Monday, January 9, 2017

Review: Catching Raindrops by Heather D'Agostino

Ever feel like your entire life has been planned out for you before you were even born? 

As the only girl in the Sutter family and daughter of an ‘almost Olympian’, my parents have always had goals for me. I never questioned them and always strived to be the best. I thought I knew what I wanted in life until I didn’t. 

One mistake, and the straight path I had planned was suddenly crooked. Goals that I’d worked for since I was little didn’t seem so important anymore; And the one place I never thought I’d go back to was the only place I wanted to be… home, where I found comfort in the most unlikely place.

At six years my senior, Brock Foster has always been unattainable. He was the boy that filled my fantasies. I resigned myself years ago to never feel his touch, never know what his kisses were like, or to have him wrap me in his arms. I never thought when I came home that he would still be there, or that he’d remember me. 

Sometimes the future that we think we want isn’t what we need. Sometimes those bumps and turns mold us into who we were always meant to be, and sometimes they lead us to who we should have always been with.

Brock Foster helped me to embrace my path. He taught me to stop and catch the raindrops, and open myself to love again.

Review by Lisa Kane
4 Stars!

I loved this author's Shattered series so I was excited to learn that the main characters' children would be getting their own stories. First up is Nick and Leah Sutter's daughter Emma. Nick was a big deal in football and Emma was a great track star. Now Nick coaches and Leah works besides him and takes care of their younger son Ryan. 

When Emma was thirteen a new family moved to the neighborhood. Eighteen-year-old Brock Foster is the closest thing to a true life god that Emma has ever seen. She's not exactly subtle about hiding her crush on him, but as much as she fantasizes that he would be interested in her someday, she knows it's just not going to happen. He went away to college, she grew up, had a few boyfriends and left for college. 

He lived a few houses down, and was "the new kid" in the neighborhood. He was a lot older than me, but my thirteen-year-old heart didn't seem to understand that. 

Emma's been away at Eastman University on a lacrosse scholarship but she's decided to go home. Her break up with her boyfriend Jordan was a complicated one and she just needs some space from the whole thing. It doesn't take very long for her to run into Brock again. Seems he moved back to her hometown a little while ago and it's obvious he's more than aware that little Emma Sutter is all grown up.

Emma Sutter grew up and she was hot!

Brock knew all about Emma's crush on him but never gave it much thought. The five years' difference in their ages at that time might as well have been twenty years. But now those years don't seem to matter much. 

She was finally old enough to be more, and if part of her still held onto the feelings that she'd had back then, I knew I stood a chance. 

But Emma is holding back on telling Brock about her break up with Jordan and just how bad it was. Brock has a few secrets of his own, but he's afraid if he tells her about them, she won't want to keep seeing him. 

I'd thought I could do this, but the longer I hid who I was from her, the worse it was getting. I knew I needed to fess up and lay all the cards out, but part of me was worried that she'd stop whatever this was before it really started. 
Catching Raindrops is sweet, slightly angsty and continues the sage of the Sutter family. I'm waiting for the next story coming up- Aaron (Emma's cousin-Cam's son) and Mel's. (Emma's college roommate) 

"Let"s catch the raindrops together."

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