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Release Blitz: Think Twice by Stephanie Rose

When your heart is warring with your head, there’s no time to Think Twice.

Title: Think Twice
Author: Stephanie Rose
Release Date: February 22, 2019

One couple risks it all, while the other may lose everything...

At eighteen, PJ was full of dreams. She was on her way to becoming a serious artist and moving across the country, away from the unrequited, tortured dream of her much older brother’s irresistible best friend, Dylan. But when she forced herself to let that dream go, she never expected it to bounce back and refuse to let her.

One fall may have cost Jack everything. After being severely injured while responding to a fire, he lost the girl, the use of his leg, and possibly the career he’s dreamed of all his life. While away at rehab, he connects with Danielle, his physical therapist and a girl from his past. She can heal him in more ways than one, but she’s nursing her own wounds.

When your heart is warring with your head, there’s no time to Think Twice.

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4 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

I really enjoyed Think Twice.  It is two love stories in one.  All four characters intertwined in each other's lives.  It is written in alternating point of views between the four characters, but never once did this book feel like I wa reading two different stories or confused in any way.  I loved the characters, I loved the connection tons made and loved how the story itself.

Pj has been in love with her older brother's best friend since she was a little girl.  She just turned 18 and he is 8 years older to her.  When she confessed her love for him a few months ago, things between them have been a little shaky and distant.  Dylan had left his distance from her because not only was she 17 but she was his best friend's little sister.  but there comes a time when you can only stay away for so long, especially when your feelings for her matches what she feels for you.  Dylan and PJ being together is a disaster waiting to happen.  They can lose so much, but they are willing to take that risk.  Will it be worth it in the end?

Jack is PJ's brother who is in rehab learning to walk again.  He is a Firefighter, a job that he loves.  But when he had an accident on the job it left him unable to walk, due to his injured leg.  He is in rehab, feeling sorry for himself, down on himself but most of all afraid.  He fears that he will never be able to go back to his job.  When his therapist, Dani comes in he remember her from when they were younger.  Dani's brother and Jack used to be friends.  All though she never admitted it, she had a huge crush on Jack.  They will be working close together for the next few months.  Jack thinks she's beautiful and wants her to be more than his therapist.   But after a very bad past relationship, Dani has a huge wall up and has a really hard time letting someone in, especially when that someone is her patient.  Will Jack break down those walls and get the chance at love and happiness?

I really enjoyed this book.  I loved the firriest point of views.  The story flowed perfectly and it never once felt like it was all over the place.  With four people telling the story one would think at some point it would be, but Ms. Rose did a fantastic job with the writing.  There were moments where a chapter would end and I couldn't wait for the next page to see what would happen, only to find out that I had to wait because we moved onto a different character.  The suspense killed me but it was perfect.  

Think Twice is a sweet, fun story about four couples.  In a way they are both forbidden, but it always felt just right.  I loved Dylan and how sweet and loving he was with PJ.  And Dylan is charmer who is cute and sexy.  I did wish there was a little more of an emotional connection between the characters, but otherwise I really loved this book.  It is the perfect weekend read.  Once you start you do not want to put it down.  The characters will capture you from the very start and you will fall in love with all of them.  A great read.  


To read Chapter Two of Think Twice, head over to Book+Main:


Stephanie Rose is a bad-ass New Yorker, a wife, a mother, a former blogger and lover of all things chocolate. Most days you'll find her trying to avoid standing on discarded LEGO or deciding which book to read next. Her debut novel, Always You, released in 2015 and since then she's written several more—some of which will never see completion—and has ideas for a hundred to come.

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