Monday, February 18, 2013

Interview: Cheyenne and Colt from Charade by Nyrae Dawn

"I think this is their studio apartment. Yup it is, Jennifer best behavior, we know you have a thing for Colt." Kristie laughs and says, "Ok Lisa, knock on the door already."
Chey answers the door. "You must be Lisa, Jennifer and Kristie from Three Chicks, please come on in." We follow Chey to the couch were Colt is waiting. "Ladies, have a seat." "Lisa, Jennifer and I want to thank you so much for inviting us into your home", Kristie says.  "It’s nice and cozy. We really appreciate you taking the time to speak with us today." Jennifer smiles at Colt and says, "Sooo let's begin!"

Three Chicks:  Colt, what was going through your head when Chey first proposed her little charade? Did you think she was nuts, or did you think she was sexy and nuts? What was your first impression of her and the charade?

Colt:  It’s impossible to look at Chey and not immediately think she’s f*cking gorgeous, so ‘hot’ was definitely going through my head. But I also thought she was a spoiled princess. I think…I f*ck, I don’t know if I really thought she was spoiled, but I wanted to. I think I knew there was something different about her, I just couldn’t let myself see it.

Three Chicks:  Chey, you said you never got why girls go for the "closed off, angry, bad boys.”  Do you think you get why they do now? 

Chey:  First…thanks, Colt… I think? But to answer your question, yes and no. Colt was closed off and angry, but then I was too. I just didn’t want to focus on that part. I wanted to be angry at him because I was angry at everyone. I don’t think I could fall for just any closed off, angry bad boy. It was him. He’s it for me. Colt’s different. He has the biggest heart of anyone I know.

Colt leans over and kisses her. “Thanks, Tiny Dancer.”

Three Chicks:  Why all the banter? Why not just stick to good old fashioned flirting?

Colt:  “It’s not who I am.”

Chey:  “You’ve heard him talk. How can you not end up bantering with him?”

Three Chicks:  Colt, for how many years was it just you and your mom? How long has your father been gone and do you ever hear from him? 

Colt:  Don’t talk to him and don’t want to. Mom deserved better than him and I don’t think I can ever forgive for that. He was in and out of our lives too much, but he was gone for good when I was twelve.

Three Chicks:  Chey, how did you feel at that moment when you realized Colt was dealing drugs?

Chey:  Man, that’s a tough one. I’m not into stuff like that so I was really upset. Who wants to spend time with someone dealing drugs? But…I think it goes back to his heart. I’m not saying it was okay and I think Colt knows that too, but he did what he thought he had to do. I can’t fault him for that. He loved his mom more than anything in this world, but I will admit that I’m glad that part of his life is over.

Three Chicks:  Colt, did you think about Chey during those 2 days without contact, after she found out you were dealing drugs?  Did you call Deena or hook up with anyone?

Colt:  Hell no on the hook-ups. That’s not where my head was. I think she already started to get under my skin by then. I was f*cking pissed at myself for thinking about her, but I couldn’t stop it either.

Three Chicks:  Chey, the night you were drunk at the party and Colt took you home-when he was coming onto you in the hallway, did you throw up because you were genuinely sick from the alcohol or did you throw up because he made you really nervous (Kristie and Lisa giggle)?

Chey:  Haha. I think it was a combo of different things. I’d drunk a bit so yeah, part of it was the alcohol, but there was more to it too. It was nerves and confusion and the fact that I’d said a couple things to him I’d never said to anyone else. I think it was all just too much. I will admit though…I really wanted the kiss!

Three Chicks:  Colt, the morning after Chey threw up she called you. You were breathless and said she caught you in the middle of something and reminded her how guys are in the morning. So were you really doing what umm, Chey thought you were and...were you thinking of her? 

Colt:  *looks at Chey* Did they really just ask that? Cheyenne laughs I’m keeping my mouth shut on that one. But yeah… I am a guy.

