Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Review: The Perfect Someday by Beverly Preston

Tracy Mathews lives life by the perfect moral code.

After graduating magna cum laude in Marketing, she travels to the fabled churches of Santorini to capture the unspoiled sunset, only to find a masquerade wedding about to begin. Tracy is persuaded by her younger sister to crash the ceremony. While donning a mask in Greece, she encounters a magnetically charming, handsome Italian, who entices her deepest desires.

After a brief and mysterious rendezvous with future promises made, she returns home only to realize her dreams of the perfect man have been shattered—until an unexpected job opportunity presents itself in Italy.

Vincent is a fifth generation winemaker in the rolling hills of Tuscany. On the verge of losing his family’s estate, will Tracy Mathews, an up and coming marketing entrepreneur, be exactly what he needs to save his family heritage and his broken heart?
5 Fantastic Stars!
Review by Allison East
So this is my second Beverly Preston book and I can assure you it won't be my last. I enjoyed this book so much and the characters within it- that if I didn't have a bunch of books to read and review, I would do a re-read. It was really well written, had humor, sex, passion- overall lots of things in a book that make it fantastic.

The Perfect Someday is a standalone, but has the characters from previous books in the series of the Mathews/Clemmins family.

Tracy is a very smart and beautiful woman. She lives her love life through her wild and crazy model sister- JC. While on a routine summer trip to Greece- Tracy happens upon a masquerade wedding; she is hoping to take a picture she's been wanting to take for years.

This is where she meets the sexy Italian- Giovanni. The stolen moments they have after the wedding, are some of the hottest scenes I have ever read in a book. And it had me screaming- GO HOME WITH HIM! YOU'D BE CRAZY NOT TO! But JC actually turns out to be the voice of reason- and not the immature naive girl she is made out to be.

Neither one of them can forget the time they spent together. A little too tipsy Tracy leaves her phone number with him, and he promises to call- but doesn't and it literally crushes her. For two years.

Tracy then has the opportunity to work in Italy for a family winery after finishing school, she doesn't know if she can put "The Italian" behind her. Even after two long years, she is still not able to forgive and forget so easily.

She ends up meeting the son of the winery's owner- Vincent, and they kind of have a love/hate relationship because she wants to change and update the winery- which he does not. And he is firm in his beliefs. I really enjoyed their funny banter between one another. But Tracy is not too willing to give her heart away again, after her experience which has haunted her.

This book is so well written I got lost- until I realized it was well after midnight and I had to work the next morning. I could not put this book down.

And I loved all the secondary characters too- Tracy's sister, their mom, the step dad, the rich Hollywood type friends with the villa in Tuscany- even the Italian.

There were so many swoon-worthy moments that I won't soon forget- and neither will you. Once you read this book it will forever be in your mind. And I need more from Beverly, so I hope she continues to write about this family or anything really! She has made a fan for life!


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