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Blog Tour: Interlude by D. Kelly

We are so excited to be bringing you the release of INTERLUDE by D. Kelly. INTERLUDE is a brand new standalone contemporary romance and tells the much awaited story of Jordan Weston. Be sure to grab your copy today!


Jordan Weston is good-looking, mysterious, and sexually uninhibited, but his life is more like the name of his bar―Just an Illusion. His cousins are the bad boys of Bastards and Dangerous, but their fame hasn’t made everything rainbows and sunshine for him. He’s haunted, flawed, and the sole survivor of a homicide that wiped out his immediate family.
Allie Baker, the most recent hire at the bar, can see through Jordan’s façade. She knows he’s everything she doesn’t need, but she’s beginning to crave his cocky attitude and the way he looks at her. The more she tries to stay away from him, the more she wants to get to know him.
Jordan knows falling for an employee is a bad idea, but Allie pushes buttons he never realized he had. Even though Allie desperately needs her job, she soon decides being with Jordan is more important. Will they be able to compromise, or will she let her chance at love pass her by for the sake of a paycheck?

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5 stars

Review by Jen Skewes
I loved this book.   The entire series is fantastic, but Jordan's story completely exceeds any expectations that I had.  I was so excited when I found out his book was coming.  Honestly I don't think that I realized this series would continue and we would get to see more of the characters the we loved.  We met Jordan in the prior books and based on the Jordan that me met and his past "relationship" I thought this story was going to be completely different from what it was.  But I am so glad that it was because Jordan not only got his HEA but he got it with the person who was so perfect for him.

Allie just moved to a new town to live with her best friend Sasha and work at the same bar with her.  She needed to escape her life, leaving it all behind her.  She had enough and needed to be on her own and experience life the way she wanted it, not how everyone else expected her to.  When she first sees Jordan Weston she cannot take wee eyes off of him.  The sexiness is ripping off him.  But when she finds out he is her boss, she is not only a little embarrassed but knows that nothing can ever happen between them.

From the moment Jordan saw Allie, he was a goner, but despite how attracted he was to her it was complicated.  when Jordan was younger he lost everything  and after that moment he moved in with his aunt and Uncle and lived a good life.  But that night still haunts him, he has is guard up for so many reasons.  He has a relationship that he needs to figure out.  Throw Allie and his attraction to her in the mix and it makes for one complicated and intense ride.  

When they are together, they are perfect and all I wanted was for the two of them to be together.  But there seemed to be so much standing in their way.  Allie needed to find herself, be on her own before jumping into anything.  And Jordan has been so screwed up by what happened in his past, and not knowing where he wants other parts of his life to go, he too needs to really fire out what he wants.  Now I think anyone can see what these two wanted, but they had to fire it out themselves.  It certainly was not an easy ride.  

There were moments where I felt like my heart was in my throat.  My heart broke for them, for what they had or didn't have.  But it was also the moments from the prior book that we get to relive through Jordan's point of view that completely wrecked me.  

I love Jordan.  I just love everything about him.  He is such an great guy who is loyal and thankful to those who have stood by him.  Family is the most important thing to him.  Allie brought out so much in him, and with her he slowly let his guard down and that is what I loved.  We get to seee the Jordan that is underneath ll of those layers.  Allie was sassy and sweet and I loved her.  What I loved the most about her is that she loved Jordan for who he was.  It never bothered her that he was bi-sexual, or how complicated he was.  She loved him for him. 

D. Kelly once again created a beautiful and amazing story that I did not want t put down.  From the moment I started reading I was submerged back in the world of the Westons.  I honestly have been in a book funk lately, with it taking longer than normal to finish a book.  But I devoured Interlude!!  I m happy to see that this series is not ending with this book.  I cannot even tell you how excited I am for Daren's story. 

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Read an excerpt from INTERLUDE

“You’re just a big ol’ loveable ball of fur, aren’t you? Why did your daddy name you Fat Bastard? That’s just mean.”

“Because that’s what he is to most people.”

I jump and grab the cat, who isn’t pleased I disturbed his resting place. “Jesus, Jordan! You scared the crap out of me.”

He leans back against the wall, a grin kicking up at the corner of his mouth. Jordan seems tired but also quite amused. “Sorry, I didn’t expect anyone to be in my house. And I definitely didn’t expect to see my ornery cat curled up in your lap. Did you cast a spell on him?”

“He’s really that bad? I thought Sasha was exaggerating. All I did was feed him, give him water, and talk to him.”