Three Chicks:  Colt, one of your thoughts was, 'When you don't have much, you take care of the stuff you do have.' At the time you were talking about a robe you had given to your mom, but does that thought relate to your life? 

Colt:  F*ck… I mean, look at my life. My mom and I didn’t have shit, but each other and we took care of each other. That’s what you do to appreciate the things you do have. Until Chey, she was all I had and I would have done anything to take care of her, so it absolutely relates to my life. She grew up with shit, but she did her best by me. She wanted me to have the life she never could. *Chey reaches over and grabs his hand*

Three Chicks:  Chey, after such a painful childhood with your mom, do you think the fact that she might have returned for you makes a difference in how you remember her? 

Chey:  Wow. That’s a good question. I don’t know that it changes how I remember her, because she still left. She still let me get hurt, but I will always wonder. There will always be that “what-if”. What if she had? Would things have ever been different? But then, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t have Colt and he’s always been there for me. He’s never let me down and though I will always wonder about her, it’s all part of what brought me to where I am, so I wouldn’t change it.

Three Chicks:  Chey, why did you run to Colt after you found out about your mom? At that point the charade was still going strong. 

Chey:  Because he’s Colt. That’s a simple answer and it doesn’t make sense, but… I think I said it in the book, but there’s something about him that pulls out my secrets. Something in him that comforts me and I needed that. I probably didn’t realize it at the time, but charade or not, there was something in me who needed him. For the first time in my life I needed someone and I might not have realized what it meant but it was a part of me.

Three Chicks:  Colt, when you rescued Chey from Gregory (otherwise known as the cheating jerk) at the party *Jen sighs dreamily* what was going through your mind? Were you just helping out a friend, or were you marking your territory with Greg? 

Colt:  At the time nothing was going through my head but protecting her. I think, f*ck it was like, there was nothing else in my life I could take care of. I couldn’t fix Mom, but this girl had come to me and even though things were all screwed up between us and I really didn’t know a lot about her, I just knew I wanted her okay. I didn’t want to fail someone else. I didn’t want to fail her.

Three Chicks:  Colt, Adrian could clearly see how you felt about Chey, why did it take you so long to see it? Why do you think Adrian picked up on your feelings before you did? 

Colt:  There’s a difference between acknowledging something and seeing it. It’s hard because I never let myself really dissect my emotions before her. I didn’t have room in my life for it, so maybe it was there at the time and I didn’t see it. I can’t really say, but when I knew, I f*cking knew. There was no going back. And Adrian…he has shit going on inside him that I don’t think any of us realize. He’s different and I think he takes the time to try and see things that others don’t.

Three Chicks:  Chey, how is Adrian doing? Do you get along well with him?

Chey:  I love him. Adrian and Colt are so different than most guys, but Adrian is Colt’s best friend. I think he would do anything for Colt, without question. I’m not sure how I could have gotten through everything without him. He was there for me and I know part of it was him doing it for Colt, but that still means something to me. I want nothing more than for Adrian to find some happiness.

Three Chicks:  Colt, do you think your mom ever realized you weren't working at a fast food place? 

Colt:  I think she knew. I think she knew it would kill me for her to acknowledge it, but she knew. I could never get anything past her.

Three Chicks:  Colt, you have had your share of girls, why was sex with Chey so different? 

ColtI could really get myself in trouble with this one, but I guess just because she’s different. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Three ChicksColt, what were you feeling when you first introduced Chey to your mom? Did you expect or hope that they would become as close as they did? 

Colt:  No. I was scared as hell, honestly. I was letting her into a part of my life I didn’t let anyone. I never imagined they’d get close, but maybe I should have. I’m glad they did though.

Three Chicks:  Chey, what did you love most about Colt’s mom and your relationship with her? 

Chey:  *Chey wipes a tear* I love her for her heart. I love her most for her love of Colt. There’s nothing like it. And I love the way she accepted me in a way my own mother never did.

Three Chicks:  Colt, do you get why it was so important for your mom to have your name tattooed on her? 

