Monday, January 25, 2016

Review: Clubwhore by Kim Jones

I’m that girl…
The girl every woman loves to hate.
The one your man dreams about.
I live up to my name…
And this is my story.

She needs something. Something Devil’s Renegade MC Sergeant at Arms Bryce is more than willing to give. But he’s not the kind of man who asks. He takes. And soon, he will take her. He’ll dominate her. He’ll captivate her. She’ll be his—no patches…no property…no titles. Only her. Only him.
She thinks this is her story to tell. 
It very well may be. 

But he…is fixing to rewrite it.

4.5 Stars!

Review by Lisa Kane 

I've read just about everything that Kim Jones has written. Her writing tends to be gritty, raw and dead on club life and the characters that live that life. Clubwhore may just be her best work yet! 

Delilah is a clubwhore. She will be the first to admit it, but there is a difference between her and any other whore out there. 

I don't want commitment, I want a life. I want to call the shots. I want to see who I want, do what I want and be what I want. Keep your property patches. I don't mind being your dirty little secret.

She has no shame in her game. She has no qualms about her deal with the Devil's Rengades MC. In exchange for room and board, she receives several hundred dollars a week. She services the club and their guests and she's quite content with that. Delilah requires a certain amount and type of pain to keep the beast  within her at bay. For the last couple of years she's been working for the MC, before that she dealt with her pain in a much more dangerous way. 

She knows the old ladies of the club resent her. She has some perimeters though-married men are off her list of the guys she will do. Most of the guys treat her with a certain respect, their wives-not so much. But she's okay with that too. 

I don't need your pity. 
Because, at the end of the day, I'm the one who wins. I have the one thing they're most afraid of losing-their man. 
I'm that girl.
The girl every woman loves to hate. 
The one your man dreams about.
I live up to the name I've been given.

One particular night a giant of a man with piercing green eyes comes into the club. He's someone of importance. She can tell by the way the other guys give him a wide berth. He beckons her to him and asks her where her room is; of course she goes with him. But the sex is not like the sex she is used to-it's hot and the passion is mutual. But she leaves him in her bed and walks away. It's a Sunday and that means she's off the clock. 

That's not who you are anymore. You don't need to be controlled. You have Sunday. 
Delilah's need for self pain takes on new lows on Sundays. I can understand how some people deal with intense pain by putting themselves in situations where they can focus on physical pain and that helps them cope with internal pain. But holy hell woman-what she puts herself through for her despicable mother and brother each and every week-ugghh..just ugghh. 

"Now do you see the level of fucked up you're dealing with? I can't be fixed, Bryce. This is who I am."

But Bryce, who is the sergeant at arms for the MC, will prove to more a force to reckon with-it's just great, intense sex though right? When both of them are affected more than they care to be by their relationship they fall back on their old coping mechanisms and a whole world of hurt is unleashed. When your whole way of life has been dictated by the scars of your past how do you change so you can have a future? 

I loved this book. I have no problem stating that being inside Delilah's head is one crazy train that derails often. I don't know how she does the things she does but reading her POV helped me understand somewhat why she does what she does even if my eyes bugged out of my head more than once. Kim Jones' writing is raw and gritty and not for the faint of heart. The angst slut in my loved this book and I look forward to the next roller coaster that Ms. Jones takes me on! 

"Never let a man treat you like you're anything less than perfect. Because you're not."

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