Saturday, February 23, 2013

Review: There is No Light in Darkness by Claire Contreras

Our 5 star review by Guest Reviewer Jennifer Hagen

 “I’ve been having the same nightmare for the past twenty-one years”

For 21 years Blake has lived with questions about her life.  Who killed her parents?  Who is the guy with the blue eyes that she vividly recalls in her dreams?  Why has she never come face-to-face with the lawyer who handles the estate? And why was her 4 y/o friend, Nathan, at the house the night of the attack?  On the eve of her 4th b-day, Blake witnesses the tragic death of her parents.   Immediately she is brought to Aunt Shelley’s and lives with her until Aunt Shelley passes away.   At the age of 12 Blake finds herself without family again and is brought to live with Maggie.  Blake has had no family to be there for her throughout her life and has only let a handful of people close to her.  She fears that by letting anybody close to her they will be taken from her life just as her parents and Aunty Shelley were.  She does not tell anybody she loves them because of this fear.

“I love you to the moon and back.”

Cole has loved Blake since the moment he saw her and has been telling her those words for 9 years.  Blake 
has pushed him away once before because of her fear of loving and losing everybody.   All of her relationships have ended with her realizing that she could never love anybody the way that she loves Cole.  Cole has been going on with his life but it always comes back to Blake. 

Now on her 25th birthday, Blake is getting some answers…or are they more questions?  Should she trust anybody?  Cole also has questions that he wants answered and by answering them does it open up danger for everybody they’ve held dearly in their lives?  Just when Blake feels comfortable saying the three words she could never say before and living without fear, darkness sets in. 

This book has the “wow factor.”  It has plot twists you don’t see coming.  It has angst and it has romance.  The love that Cole feels for Blake is overpowering and heartwarming.     And why won’t she ever have a house with stairs?  It will leave you aching when you read her answer.  

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  1. I have this ebook and I'm so glad you liked it. I'm always up for a book that keeps me on my toes and surprises me. I'm not such a fan of predictable things. Ugh, your review makes me all excited to read it:) Thanks for sharing, Jennifer! I hope you have continuing luck with reading great books:) Hav a lovely Sunday!

    Siiri @ Little Pieces of Imagination


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