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Release Blitz for Sawyer Bennett's Midnight Realm

The Midnight Realm
Sawyer Bennett
Release Date: December 6, 2022

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Even kings who serve at the whim of gods break the rules every now and then.

As the newly anointed king of the Underworld, I’ve worked hard to clean up the mess left behind by my predecessor. The realm is in relative peace at the moment, my main focus now on deciding the fate of recently departed souls. It’s a tediously boring task, and honestly, one I despise doing. But just when I think I can’t stand another moment of the monotony, one soul changes it all.

Nyssa McKnight earned her ticket to Hell. She made her choices and even at the prospect of eternal damnation, she doesn’t seem to regret the actions that led her here. I can tell by her utter defiance that life has hardened her, a trait that has carried over to her in death. She should be begging me for mercy but instead calls me a “big old winged bat”. I should toss her right into The Crimson River for her insolence but instead I think I’ll keep her in servitude.

While I struggle to reconcile the intrigue—and attraction—I have for this human, I am forced to spend my days investigating rumors of an uprising in the Underworld. Unfortunately, my desire to keep Nyssa has provided a weak spot for the rebellious Dark Fae looking to gain control, one they’re quick to act on. Now, with Nyssa in danger and my throne threatened, I will stop at nothing to restore order, even if it means letting her go.

Can Amell, the king of the Underworld, find true love, or is he destined to rule alone until the end of days?

The Midnight Realm is a standalone romantic fantasy novel about unexpected redemption within The Chronicles of the Stone Veil series.

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About the Author:

New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Sawyer Bennett uses real life experience to create relatable stories that appeal to a wide array of readers. From contemporary romance, fantasy romance, and both women’s and general fiction, Sawyer writes something for just about everyone.

A former trial lawyer from North Carolina, when she is not bringing fiction to life, Sawyer is a chauffeur, stylist, chef, maid, and personal assistant to her very adorable daughter, as well as full-time servant to her wonderfully naughty dogs.

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Trinette Dungee's 4 Star Review

“Serve you? In what ways?” I ask suspiciously. “In any way I want,” he replies, a devilish grin tipping one side of his mouth. “I’m not having sex with you.” “Won’t you?” he counters confidently.

Jeez…does this guy scream Alpha/Confidence/Sex/Power or what!? 

We’ve encountered Amell several time throughout this series, but at the last time, he was was being united with his human daughter and being given the throne to The Underworld. At this point Amell is in the midst of reorganizing The Underworld and has been banished there, not allowed to visit Earth Realm due to his prohibited interference with Thalia’s battle for Vyronas. Amell has determined The Underworld needs a makeover and it’s not going to resemble anything of Kymaris’ Underworld. In the new Underworld, there is a sense of peace…well as much peace as there can be in Hell. As he adjusts to this new position and life Amell encounters a soul sent to him like nothing he’s ever experienced. Enter Nyssa McKnight. She’s a sassy spitfire that while shaking underneath, stands up to Amell. While many of the souls sent to him beg for forgiveness and second chances, Nyssa accepts her fate and does show remorse for the life she’s led or the sins she committed…especially the final sin she committed. Nyssa is quite entertaining at times when she deals with Amell.  Such is the case during their first encounter when she’s mouths off to not just his subjects but to him as well. 

This is it. He doesn’t even need to hear my crimes. He’s going to dump me in. I hiss at him. “Go ahead and do it, you big old, winged bat. You don’t scare me.” I look around wild-eyed at this place called and scream, “None of you care about me.” 

I was totally not expecting Nyssa’s response and completely laughed out loud. At this point Amell himself is discovering that Nyssa isn’t the typical doomed soul, and he decides to keep her around to try and figure her out.  What he also figures out is that Nyssa intrigues him on many levels. 

Nyssa has led anything but a charmed, carefree life. She’s struggled and fought the entire time doing whatever she needed to do to survive, so it’s no surprise to her when she ends up in Hell and lands at the feet of its King. What she won’t do is beg him for anything, but she does have to learn to live with this never-ending time in Hell. 

Of course, Amell becomes completely attached with Nyssa and the two end up in a “relationship” which is not surprising, but what is very surprising or enjoyable is the personalities of these two characters. They were both unapologetically who they were, and for the most part didn’t change throughout the story. They both had vulnerabilities that they didn’t necessarily display to each other but didn’t attempt to hide them once there were known. Nyssa remained Nyssa the entire time. The edges that seemed to have smoothed themselves out were always soft, just not visible to everyone. 

As for Amell, he accepted his position because he was appointed by Zora and his feelings for her, but it’s not something he ever wanted. I feel like he definitely struggled quite a bit with what was expected of him as the king of the underworld, and what he wanted to be as the king. While he moves forward with changes that are meant to keep the Underworld as a “dark place” as it should be, his way of ruling is not appreciated by everyone, there are those who want nothing more than to see Kymaris’ dream of taking over the earth realm and he has to establish his supporters from his enemies. 

Amell never attempted to hide his love for his daughter, Thalia, and how it hurt him not being able to see her the way he wanted or as often as he wanted. He had a very intimate nature. With Nyssa, it wasn’t just about getting her in his bed, but also getting to know her. Although he knew everything there was to know about what landed her where she was, he opted to let her tell him, He allowed her to become comfortable enough with him to open up about her past life. 

“Relax.” he adds. Lie down for a minute and let’s discuss your day.” I stare at him dubiously wondering if lie down and talk means “sex”……”You’re safe Nyssa. It appears I have to repeat this often, but I won’t touch you unless you ask me to.” He hasn’t asked which is confusing. “But you want to?” “I “I want to very much, but point out, intent on arguing this to complete clarity. “You’re evil. You have no morals.” “Few morals,” he corrects me. “Although admittedly, they’re self-serving.” “As I said, you can force me.” “I could easily force you.” I flinch at that admission and wait for him to reassure me. But he doesn’t. “Now, lie back down, face me, and let’s talk.” If that doesn’t scream intimacy, I don’t know what does. 

The King of the Underground has a heart…….and it’s freaking adorable and sexy as hell (no pun intended).

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