Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Review: Gone For You Jennifer Van Wyk

I didn't expect you.
Certainly wasn't looking for a relationship.
But, my heart is drawn to you and I can't stop the way it's beating, demanding more.
This distance between us should have been enough to stop me.
It isn't, though. Not even knowing you're my brother's best friend could have stopped me from wanting more with you.
The universe has other plans, though.
You say that you'll stop at nothing to make me yours.
But, our pasts have a way of sneaking up on us.
I hope I'm strong enough to withstand the hurt. Because my heart... it's gone for you.

Gone for You is a standalone brother's best friend, sweet and sizzling romance.

4 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

This is the first book that I have read from this author and it will not be my last. I loved it!! From the first page to the very last, I was completely sucked in. The writing captured me from the beginning, the characters had me from the moment I met them. Between their undeniable chemistry, the ease and comfort they felt when with each to her and the fun banter, I was smitten. 

When Liv was 17 years old, she went to visit her brother and ran into the hottest guy she has ever seen. From the moment she met Ethan she knew there was a spark between them. And he felt it too. But then he found out that she was his friends’ little sister and completely off limits. Ten years later, and Liv is all grown up. While in town visiting her best friend, she walks into Ethan’s bar. She recognizes him the moment she sees him, but he needs a little reminder of who she is. He knows that she looks familiar and he feels the pull but can’t quite place her. When he finally does realize who she is, he is shocked and so very happy to see her. The chemistry that was there 10 years ago is still very much alive. But Liv doesn’t trust very easily, and Ethan doesn’t do relationships. So, they decide to enjoy the time that they have together and figure out what happens next. Will the time apart make them grow closer or farther apart. And when Ethan gets devastating news, it could just be one more obstacle that they need to face. Can they both learn to open up, let their guard down and take a chance on love?

I loved this book. I loved the characters, and not just Ethan and Liv. The side characters were a special part of this story as well and I cannot wait until they all get their own book. I adored Ethan and Liv right from the start. From the moment they met, even though the timing was all wrong, you just knew that there was something there. You felt it just as much as they did. This book was sweet, fun, sexy and a fantastic read. I cannot wait for more from this series.

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