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Review: Disenchanted by LD Davis

I had plans for myself, to have a successful career, to be independent, and have a good time. My philosophy as a young, silly girl was that I was here for a good time, not for a long time. I didn’t plan to have children, never planned to be married, and I certainly didn’t intend to be a widow before I reached the age of thirty. One day when I woke up, my reality was everything I’d never wanted.

After the accident that took my husband’s life, there wasn’t time to think of myself. I was a widow with three small children and had a mother recovering from a heart attack that had nearly killed her. My appearance, my health, and especially my happiness, were no longer considerations, until I met Marco Mangini. He made me long for things to be different, for me to be different. He made me feel alive…and terrified.

4 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

It’s been a little while since reason am LD Davis book and this series is so worth the wait.  I missed her writing and all the feels that goes with it.  

Lydia is a widow and now a single Mom to three beautiful children.  After almost eight years her and her sister are finally repairing their relationship and moving on from the hurt of their past. When she gets news that her sister needs her she packs her kids up and goes to be with her.  It’s also where she meets Marco, the man who will turn her world completely upside down in a way she never expected and at the same time has a hard time embracing. 

So much has happened to Lydia in the past 8 years.  She has her guard up and is still dealing with so much. While she can admit that Marco is gorgeous, she has a hard time trusting him and really opening up to him.  But Marco is persistent and will not let her “hide” so to speak.  He manages to slowly peel back one layer at a time.  She’s finally opened up to the idea of being with him and Marco sharing her life.  Until she feels like she is totally out of his league and not good enough for him.  Can Marco make her understand and see herself the way he sees her?

I loved Marco. He is hot yes but also sweet and kind.  And the way he took to her children will melt your heart. Lydia may be hard to like for some and I understand why but for me I thought she was an amazing heroine. There is so much more to her story and her past and knew because of that she was guarded.  She is so strong and an amazing mother who will protect her children no matter what. 

They both had their issues and at times I questioned certain things they did.  In a way that I wasn’t sure if I would still feel the same about them.  I loved the bond they had as well as the connection. Marco made her feel things she has felt in so long and it was so nice to see. 

What I always love about LD’s books is the angst fest that you know you will get hit are never truly prepared for. She has a way of ripping your heart out, stomping on it and somehow puts it all back together.  I mean she did manage to tune my hatred for one character into love!!  With all that said I will admit the middle of this book was a little slower than what I expected. But don’t worry the angst and stomach dropping moments do come.  Those intense feelings that you get, the moments where you wonder what will happen next, they are all there.  And since this is a series of course we stew left with a cliffhanger.  And I cannot wait to see what happens next. 

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