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Review and Giveaway: Tripped Up Love by Julie Farley


Heather Meadows lost the only love she’s ever known. Her perfect, yet ordinary life was turned upside down the day her 38-year-old husband died. Her happily ever after was gone in the blink of an eye. Heather’s life becomes the subject of scrutiny and pity as she tries to pick up the pieces of her shattered world and raise her three children on her own. In the midst of suburbia and gossipy neighbors, Heather tries to re-build a normal life. Little does she know she’s about to trip into a new adventure. An adventure she could never have imagined. Where will her misstep take her and how will Heather handle the prying eyes of those around her?

4 star review

Tripped Up Love is a fun, romantic and wonderful story about moving on from your loss and finding happiness again.  What I loved about the book was the ages of both the hero and heroine.  Heather and Peter are two characters that most people can relate to and will fall in love with.   

Heather suddenly lost her husband 18 months ago to a heart attack.  Hank was her whole world and the love of her life since she was a little girl.  Living her life without Hank just doesn't seem right or fair, but Heather has three children of her own to take care of.  Three children who also lost a father.  It's now 18 months later and Heather is still living day to day, wondering who will be talking about her now.  Ever since losing Hank the people of the town have taken pity on her, and she seems to be the talk of the town.  She is just trying to piece her life back together, take care of her children and move forward.  But her plans of trying to move forward didn't include another man in her life, until she literally falls in the arms of Peter. 

While out for a run one day, Heather finds herself tripping over a pothole and into the arms of the very sexy Peter Adamson.  He finds himself completely drawn to her and wants to help take care of her.  And most importantly he wants to see her again.  Heather has some reservations about seeing Peter again, but at the same time she can't help the feelings she has.  Peter is a famous writer, all though at the time of meeting him, Heather has no clue who he is.  He is the complete opposite from her husband in so many ways.  At the advice of her best friend, Heather takes a chance on love with Peter and finds herself smiling more and enjoying the time she spends with him.  But it's not just about Heather, she has three kids, and in-laws that she is also concerned about.  She loves her kids and adores her in-laws and needs to make sure that they are OK with her dating Peter.  She doesn't want them to feel that Peter is taking the place of Hank.  There is also the guilt she feels when she is with him, the guilt of being happy and falling for another man in her life, when the one man she thought she would love forever is gone. Will Heather realize that she deserves to love again and deserves to be happy?  That loving Peter is OK.

"For the last year, all I have wanted was a hug.  One of those big hugs that only a man can give you.  The kind that makes you feels safe and protected that nothing else matters in the world."

For Heather, it was Peter who was there to give her that big hug that she needed.  And she felt safe with him.  Peter is a famous writer and has never been one to settle down.  But that changes when he meets Heather.  He knows that Heather's situation is a delicate one, being a widow with three kids, and there is a lot of baggage that comes with dating her.  But he cannot deny how he feels.  He doesn't want to replace Hank, but he wants to be there to love and take care of her and her children.  He is drawn to her in ways he never felt.  He knows from the moment he meets her and her kids that she is the one.  I loved Peter and loved how he wanted to protect her, be there for her and just love her. 

I loved Heather as the main character, she is funny and a little bit of a klutz and so genuine and real.  She is someone that most woman can relate to as a mom and seeing the everyday struggles she went through.   She is also dealing with an issue that I am sure hits very close to home for some people.  And she is trying to deal with it the best way she can. Tripped Up Love is a warm and funny romantic read that will make you laugh and smile.  There are some moments of sadness where you feel for Heather and what she is going through.  You will fall in love with Heather and Peter as well as their families.  Heather's kids are adorable and their emotions and feelings are so real and true to the story.  I loved the support system that Heather had between her best friend, her mother and her in-laws. The prologue to this book will draw you in and you will not want to put it down.  Julie Farley did a wonderful job with this story.  It is fun and heart warming love story about hope, loss and  getting a second chance at love and a happily ever after.  I loved this story and cannot wait for The New Ever After.  

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