Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review: Happenstance by M.J. Abraham

Our 4 star review

Happenstance is M.J. Abraham's debut novel and she did a wonderful job with this story.

Victoria has just signed her divorce papers and is ready to move on from the man who broke her heart. She decides to pack her bags and move away from her family and leave behind the life. She has a great new apartment, a new teaching job and will be moving by her best friend. The last thing she wants is to find a man and fall in love. After being betrayed by the one man she thought she would spend her life with, she is afraid to put herself and her heart out there again. Until she meets Jared Owens.

Jared Owens is a hot sexy veterinarian, who is sweet, funny, and did I mention sexy? I think the best word to describe Jared is "perfect." He is what every woman wants, and he will make you swoon. And his funny t-shirts just made him that much more adorable. He meets Victoria when she brings a stray dog into his practice. He is completely taken by her the first time he sees her. All though Victoria is not looking for a guy she cannot get Dr. Owens out of her mind. Her friend convinces her to move on and date casually and give Jared a chance, which she agrees to do.

Victoria definitely has her guard up in the beginning and I have to admit that at times her decisions frustrated me. She had an amazing, funny sexy man who loved her and wanted to make her happy but she seemed to push him away. As much as she knew what she was feeling for him she was afraid that by admitting her feelings she would get hurt. I completely understand her fears and I think that is one reason why many woman can relate to her. She was a very likeable character who was just trying to protect her heart. I loved Victoria and Jared together, they were hot, and sweet and just perfect together. They had a flirty relationship that I loved. Jared loved her and wanted to protect her and make her happy. But what will happen when a past love comes into play and insecurities, fears and trust issues begin to surface again. Will Victoria finally get her happily ever after?

. Abraham did a great job with this story and connecting the characters to the reader. Happenstance was filled with all the emotions I love in a book. It will make you smile and laugh out loud. It had just the right amount of drama and angst, it will break your heart and hand it back to you healed. It was a great ending to a wonderful story. Great job by M.J. Abraham and I cannot wait for everyone to read Jared and Victoria's story. 

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