Monday, January 25, 2016

Review: Pucked Over by Helena Hunting

Lily LeBlanc isn’t versed in the art of casual sex, but after seven years in an on-again, off-again relationship, she’s definitely willing to give it a shot. And who better to try it with than her best friend’s boyfriend’s best friend? What could possibly go wrong? Nothing at all.

NHL player, Randy Ballistic, lives up to his last name on the ice and in the bedroom. His best friend and teammate has recently given up the puck bunnies and traded them in for a real girlfriend. And she just happens to have a seriously feisty, extra-hot best friend on the rebound. Randy’s more than happy to be Lily’s spring board back into the dating scene.

Casual sex is only casual until those pesky things called emotions get involved. Once that happens, someone’s bound to gets pucked over.

4 Stars!

Review by Lisa Kane 

Lily and Randy's story is another great addition to this story. Randy is a good friend of Miller's from Pucked Up and so he is part of the inner circle of Vi and Alex (from Pucked) and Sunny and Miller. Sunny's best friend is Libby and we've seen a few glimpses of her. She and Randy had an almost all the way hook up in Pucked Up but a picture of bikini clad puck bunnies with Randy ended that pretty fast. Randy has been trying to get Libby to give him another chance ever since.

Libby's life in Canada couldn't be more different from Randy's in Chicago. His is an over the top, money out the wazoo life style.  She helps out her single mom with the bills, holds down two jobs and and has almost zero hours to relax. Years ago, she was forced to give up her dreams of Olympic skating when their lack of money meant she couldn't pursue that dream. Her father, a hockey player has been non existent in her life. Her mom is dating and her runs in with her underwear clad dates, the morning after said dates, reminds her she needs to get her own place.

I'm too old to deal with this. I don't need to know who my mom's boning. If Sunny wasn't talking about moving to Chicago, I'd say we should get an apartment now I don't want to be stuck here, witnessing my mom getting more action than I am.

When Libby saw the pics of Randy with the puck bunnies, she flipped out a little (okay a lot) and marked up all his underwear with permanent marker, forever displaying in permanent ink, TINY DICK INSIDE. When she found out the truth about those pictures she was mortified with guilt and regret but what can she do now, except avoid any run in with Randy like the plague?

But Alex and Vi's engagement is going to give them plenty of opportunities to be in the same room. And when these two are together, bathroom sex can't be far behind. 

Lily's eyes go wide, her panic comical. "I'll be out in a minute."
She struggles to get off my shoulders, nearly taking us to the floor. It wouldn't be so bad if we weren't in a bathroom. It's clean, but not that clean. 

Maybe these two could have some fun. The no strings kind of fun. Libby just broke up with Benji, her long time boyfriend and Randy has no problem being the rebound guy. 

"So I'm guessing you didn't find a bunny to ride your dick?"
Randy chuckles. "Nope. My dick told me he didn't want a bunny. He's holding out for you."

Everyone around them is thinking this may not be such a great idea. Libby is not the casual type but she promised Randy she would tell him if it was becoming a problem. But if Libby doesn't admit to herself that she is falling for Randy, how can she tell him it's a problem?

This one is just as hilarious and witty as the previous two. Randy is a good guy who has his own scars that he carries. He's never wanted a relationship but maybe Libby will be the one to show him how wrong he's been. 

"Most people call that a relationship, Randy."
He bites a nail. He looks like a cornered animal. 
"If you can't even say the word, it's not something you're ready for."
"I can say it."
"Then do."

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