Hers is definitely a heart breaking one but also a beautiful love story about love, loss and second chances.

Lilly and Tyler were high school sweethearts who had their whole life planned out together.  They were married and Tyler was living his dream of being a pilot in the Air Force.   They were happy and in love until that moment that Lilly dreaded became her worst nightmare.  Tyler was killed in action, leaving Lilly completely shattered.  It has been 18 months since she lost the love of her life and has deciedd to move back home into her family’s cottage.  She knows that she needs to move on at some point in her life, but she is still not ready.  Tyler’s parents finally feel like the time is right to give Lilly the letters that her husband had written for her.  Reading those letters brings out so much heartache but at the same time leaves her even more confused and conflicted about moving on.  It’s when she reads the second letter that she is truly shocked by her husband’s words and is honestly not sure what to do with this news. 

In the meantime she meets Easton, a man with eyes that remind her of her deceased husband’s eyes.  She is attracted to Easton in a way that she does not expect.  A part of her wants to move on and get to know this man but the past, the guilt and the pain of losing her husband is holding her back.  But Easton is a very patient man and thank God for that.  He wants to know all of her, even if they start out as just friends.  He knows she is still grieving but he won’t give up.  He knows and feels that there is something between them and he will wait for her.  But will Lilly truly ever be able to move on and be with another man.  She has been given a second chance at love, will she take it?

Easton was the perfect man.  He was so patient and kind where Lilly was concerned.  He knew to take things slow and at her pace.  While he may not have experienced a loss like she has he understand her reasons for needing to take things slow.  He was so patient with her and at the same time had this sexy way about him.  The man liked to talk dirty and boy did he.  But when he wasn’t being sexy,  he had his corny moments that would just make you laugh.  He was the total package.

Lilly had my heart.  I can’t imagine ever going through what she has been through.  My heart broke for her many times.  She was trying so hard to move on.  She felt something for Easton and really wanted to be with him. But there are moments that just hit her like a ton of bricks, moments where she could not control her sadness or her emotions.  And those moments would make her second guess her decisions. 

I loved watching Lilly and Easton’s relationship grow.  I loved seeing the moments when they both felt what was really gong on between them.  Easton kew she was special but it’s the moments they spent together and when he realized his love for her.  They just had this special relstionship that I loved.  It was filled with love and understanding and passion. 

There is a moment in the book where Lilly has a secret that she needs to share with Easton.  She knows that when you finally does it can completely push him away.  I was waiting for that moment, hoping and praying that it would work out the way that it should.  From the moment she told him what she needed to say I swear I was holding my breath, not letting it go until the end.  It was from that moment where I really felt the emotions of this book and what was between Lily and Easton.  When I got to the epilogue I felt like I could breathe again. 

This is a beautifully written story of loss and love.  It is about finding love again, and even though you choose to move on, that one person who you loved and loss will always be a part of your life and heart.  It is ok to love someone else and find happiness.  I loved this story but just had one issue with it.   Easton was patient and he never pressured Lilly into anything or never tied to move too fast but at times I felt like it did, especially where the intimacy was concerned.  Now my issue is not that she moved on too quickly, because I do not think there is a timeline on grieving and moving on.  I just felt like at times they moved a little too quickly when it seemed that Lilly wanted the opposite.  This is probably just the way I saw things, and it was just a minor issue.  I really loved this story and how well it was written.  I loved the emotions that it brought out in me.  And the characters just captured me from the beginning.  I hope to see more of this series in the future. 


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About the Author

Nicole was born and raised and currently resides in Hawaii with her family.
At an adolescent age she took a strong liking to reading and even had a pipe dream of writing her own book. Life and growing up had put reading on the far end back burner, but her dream recently came true with her debut novel The Beauty of Grace, book one in the She’s Beautiful Series.
A hopeless romantic, she has a love for romance novels which she credits her late mother passing on to her and now an even stronger love to write her own stories.

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