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Take 2 On Love by tore Robles

I fell in love with Heath James when I was seventeen years old. Looking in from the outside, it seems like we have it all. A home we love, careers we both wanted, kids we adore. Now years later...I’m not so sure. 
He used to look at me like I was everything he ever wanted–everything he needed and more. Now in our forties, it’s like he doesn’t see me at all. 
Life happens. 
Careers take off
Kids get busy 
Couples grow apart
Walking away… Taking a break, was the hardest decision I’d ever made. 
I’ve heard it said that you should never look back, life is always moving forward. To keep the past in the past. But what if I was wrong and my past has always been my future?
Is it too late for me to right my wrong?

4.5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

Take 2 on love is one of those books that you can relate to on so many levels.  It is an honest, raw and genuine story about the ups and downs of a marriage.  It is a journey of self discovery and second chances.  

Whitney and Heath have been together since high school.  Heath has always been the love of her life, her Prince Charming and the man that she knew she wanted to grow old with. But lately her marriage is missing something.  She feels like everything is on her, that she is not appreciated, and that maybe the spark that they once had is gone.  While she loves Heath with everything she has, she wonders if the spark in her marriage is gone for a reason.  She knows that she is not happy and decides to take a step forward in trying to get her happiness back.  She seems to have lost herself along the way both in her marriage and as an individual and she wants that back.  So she decides it is best for her to move out and try to work it all out in her head.  Can their marriage be saved?  But I think the bigger question is whether or not she wants to save it.   You will have to read to find out.  

What I loved abbot this book is how real it is.  This is a story that I think will hit home for so many people out there.  Being married and together for so many years at some point Whitney felt like they lost their way.  The kids came first, she felt lonely, she felt like she wasn't appreciated, like her husband just did not look at her like he once did.  Therefore that spark was gone and she felt like their marriage needed a break, she needed break.  I think at one point in everyone's marriage, women, including myself, have felt this way.  That is why Whitney is such a relatable character for me and so many others.  I totally understood her and where she was coming from so yes I did relate to her.  But at the same time I had trouble connecting with her because of the way she handled it.  Everyone deals with it in their own way and I think for Whitney she felt like throughout most of her marriage she was selfless, always thinking of and taking care of everyone else and now it was her time to think of her.  But I still do not know if I agreed with how she went about it.  But that is what makes this book so real and genuine.  Every person is different and handles it in a different way.  

Heath was a man that I really did love and while at times I wanted him to fight harder my heart felt for this man.  I think he was a great father and husband but just lost sight of things.  In his mind he was working his butt off for his family so he can give them everything.  And maybe along the way failed to see the big picture.  I felt for him at times, I really did and I honestly do not want to go into the reasons why because it will give too much away.  But I was rooting for him and Whitney to make it work.  To see how much they love each other and be able to survive this bump in the road.

Take 2 on Love is a story of second chances, forgiveness and also a journey of self discovery.  Marriage is hard work and both parties may never see eye to eye on things.  At times one will feel less appreciated and find themselves in a lonely place.  But there are two people in a marriage and I think when they both finally realize that, things become much clearer.  Whitney thought of her feelings and seemed to miss the whole picture, as did Heath.  And I think when they both took a moment to really see it from both sides, there was more clarity for the both of them.  

I loved how real and genuine this story was.  I admired and loved Whitney for standing up for herself and not just giving pushing the issue aside and continue with her life as it was.  I loved Heath and how much he loved Whitney.  You could see that he loved this woman more than anything.  And he did his best to fight for her, even if at times I may have thought it wasn't enough, but he did it in the way he knew how.  There was one person that was involved in this story that I think stepped over the line one too many times and I was not a fan at all.  And I think for that reason I felt the way I did towards both Heath and Whitney.  Yes, very vague, I know.  But it has to be.  

This is a fantastic read!!  Torre Robles wrote a book that is true to life.  One that you can relate to and feel with these characters.  Great job!!

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