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Release Blitz: Behind the Plate by J. Sterling

The most anticipated J. Sterling release of the year is finally here! You've waited years to meet Jack Carter's son and the wait is over! Strap in and enjoy the ride.

Chance Carter is the son of local baseball legend, Jack Carter. Now in his junior year at Fullton State, Chance is facing challenges he never saw coming. Failing a class will stop his draft season short, making him ineligible to play and pushing his goal of professional baseball even further away.

In steps Danika, a mouthy tutor from New York, who only wants to help him pass his class... NOT get in his pants. But try telling that to Chance. He doesn't trust girls and he definitely doesn't trust his new tutor. A lifetime growing up as a Carter taught him that.

But Danika has issues of her own. After an incident that happened last year, she doesn't trust athletes and wants nothing to do with them. And Chance is no exception.

The fireworks explode as the two try to deny the chemistry between them and family secrets are revealed. Chance doesn't know how to give up on something he wants and he's decided he wants Danika. There's just one problem... she has a boyfriend she has no intention of breaking up with.

How can he have her when she belongs to someone else?

4.5 Stars
Review by Lisa Kane

I have been curious to read about Chance Carter-he's the son of Jack and Cassie Carter. Their story decimated my heart but it was a fantastic story.

Chance's odds of being drafted to play major league baseball are great. He's a junior at Fullton State in California and he's so close he can taste it. He's never felt like he lived in his father's shadow.

Where Jack Carter was one of the best left-handed pitchers anyone had seen in years, I was one of the best catchers on the field. 

The only obstacle on Chance's road to success-math. He's in danger of failing math, which means he won't be eligible to play ball for Fullton which means he can kiss the major leagues goodbye.
His coach tells him they are getting a math tutor for him. Chance's only stipulation-the tutor has to be a male. Chance doesn't date, he doesn't want a girl messing with his head. He is completely focused on baseball. Besides, the girls at Fullton just want to be with him because he's the big guy on campus. He's the one that people talk about, both because of his dad and because they know he is going to make it big. He can do without all the superficial crap.

As luck would have it, the best tutor and the only one that isn't already committed to tutoring someone else is a female- Danika Marchetti.

"Chance, meet your tutor, Danika Marchetti." I frowned because I could not have a female tutor and Coach knew it.

Danika isn't thrilled about tutoring Chance. She has an aversion to athletes.

Maybe it was because the athletes on this campus tended to be arrogant pricks who were above the law. Even worse, they all knew it. I didn't trust them. 

She has another reason to dislike athletes, but that will come out further in the story.

Danika's boyfriend Jared is also a student at Fullton. They've been together since high school. Danika's dad is a real estate mogul in Manhatten and their two families do business together. It's been expected that once Danika and Jared graduate, they'll take their places in the Marchetti empire. But lately, things have been off between Danika and Jared. Things have changed.

"Just because you have a past with someone doesn't mean you owe them your future."

There's no denying that there are sparks between Chance and Danika. But neither one will cross any lines. Chance is well aware of his parents' past and he's not about to go there. But as they spend more time together, the temptation to cross those lines gets stronger.

"I really thought I'd be alone forever. I mean, I hoped that maybe I'd find a girl someday, but I never knew how it would happen. It just didn't seem possible. She'd always want Chance Carter, the baseball player, and never just Chance Carter, the guy." 

I loved the first book in this series, The Ninth Inning and this one was even better! I loved the moral compasses that Chance and Danika had and how cheating was not an option. I enjoyed the secondary characters, especially Mac and Sunny. (hoping we see those two together at some point!) I can never get enough of Jack and Cassie and reading about their lives, how they raised Chance and his younger sister, Jacey and how, after all these years, have not lost that spark that got them through the hard times. Dean and Melissa showing up in the book was no hardship either.

Check this series out, because the stories are well developed and the characters are likable. The sex scenes are steamy and make cause a few blushes. (who doesn't love when that happens!) Behind the Plate scores a home run for me!

"Girls always say they have walls that guys need to climb, but I had armor. And you cracked it the first day I met you, and you've been slicing through it ever since."

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Meet J.

I'm a New York Times and USA Today best selling author of over 18 books! My goal is to write stories that you can get lost in, that will leave a smile on your face and a full heart. If you can forget about the real world while you're reading and fall in love with my characters, then I've done my job. A lot of what I write has real life aspects in it, but that's what makes the stories so relateable- the fact that they could happen to anyone... and have!

I live in California with my only son, Blake. If you can't find me sitting behind a computer screen, then there's a good chance I'm sitting in the bleachers of a baseball stadium watching him play. I love traveling to new places, meeting my readers and living life with the Real Jack Carter. ♡

I know you have a million books to choose from and I am humbled, grateful and thankful each time you choose to read one of mine, or tell someone else to read them. Thank you.

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