Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Review: Lost Until You by JR Grant

They had it all. There wasn't anything they could do to make their lives better. Their relationship was thriving. Their daughter was perfect. The adoration they had for one another was indescribable. They were surrounded by family and friends who loved them unconditionally.

There wasn't a time Brax and Jazz lived with any regret, until Jazz started digging into her past. And now the happy life they once shared, has crumbled before their eyes, forcing their family through a whirlwind of emotions and pain.

What do you do if your marriage gets hit with the one thing you’d never expect? Can you stand the test of time and move forward as one? Or would you throw away everything you've spent years building, because it’s the moral thing to do?

Relationships are handed different obstacles to face, but in this case, two people are left pondering what society says is correct.
If you love someone with your whole heart, more than anything in the world, they become worth the fight.
They are lost until you.

Book One
The Until You Series
Brax and Jazz's Story

***Contains sexual content and strong language. Mature readers age 18+***

4 Heartfelt Stars!
Review by Jen Hagen
This is my second book that I have had the pleasure of reading of Ms. Grant’s.  She writes with flow and beauty, allowing the reader to experience the same emotions as the character. 

Brax and Jazz have been together for 5 years.  Brax has had to adjust his life plans as a career-ending injury blew his chance at the NFL.  Once he picked himself off the poor-me wagon, he was able to get his life back on track, which included Jazz being part of it.  Brax and Jazz have been married for 2 years and have a little girl, Savannah.  Brax’s family is his pride and joy and he would go to any depths to ensure they are happy.

Jazz didn’t have an easy life growing up.  She was shuffled from foster home to foster since birth and ending at age 16 when she found a stable foster mother.  She has never had any family to fall back on, simply because she doesn’t know her birth mother’s family as her mother passed away shortly after giving birth, and her father is unknown.

 Jazz has always wondered about her birth family, but has never had any luck or resources to fall back on.  Brax’s best friend does PI work and has information that will change their lives as they know it.

I didn’t understand how you could have everything one minute, and then in a blink of an eye, it would all be gone.

Brax and Jazz are going to be going through an extremely rough patch in their lives.  It doesn’t matter how much Brax loves Jazz, because love can’t save them…in fact, it can only  lead to more hurt.

“For what it’s worth, I’ll always love you.  But this,” she said and looked up, pointing between the two of us.  “This is over.”

Brax and Jazz are beautiful together.  There is so much love emanating from each of them that it broke my heart to see how much the revelation tore them apart.  Brax’s obvious display of his emotions was true, and every time he cried a peace of my heart went out to him.

Their future depends on what is sealed in an envelope.  Will it be the answer they fear or the answer that will allow their family to become one again?

If you loved someone with your whole heart, more than anything in the world, they become worth the fight.  They are lost until you.

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