Jordan takes a seat next to me, and I swear the temperature in here just rose about ten degrees. What is it about him that affects me like this? He’s not my type at all. Then again, my type hasn’t worked out so well for me either.

“Fat Bastard earned his name all by himself. Maybe you should have been the one to find him instead of me. I’ve never seen him take to someone like this, except with kids, but kids are pretty special in their own right, so I figured that was probably normal.”

Oh my God, he likes kids.

I’m not sure how to reply because I’m still stuck on the kid thing, but I get a reprieve when my phone rings. Jordan passes it to me and accidentally hits the speaker button.

“Hello? Allie … Christ, Allie, it’s about time! Are you finally going to talk to me?”

Shit. Evan is pissed. Jordan’s eyes cloud over like a thunderous rainstorm as he scowls at my phone.

“Evan, I can’t talk right now.”

“The hell you can’t. The gala is in three days, Allie. We’re announcing our engagement, your father is out of his mind, and he froze your trust fund. You have no money, Allie. It’s time to stop having a tantrum and come home.”

This is so embarrassing. My gaze locks on J’s, and I mouth “I’m sorry.”

“Evan, I suggest you do some damage control. Find the trollop you were fucking and announce your engagement to her instead for all I care. As I said in my letter, I’m not coming back. I’m sorry if you were planning to live off my trust fund, but if I can live without it, so can you.”

“You selfish bitch!” Evan rages.

Jordan’s eyes widen before he opens his mouth, and when he does, I’m not sure if I want to kiss him or punch him—or both.

“Babe, come back to bed. My cock misses your lips.”

“Who the hell is that?!” Evan screams.

Jordan nudges the cat to the floor and scoots closer to me. “This is the man Allie is currently fucking. Who are you?”

Evan sputters, and I can picture him losing his cool. “Allie, what is going on?”

Jordan flips me onto his lap, and I squeal in surprise. My eyes widen as he mouths “Go with it.”

What do I have to lose at this point?

Jordan leans in closer, holding the phone between us. “Come on, babe. Hang up the phone and let’s go back to bed.”

“Bed? That’s my fiancée you’re talking about. Allie Bear, tell me this is some kind of sick joke,” Evan whines.

“There’s no ring on her finger. Besides, possession is nine tenths of the law, and since her pussy was just wrapped around my dick, I’d say that makes her more mine than yours right now. Wouldn’t you?”

My cheeks flush as J runs his fingers across one with a lazy grin.

“Come on, Bear, tell him you’re just paying me back. A little quid pro quo, right?”

Jordan snickers. “You call her Bear? That’s adorable, but I think she’s more of a tigress myself. My little Allie Cat.” Jordan drops his mouth to my neck, and I can’t help the moan that escapes me. “Hear that, Evan? Doesn’t sound like anyone’s fiancée to me.” Jordan’s lips ghost over mine, and I whimper. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this attracted to someone, if ever.

“This isn’t over, Allie. Do you hear me?” Evan is probably redder than a beet, but when Jordan lowers his mouth to mine, it erases the image of Evan in my mind.

He kisses me loudly, like a man on a mission. Weaving his hands through my hair, he pulls me close. J nips my bottom lip, and I gasp in pleasure, his length growing beneath me as I press into him with a contented sigh. He turns off my phone and tosses it to the opposite side of the couch.

Jordan’s mouth closes over mine, and I fall into his kiss with all my senses. His tongue meets mine and claims it. This isn’t a sweet getting-to-know-you kiss. This is a sexual awakening I never knew I was missing, and I want more. Evan is already a distant memory as I press myself closer while losing myself in his kiss. As I tug on his hair, he growls into my mouth. I remember the freshly fucked look he had to him when we met, and I want to be the one to make him look that way. I want to be the one on my knees for him.

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About D. KELLY

Kelly, author of The Acceptance Series, The Illusion Series, and standalone companion novels Chasing Cassidy and Sharing Rylee, was born and raised in Southern California. She’s a wife, mom, dog lover, taxi, problem fixer, and extreme multi-tasker. She married her high school sweetheart and is her kids’ biggest fan.

Kelly has been writing since she was young and took joy in spinning stories to her childhood friends. Margaritas and sarcasm make her smile, she loves the beach but hates the sand, and she believes Starbucks makes any day better.

A contemporary romance writer, D. Kelly’s stories revolve around friendship and the bond it creates, strengthening the love of the people who share it.

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