Colt:  Yeah. It wasn’t that I didn’t get it at the time, it just made it real. It meant I was really going to lose her, but I’m f*ucking honored she loved me that much.

Three Chicks:  Chey, how important was it for you to help Colt's mom get tattooed?

Chey:  I think it’s probably one of the most important things I’ve done in my life. I’m more proud of that than I am almost anything else. I helped her keep Colt with her forever. I can’t explain how much that means to me.

Three Chicks:  Colt, when did you decide to get "mom" tattooed on your wrist? 

Colt:  The second I saw my name in her skin.

Three Chicks:  Colt, how horrible was that night in jail?? Were you going crazy because you couldn't use your phone to check in on your mom or Chey?

ColtAbsolutely. It was hell. I felt like I failed them.

Three Chicks:  Colt, what made you call her "Tiny Dancer?" 

Colt:  Because it’s sexy? Really though because it fits. She used to dance and she’s small and, hell, I don’t know. It was just her to me.

Three Chicks:  Chey, when did you realize you were falling in love with Colt? 

Chey:  That’s hard, but I think I really knew there was something special about him the first time I saw him with his mom. I don’t think love is this tangible thing that you can just choose a moment or  know exactly when it happens. It happens over time and then you’re just there and you wonder when it happened or how you never realized it before.

Three Chicks:  Colt, same question, when did you realize that you were falling in love with Chey? 

Colt:  Same. When I saw her with my mom.

Three ChicksChey, do you get all hot and bothered every time Colt calls you Tiny Dancer? (Kristie and Lisa fan themselves) “Because I know I do”, Jen says. 

Chey:  Hell yeah! It’s sexy!

Three Chicks:  Chey, for Colt never having had a girlfriend before, he's very good at being there for you. At one point he cocooned you under the blanket to give both of you the peace of your own little world following a panic attack. Does he continue to show his affection in these endearing ways and what are some sweet ways he has shown you his love?

Chey:   He’s very good at what he does and yeah, he shows me every day. He doesn’t like to acknowledge it, but he has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever known.

Three Chicks:  Colt, why couldn't you say "I love you", but only said "you too" until you woke up in the hospital? 

Colt:  I don’t know. Scared I guess. I’d never said those words to someone who wasn’t my mom. I still wanted her to know how I felt though.

Three Chicks:  Chey, did you get help for your anxiety? Do you have to rely on your medication often and how do you now deal with your panic attacks? 

Chey:  Yeah I’m seeing someone. I take medication, but things are getting better. It’s not an every day thing.

Three Chicks:  Colt, you enrolled part time in community college. What are you doing now? Have you picked a major? 

Colt:  I’m working and going to school. I don’t know exactly what I want to do. I’m cool with that though. I have time.

Three Chicks:  Chey, how is your relationship with Andy going? 

Chey:  Good. We don’t always see each other as much as we’d like. She’s busy with school and her girlfriend and I’m with Colt, and school, but we’re good friends.

Three Chicks:  Colt, how do you get along with Chey’s Aunt Lily and Uncle Mark? 

Colt:  They’re cool. I’m not always real good with people like that, but they’re good people. They love Chey and they’ve helped us a lot.

Three Chicks:  Colt, what emotional attribute of Chey's do you love the most? 

Colt:  She’s caring. She doesn’t always like to show it, but she would do anything for someone she cares about.

Three ChicksChey, what physical characteristic of Colt's is your favorite? 

Chey:  Everything?  LOL. You’ve seen him, right? Winks  

Three Chicks:  We are hopeful you will still be together in five years, what do you see yourselves doing? Think you will be married by then? 

Colt:  Can’t really say about marriage by then. I want to be able to give her everything. We’ll figure it out. We’ll be together though. I f*ucking love her.

Chey:  Like I said, he’s it for me. No one will ever get me the way he does.

