Friday, February 8, 2013

Our 4 Star Review of Nets and Lies by Katie Ashley

Review of Nets and Lies by Katie Ashley

4 Stars  

**Warning, this story does contain the topic of rape**

Melanie is the Newton High School girls Varsity basketball team Capitan, their best player and Coach Thompson’s favorite.  She is also dating the coach’s son Will and they are very much in love with each other. One day, Melanie suffers an injury and Coach Thompson does the unthinkable. Melanie struggles with what has happened to her and doesn’t know what to do. Does she admit to what happened and ruin her relationship to Will along with his family or does she lie and pretend she is ok and ruin her life? 

Jordan is the schools “easy” girl and she has had it bad for Coach Thompson. When he breaks her heart she threatens to turn him in but he tells her no one will believe her because of her bad reputation.  When Jordan see’s Melanie running out of Thompson’s office, crying and looking disheveled she confronts him. Feeling like he has slapped her in the face, Jordan decides to accuse him of rape and that accusation changes their lives forever.
 The school and community are in shock and the students are treating Jordan like she is the bad guy. Things get so bad and scary for her and she has no choice but to transfer to a different school. Jordan struggles with the lie she has told and also discovers the person she wants to be, with the help of her friend Nick. 

Melanie struggles with the lie she has told and when the truth finally comes out it is then she realizes this is the only way she can begin her road to recovery.

Nets and Lies is a dark story, but one that also sends the message of courage, the importance of telling the truth, facing your fears and learning to heal.

Katie Ashley did such a wonderful job telling this story on such a hard and sensitive topic of rape. 

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