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Blog Tour: Best Served Cold by Emma Hart


Trust me. I know. The only reason I decided to renovate my family’s ice-cream store was to serve up a sundae full of revenge for my a-hole ex who opened an ice-cream store right next to mine.
It was supposed to be simple.
Renovate. Reopen. Put his peachy butt out of business.
Until he decided to get under my skin—and broke my toe.
Now, I’m stuck with Chase in my store every day, helping me renovate. But he’s also in my head, and I’m spending a little too much time up against his abs.
Not that it’s the worst place to be.
But it doesn’t change anything. I still hate him, and I’m still going to get my revenge.

BESTSERVEDCOLD-cover44 stars
Review by Lisa Kane

This is one cute and funny read!

Raelynn Fortune owns Best Served Cold. It's been a family ice cream business for years and after Raelynn's family left town to take care of her aunt, the business finally became hers. She worked her butt off in college to better learn how to run the business. But there was a lot of crazy going on when her parents left. She'd been with Chase Aaron for two years and things were starting to get real serious. Maybe too serious for Raelynn. She just needed some time to breathe, but instead ended up breaking things off with Chase.

In hindsight, I could have handled things better. I could have told Chase I needed a break to handle the upheavals in my life. I could have not burned that bridge, but emotion was a funny thing. 

Chase in turn took his revenge by taking over the store next to hers and opening up another ice cream store-The Frozen Spoon. They had planned out lots of creations when they were together but Chased turned those plans into reality. Needless to say, The Frozen Spoon is a hot commodity in the Keys. So much so, that at one point it looked like Raelynn was going to have to shut her doors.

Is it any wonder she hates him with a passion?

Chase Aaron was a douchebag of the highest degree. 

It's been two years and Raelynn still hasn't gotten over her resentment. She's spent so much time blaming Chase for all her woes that she's just letting her own place go to hell. Well, no more! She's going to renovate it and come up with a few new ideas that will turn the place around.

"Stop blaming him for all your problems. You know as well as I do that you haven't done as much as you should." 

So she closes the store and gets cracking on those renovations. She's got some great ideas that will make just about every little girl and teen scream for ice cream!

Chase uses this opportunity to get Raelynn to talk to him. It's been two years and his plan to get her back could not have gone more wrong.

All I wanted was for her to talk to me. To not pretend that I didn't exist when she knew as well as I did that there was unfinished business between us. 

So Chase offers every bit of help that he can while Raelynn is doing the whole DIY project. She's bitten off a lot more than she can chew. And Chase wants to be there for every step. But Raelynn isn't interested in hearing Chase's side of things...

The woman I was in love with hated me with every bit of her soul. And I didn't blame her at all. 
If I were her, I'd hate me, too. 

I have to hand it to Chase, he is not one to let an opportunity get by him. He knows Raelyn's fears and he knows how to help her overcome them.

Rae groaned and leaned forward. "Why can't anyone just tell me it's crap?"
"Because it's not. Has it occurred to you that you're just that good at what you do because you care about it?"

What's that noise I hear? Could that be the sound of Raelynn's walls coming down? Yes, those walls that could rival the Berlin Wall are slowly...and I do mean slowly, crumbling. Deep down, think bottom of the ocean blue deep, Raelyn never got over Chase. Chase is about to remind her of all the reasons she wants him back!

Chase would always be normal to me-he'd always feel right, even when I wanted it to be wrong.


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“And there goes my water.” Rae got up and dumped the contents of her glass into the sink. “Thanks for that.”

I shrugged. “Can’t drill without dust, babe.”

“Can’t drill without dust, babe,” she parroted in a high-pitched voice. “Whatever. You can drill without contaminating my water.”

“Remember who’s doing who a favor here.”

She cocked one hip and put her hand on it. “The only reason you’re still here is because I bent over an hour ago and you saw my underwear.”

I couldn’t help the twitch of my lips. “That may be a contributing factor.”

“Oh, please. You keep staring at me just in case I flash you again.”

“Actually, I’m staring at you because you look hot as fuck in that dress.” I paused. “But I won’t deny that you flashing me would be a bonus.”

Rae rolled her eyes. “I don’t even know what to say to you. You’re ridiculous.”

“Ridiculously charming.”

“Ridiculously frustrating.”

“Charmingly frustrating.”

“You—” She stopped and pointed at me. “You are. You are. You!” she growled and stomped into the kitchen.

I choked back a laugh. “I am delightful, handsome, and phenomenal in bed!”

She came back within seconds. “If you’re trying to make me fall in love with you again, you’re failing dismally.”

“Technically, I’m not trying. I’m such a delight you’ll fall back in love with me anyway.”

“You’re a raging egomaniac.”

“And you are a beautiful ray of happiness.”

“And you—wait, what?” She frowned. “When did this get turned around on me? Stop complimenting me. You don’t compliment me when I insult you.”

I leaned against the wall, still holding onto the drill. “All right, you’re a miserable little shit. Is that better?”

Her lips twitched as she tried not to laugh. “No. You’re supposed to compliment me even when I tell you not to.”

“I’m not falling for your female psychobabble.” I pushed off the wall and looked for the next ‘x.’ “Compliment yourself. I have no problem doing it.”

“I compliment myself all the time. Have you seen my boobs?”

I shot her a side-eye. “Yes. I’m also fond of those.”

Rae folded her arms across her chest. It did nothing to further her cause of pretending to be annoyed. All it did was push her tits up.

“If you’re trying to make me stop looking at your tits, you’re doing a bad job.”

She looked down and immediately dropped her arms. “Yeah, well, shut up.” She sniffed. “How many holes are left?”

I scanned the wall. “Three. You should try one. It won’t kill you.”

She shifted. “No offense, but I don’t know if I trust you around me with tools.”

“I wasn’t even near you when you dropped the scraper on your foot. I won’t drop the drill. I promise.” I paused. “If anything, I’m the one who should be worried given that you’ve already dropped the drill once.”

“That was an accident.”

“Exactly.” I pushed off the wall. “Come on. You might learn something.”

“I doubt it,” she mumbled, wiping her hands off on her dress and coming to stand at my side. “Okay, let’s humiliate me.”

I laughed and drew her into my body. She nestled against me as if she were made for me. Her ass curved perfectly into my hips, and the gentle sweep of her back flattened against my stomach and chest like a missing puzzle piece.

“Wrap your hand around the handle,” I said, raising her hand to it. “And hold onto it. Tight.”

“I think I can figure that out.”

“Remember who dropped the drill.”

She sniffed. “I didn’t expect the wall to be so hard.”

“Rae, it’s fucking brick. Not marshmallow. What the hell did you expect?”

About Emma Hart:
Emma Hart is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty novels and has been translated into several different languages.

She is a mother, wife, lover of wine, Pink Goddess, and valiant rescuer of wild baby hedgehogs.

Emma prides herself on her realistic, snarky smut, with comebacks that would make a PMS-ing teenage girl proud.

Yes, really. She's that sarcastic.

Connect with Emma:
Stay up to date with Emma by joining her mailing list: https://www.emmahart.org/newsletter

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