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Blog Tour: Co-Ed by Rachel Van Dyken

Co-Ed by Rachel Van Dyken
Publication Date: April 24th, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Four guys.
Constant moaning.
And a revolving door across the college suite I somehow ended up in because my first name is Shawn.
They don't discriminate. Girls. Guys. Grandmas. Plants (okay maybe not plants) all walks of life stroll in stressed to the brim, and leave so satisfied I'm wondering what sort of talents lie behind that door.
My roommate calls them the pleasure ponies.
But the rest of the college campus?
They just call them the new face of Wingmen Inc. A paid for relationship service that makes big promises.
Breakup? They'll glue you back together again.
Depressed? They have the magic pill.
Lonely? Just spend a few minutes while they rub you down and you'll forget all about it.
And broken hearts? Well, that's their specialty. They'll fix you
For a price…
I swore I wouldn't get involved.
But apparently they like a challenge, and a girl who doesn't put up with their BS is basically like waving a red flag in front of a bull.
They. All. Charged.
But one holds my attention above the rest.
Knox Turner looks like a Viking — and getting pillaged is starting to look more appealing by the day. Though he's hiding something — all of them are. And the closer I get. The more I realize that some things are left better in the past.
You've read reverse harem books before — but you've never read one like this. It's not what you think, or is it? Dive in and find out…
Knox, Leo, Finn, and Slater are waiting, and they aren't patient men.
Welcome to the new face of Wingmen Inc — You're welcome.

3.5 Stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Shawn is kept awake by the sound of constant moans. It’s bad enough she was mistaken for a guy and was housed in the guy’s dorms, but now she can’t get any sleep because of the Pleasure Ponies. Who or what is that you say? Three guys who get paid big bucks to pleasure others. Not intercourse mind you, but the three of them all engage in engaging their clients in bringing out their desires. Thus the constant moans. 
“The Pleasure Ponies are bad news.”
I burst out laughing. “Please tell me that’s their real name!”
He joined in. “Nah, that’s my nice nickname for them. The real company name is under Wingman, Inc.”
If you’ve read Rachel’s previous series, you know that Wingman Inc., is a successful dating service with a break out app that makes millions. Seems Knox, Leo and Finn are interning for the company, making a ton of money. But for some reason Shawn’s roomie Slater is not a fan of all. I smell a mystery!
 The three guys are intrigued by Shawn. Well, at least Leo and Finn are intrigued. Knox is his usual moody self and wont’ allow himself to have too many encounters with the feisty co-ed. But his partners have other plans for him.
“You’re chocolate milk, and baby girl, he’s been thirsting for a long time.” 
Knox gets put down by Shawn at just about every turn. Something he obviously isn’t used to and doesn’t like. 
Maybe it was the pounding headache, but I’d never been turned down by a woman, man-human. They all wanted me, or something from me. So, I was about as angry as I was confused and in utter shock that shed’ just turned around and walked away as if I wasn’t everyone’s perfect brand of drug. 
 But Knox has one thing Shawn needs (that isn’t sexual or can fulfill her every desire!) and that’s knowledge. Knox is smart, like genius smart and Shawn needs academic help. He gets assigned as her tutor and she’s not really in a position to refuse his help. (maybe it’s not the position he’d like to be in with him-but it’s something) 
There’s secrets going on-with the Pleasure Ponies and with Slater. It keeps getting hinted at and frankly that’s why I didn’t rate this story higher. I felt like it was important but it kept interrupting the story’s flow for me-and to be honest I had a hard time believing college kids are going to plunk down their hard earned cash or their parent’s hard earned cash for the Pleasure Ponies. The concept felt just a bit too far-fetched for me, but I do love Rachel Van Dyken’s writing style. I’ll have no trouble jumping into her next release. 
 What more could a broken man ask for?
Than to be needed.
By someone like her.

It was happening again.

The moaning.

I put a pillow over my face and screamed.

Not because it was too loud.

But because I kept wondering who was causing it. One? Two? All three? Leo and Finn had both tried to talk to me in class and at the coffee shop again. I’d brushed them off but been polite.

And Knox?

Well, let’s just say that Knox had suddenly turned over a leaf that said, “Go out of my way to make Shawn’s life miserable.”

He was suddenly everywhere.

And with a different female every single day.

It drove me insane.

Bat-shit crazy.

And he wasn’t even mine to go senseless over!

The moan happened again.

“That’s it!” I got up from my bed, stomped over to the door, and jerked it open. Then I pounded my way over to their room and almost took down the door with my knock .

When Leo answered, he grinned down at me. “Come to play?”

I gave him the finger.

His eyes narrowed. “I’m confused. Is that yes or no?”

“Agh!” I threw my hands up in the air. “I have practice tomorrow at five a.m. It’s three. I’ve had one hour of sleep. Can you please keep the moaning to a minimum?”

“You seem stressed.” He tilted his head just as Finn joined him in the doorway. “Doesn’t she?”

“Very.” Finn nodded then reached out and started massaging my right trap while Leo grabbed my hand and worked my fingers. It felt so damn good that I forgot I was pissed for about two seconds before I pulled away.

“No.” I jabbed my finger at each of their chests. “Shame on you. Stop using your skills to make me less crazy. I need sleep.”

“I could not agree more.” Leo put his hand over his chest. “If you want, I can come over and—”

“No!” I made a fist with my hands. “I don’t need you to help me sleep. I need you to keep your clients quiet so that I can sleep. Big difference.”

Knox appeared then and held out a pair of Bose noise-canceling headphones. “You can borrow them every Friday as long as you don’t set them on fire when you’re done.”

“Do you think I really want whatever STDs are crawling around the surface?” I hissed.

His eyes turned lethal. “Then I guess you won’t sleep.”

“Dun, dun, dun,” Finn sang in a low voice, just as a small lady who could pass as my grandmother made an appearance and shoved a fifty-dollar bill in Knox’s pants then patted him on his rock-hard six-pack. She had a full-on red wig perched backward on her head and cherry red cheeks with black glasses that she kept shoving up her nose. And her purse looked like something I would have seen on I Love Lucy. It was this giant black clutch that probably held cough drops and prunes.

“Thanks, boys.”

“Love you, Edna!” Finn called while Leo brushed a kiss across her hand.

She finger-waved at Knox and straight-up waddled out of the suite.

I stared after her, my jaw dropping with each step she took until she was out of eyesight.

“What…” I shook my head. “…I mean, seriously, guys, what?”

Finn’s eyes got serious. “She’s lonely.”

“She’s at least eighty!” I yelled, so exhausted I was actually arguing with crazy.

Knox got all up in my business and said through clenched teeth, “Her husband died a year ago. She’s not comfortable with internet dating yet. We’re easing her in because she wants a partner for life, someone she can laugh with, so if we can give her that one laugh, that nice touch once a week, we’re going to fucking do it. Now jump off that pedestal, take the damn Bose, and go to sleep.”

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Meet the Author:
Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she's not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.
She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband, adorable son, and two snoring boxers! She loves to hear from readers!
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