Saturday, November 1, 2014

Review: The Resolution of Callie and Kayden

Things are going well for Callie and Kayden. They’re still dealing with their past and the pain connected to it, but for the most part they’ve moved on. The biggest decision they have at the moment is what they want to do with their lives in the future. 

Eventually, though, the past catches up with them and they’re left facing tough choices. But Callie and Kayden learn that as long as they have each other, they can make it through just about anything. And in the end, they discover what they really want out of life.

4 Star Review by Jen Skewes

The Resolution of Callie and Kayden is the final installment in their story.  There is just something about these two characters that I loved. They have become one of my favorite book couples. They are both so beautifully damaged people who are just trying to move on from their past.  They have so much pain and hurt from their past that all I wanted was to see the two of them be happy.  Through this series I have cried and hurt for them, I felt their pain, I laughed with them but I also had hope with them.  Hope that one day they could put it all behind them and move on to a future together filled with love and happiness.  And Jessica Sorensen gave us just that.

This is Callie and Kayden’s journey to becoming happy.  They met by coincidence one day and from there we watched their story unfold.  We watched as they both came together to try and heal.  It was not an easy journey but through it all they had each other.  In this book Callie has managed to find  happiness, she is in love with Kayden and will do anything for him.  She has managed to put the past behind her and look forward to her future.  Kayden still has some issues that he is dealing with but he too is happier.  But finding his brother and still not knowing where is paretns are, is still weighing on him a bit.  He wants nothing more than to embrace the love that his brother and sister-in-law have shown him but at the same time he has his own reservations and trust issues, which is completely understandable. 

Kayden needs to learn how to love and how to be loved.  Yes he loves Callie and has accepted that she is in love with him as well.  But when it comes to family, he has never really felt that love that most children want from their parents.  He needs to learn to open up to his brother and really be able to move on from what happened with is father.  In order to find his happily ever after he needs to let go.

This is the perfect conclusion to their story.  These two characters are so perfect together.  I just wanted to jump in the book and hug them both.  Tell them how much I admire them both.  They have both grown so much since we first met them and I loved watching every minute of that growth.  Ms. Sorensen one again has done a wonderful job.  She knows how to create these damaged characters that completely capture your heart from the beginning.  But she also knows how to make you feel all of the emotions.  This book does not have as much angst or drama as the first two but that is what made it perfect.   This is truly their story to finding happiness and putting the past behind them.  It is about love, passion, strength and resolution.  And the ending was just perfect!

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