“Colt and Chey, it has been such a pleasure hanging out with the two of you today. We really hope we can get together again in the future, you two have been through a lot and your attitudes are very inspiring. Thanks again for having us over!” Jennifer gets up, walks over to Colt and gives him a big hug. Lisa and I laugh along with Chey. They walk us to the door, Lisa turns around and says, "Great meeting you both. Take care!" We shuffle out the door and head home....

Here is a sneak peek at Facade:
This is when Adrian first meets Laney.

Glancing at Cheyenne I wink at her.  She huffs and Colt starts laughing. The brunette walks to the trunk of her car and I see her start to pull out a box. "Hold that thought. I am about to go be a gentleman and help the lady out. We'll argue later tonight."  I wink at her again.  "If  I'm not busy."  Colt shakes his head and Cheyenne looks like she wants to punch me, but I'm already walking away. Looking at this girl, hell any girl, I see a distraction. When I'm concentrating on a girl's body there's not much room for the stuff from my past creeping in.  She's still fumbling with the box when I get to her. There are a few more of them in her trunk.  "That looks like a lot of work. It'd go much quicker if you let me help you and then we'll go somewhere and celebrate a job well done together."  She jumps, obviously startled and hits her head on the trunk. "Ouch! Shit. That wasn't part of the plan.  You okay? I'd offer to kiss it and make it better, but I'm guessing it's too soon for that?"  She takes a step back, her cheeks this sweet pink that I'm not used to seeing so much on girls anymore. I hold my hands up and smile at her.  "Don't be scared. Other than my shitty lines, I'm not so bad."  Pointing to Colt and Cheyenne, I continue. "My friend's girl is over there. She'll tell you I'm nothing but a huggable teddy bear."   I almost throw in a "wanna cuddle" but I think it's too much. She smiles and I know I just got a point back. Maybe two. "Well then, I think we're going to have a problem."  Her voice is just as sweet as her blush. Her eyes dart around a little and her fists clinch telling me she's trying to sound a lot braver than she feels.  "And what's that?"   I ask her before taking a step back. Not a big one, but just enough to give her a little more comfort. "I've always had a thing against teddy bears."  Her answer comes out of nowhere, but I have to admit its kind of fun. It's been a while since a girl made me give any kind of chase. "How do you have a thing against teddy bears?"  "Because they're frauds. I used to have one and thought it would protect me when I slept, but it didn't. I think that's their plan. They lure you in with a false sense of security."  I hold in my laugh. She's good.  Really good. She just insulted me and shot down my game in one swoop. It makes me want her more. Want some kind of challenge. Maybe that's what I need to take my mind off all the things that I don't deserve to forget. "Now that wasn't very nice.  We don't even know each other's names, but here you are calling me a fraud. All I wanted was to be a gentleman and help you with these boxes and then welcome you to the neighborhood by inviting you to a party tonight."  I lean against her car, watching her.  Trying to see what's going on in her gray eyes. She's thinking about what I said. Trying to come up with a reply.  "I can't," she finally says. She looks a little sad when she says it. She looks at the ground. Bites her bottom lip and I really want to tell her I'll do that for her, but I don't. She's gorgeous as hell. Even more so up close than she was from farther awayPlump lipsA little mole under her nose and damned if she doesn't look both sexy and innocent at the same time. "You won't, you mean."  She sighs. "I don't even know you.  Even if I did, that's not what I'm here for."  Her response is a little strange. I'm about to ask her about it, when a motorcycle rumbles up next to us. The girl's eyes shoot over to the bike and fuck if I don't know this is some guy for her.  I look over and he's pulling off his helmet and looking at me like he wants to take a shot at me because he knows exactly what's going through my head. "Maddox, you're late."  She looks at him and I look at her. She could have saved me a whole lot of trouble by telling me she was taken from the beginning. "Who's this?"  he says.  "My bad," I reply. "Have fun with those boxes.I'm not in the mood to fight for some girl I don't know so I turn and start to walk away. Not like I won't have more to choose from tonight anyway.


  1. So cute! Love these two! And can't wait for Facade to come out! :)

  2. We can't wait for Facade either-and we agree-they are adorable!!


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