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All Access and Broken Sound Review and Giveaway

Review for All Access (Brothers of Rock #1) by Karolyn James
3.5 Stars

“I’m not asking for your heart, or life,” Johnnie whispered. “I’m just asking for this moment, to share with me.”

Author Jess Carcraft is suffering from writers block. After two successful romantic thrillers, Jess has a deadline and a book that will make or break her literary career. Deciding to hit the local coffee shop in hopes of finding some inspiration, little did she know that her trip to the local coffee shop would change her life forever. While standing in line to order a gorgeous stranger puts money on the counter asking her to order the same. When she brings him his coffee, they get to chatting. They learn a little about each other. She knows his name is Johnnie, she knows he sings in a band and plays the guitar. He is gorgeous, mysterious and nice. She is giddy inside, it has been awhile since anyone has made her feel this way.

Johnnie is the gorgeous lead singer of one of the world’s hottest bands, Chasing Cross. Years of being on the road has taken its toll on him. The only thing that keeps him going are the loyal fans and his younger brother and fellow band mate Danny. Only one more show to go before getting a little break from touring. When his band manager calls, Johnnie sets up a meeting at a local coffee shop. When Johnnie makes small talk with a gorgeous women, an author no less he is shocked and relieved that she has no clue as to who he really is. When she mentions her best friend wants to drag her to some concert, he encourages her to go. When his manager arrives she politely excuses herself.  Jess is the only thing on Johnnie’s mind and more than anything, he wants to get to know her.

“That doesn’t matter!” Johnnie said as he turned around. “I don’t care what you know or don’t know. I care about the way you look at me. The way I look at you. That’s where it all starts. We can get to know each other over time, can’t we?”

Attending one of the biggest concerts of the year with her best friend, Jess is absolutely shocked when she sees who the leads singer of Chasing Cross is. Johnnie from the coffee shop. When Johnnie has security escort her backstage, Johnnie makes sure she knows he wants her in more ways than one. When he invites her to his cabin for a few days the chemistry between them explodes and the passion they feel for each other quickly develops into so much more.

“All I know is that I met a woman today that made my heart jump a little. And then in a crowd of thousands, there she was again, I’m not afraid, Jess, and I won’t hold back.”
“Don’t,” Jess said. “Please. Don’t....”
Johnnie made his next move, bringing his lips down to her. They were a centimeter away. Jess’s lips started to quiver, waiting to feel Johnnie kiss her.

Getting to know each other better, Jess learns just how passionate Johnnie is with his music and sees that he struggles with choice he needs to make, one that will affect the entire band. Then Jess receives news from her publisher and the choice she needs to make will also change her life forever. 

“Jess, I love you . Okay? I love you. I’m not going to give up right now. On anything.”

This was a fun and easy read, although Jess and Johnnie’s relationship happened very quickly but that is what made it fun. Seriously, what woman doesn’t fantasize about a rock star falling in love with them. 

The characters were easy to like. The chemistry between Jess and Johnnie was HOT!
The ending of this book leads into Broken Sound (Brothers of Rock #2) which is Davey’s story and man it’s a shocker of an ending. I look forward to seeing a glimpse of Jess and Johnnie  but at the same time I look forward to seeing the other band members journey to happiness. 

If you a looking for a sexy, fun and easy read this is just the story to satisfy your need. 

A job well done by Karolyn James.

 Review for Broken Sound (Brothers of Rock #2) by Karolyn James

4 stars

Anna is a teacher who also happens to be working as a waitress. Thanks to her ex-boyfriend she is desperately trying to pay off debts he so kindly left her with. Picking up extra shifts when she can, Anna’s life is a living hell. Little did Anna know that by doing a favor for her boss to help out with a special guest, her life would change.

Davey is the lead guitarist for Chasing Cross. He was enjoying the life of being a rock star that is until Cassy shows up claiming he is the father of her 18 month old son. With no recollection of his time with Cassy, he feels guilty. He asks her to dinner so they can talk and try to work something out. What Davey wasn’t expecting was Anna. Embarrassed by Cassy’s behavior and very impressed how Anna handled it, Davey wants to get to know her better but he is in a bit of a pickle with Cassy and the bomb she dropped on him.

“Anna, from the second you walked to the table before, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. I know who I am and I know how things appear... but there’s something special about you. I can just sense it.”

When Davey returns to the restaurant and asks to speak with her, she is excited and confused. When they arrive at his hotel room Anna learns that there is more to Davey than meets the eye. He is haunted by his past and she yearns to be a part of his future. 

“All you can do is follow your heart.” Anna said. “It’s not always easy, and face it, it doesn’t always guarantee we won’t get hurt...but that’s life.”

Learning the truth about each other’s past and wanting to be a part of each other’s future, Davey needs to deal with Cassy and her claim. While waiting for the paternity test results, the media gets wind of the story and all hell breaks loose. 

“My God, Anna, how can you be so beautiful and perfect...”
“...and broken,” Anna added, then smiled.
“We’re both broken, but we fit together.”
“Just the jagged curves of puzzle pieces.”

When Anna’s past comes back to haunt her, the decision she has to make will affect her future and the man she truly loves. That decision may also have deadly consequences...

I adored Davey. He has such a kind heart and wants to do right by everyone.
Anna is wonderful and kind hearted as well and her big heart is what got her into trouble. 

Aside from a few grammatical errors and a little bit of a predictable plot, this story was fun, angsty and sexy.  The characters we were well developed.

I look forward to seeing what Ms. James has in-store for Danny in book #3.

If you are looking to get lost with a rock star, this book was a fun, entertaining and easy read.

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