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Blog tour: My Savior Forever by Vicki Green


‘With all my heart,
With every inch of my Soul,
With every breath I take,
I promise to love you forever’

Cassie can’t remember being loved, being wanted. At a young age she was placed in Foster care that moved her around from one place to the other. Finally being freed at 18, she was left with no money and nowhere to go until she finds a small town in Kansas where she can start over.

Little did she know her life was going to be uprooted again when she is kidnapped and brutally raped.

Jesse is considered HOT in most women’s eyes, but has little time for Romance. While searching for his Mother’s killers, he witnesses a young girl being kidnapped. He now faces decisions that he must make quickly.

Will Jesse rescue Cassie? Will Cassie ever find the happiness she longs for?

*Due to a graphic rape scene, strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.


Jesse pulls me in an embrace. “Baby, you take all the time you need. I know you have been through so much. You’re so brave.” He pushes me back a little and stares into my eyes. “Do you know how brave you are?” I shyly shake my head. He pulls me back and holds me again. “Oh, baby. After all you have been through in your life. I think you’re the bravest person I know.” Tears form in my eyes. I don’t feel very brave. 

                                                 Character Spotlight: Cassie Morelli

Full name: Cassie Ann Morelli
Born: June 6th
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Stats: 5’ 6”, 110 lbs., strawberry blonde hair, light green eyes that look light blue
Favorite food: Crab Legs
Favorite music: Classic Rock
Favorite pastime:  reading romance, snuggling with my Jesse

Biggest Regret: not having a normal life in my younger years, more time with my parents

Sweetest Moment:
Jesse surprising me with a Romantic dinner. The Restaurant atmosphere with the flowers, lit candles and the sweetest note. The gorgeous man looking into my eyes with love.

Most Romanic Moment: There’s so many! The way Jesse purposed. Such a Romantic. His face as he spoke, his actions. It all took my breath away. And, walking down the aisle to Jesse. The look on his face was so full of love for me. For me! I couldn’t believe he actually loves me.

Cassie, you’ve had such a hard life growing up. What kept you going? What kept you sane?

One word. Survival. My parents were gone and I know they would want me to go on, be the best I could be. I definitely couldn’t do that being in all those foster families. None of them would give me the support or love to do that. So, when I finally got my freedom I had to push myself to get a job and try to do something with my life.

It’s unfathomable to me being kidnapped and raped. What was going through your mind?

Wow! Well, other than the fear, I couldn’t believe that was happening to me. I can’t explain the horror and pain that it was. No one should ever have to go through that. No one should be allowed to do that to another person. It was beyond disgusting and horrible.

On a lighter note, Cassie, you seem to have attracted the attention and love from the man who rescued you. How are you feeling now?

That, I can describe! (She giggles) Jesse is amazing! Not only is he the hottest guy I have ever seen but so full of love, caring and what a Romantic! I swoon just thinking about him. Thank, God, he is the one who rescued me. When he came into the room at first I was scared because I thought it was just another man coming to have his way with me. But he helped me. He was so tender and loving. He didn’t even know me. Once he got me out and I got to see him in the light, I could have fainted! I couldn’t believe how beautiful he was. And he never ever acted like he was put out taking care of me. He wanted to. He is truly my Savior Forever.

                                                      Character Spotlight:  Jesse Richards

Full name: Jesse Michael Richards
Born: January 15th
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Stats: 5’ 11”, 172 lbs., dark blonde hair with natural blonde highlights, blue eyes
Favorite food: Mexican
Favorite music: Classic Rock
Favorite pastime:  running, working out, taking a stroll hand in hand with my Cassie, snuggling with Cassie

Biggest Regret: Not being there when my Mother was killed. Maybe I could have stopped them. Not being able to get Cassie out of that house before they hurt her. It killed me to have to sit outside in my truck waiting for the right time to go in after her. I hated what I saw when I finally did.

Sweetest Moment: marrying Cassie. Seeing her walk down the aisle to me and the look on her face made my heart beat out of my chest.

Most Romanic Moment: When I prepared a Romantic dinner for her in celebration. I love doing that! The look on her face was priceless. She was so shocked but in her eyes was the love for me that hit me like a freight train. I fell in love with her all over again.

Jesse, I can’t imagine how hard it was for you, chasing after your Mother’s killers for two years. Wasn’t it hard being out there by yourself and weren’t you afraid of being killed?

It was extremely hard being away from my family and friends. I missed them terribly and I know it was hard on them too. I know I put them through a lot. But, I had to do it, for her. She deserved to have them caught and put away. No one else was willing to do that. I guess deep down I was a little nervous of being killed but I had to take that chance.

I hear that you are a hopeless Romantic. What goes through your mind when trying to impress a woman?

Jesse laughs.  Well, when I fall, I fall hard. I want to take care of her and give her everything her heart desires. Most woman, or so I’ve heard (chuckle), love the flowers, pampering, candle light and so on. I guess I have a great imagination when trying to come up with things to woo them. What can I say? (He smiles and shrugs)

What where your first thoughts as you entered the room and found Cassie?

It was so dark in the room that I had to use my flashlight.  I cringed as I moved the light up her body. Seeing her tied to the bed that way, the bruises, marks in her flesh and her face. Damn, her face. Bruised and her left eye swollen shut. I wanted to go after them right then and kill them. Beating them to a pulp first like they did to her. I’m not a violent man but my rage was extreme as I saw what they had done to her. (He leans forward in his seat, putting his elbows on his legs to get closer). But, wow! I think I was knocked over by her beauty. She stunned me. Right then, I knew I had to get to know her better. I had to have her. I can’t explain it.

About The Author:

Vicki Green grew up in Overland Park, Kansas and currently resides in Olathe, Kansas. Along with her husband and two teenage boys, she shares her home with her cocker spaniel’s Shadow and Mocha. She works full time and has been at the same Company for 35 years. Her life has been filled with the most loving and caring parents who are both in Heaven now but are still in her heart and mind daily.
Vicki enjoys reading, with too many on her Kindle and Nook to count, which is what inspired her to begin writing.
One day she decided to sit down and put to paper a story that has been in her thoughts and dreams for over a year. The next book in the series is already plaguing her thoughts.

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