Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Review: How to Save a Life by Andria Large

How do you save someone’s life? 

There’s the obvious way of physically saving them from a tragic end. 

Then there’s the more subtle way of saving someone who doesn’t know they need to be saved. Someone who is drowning emotionally and has no idea that they are slowly dying. 

Ezra Whitmore is one of those people. After tragically losing his wife, he’s still going through the motions, but not really living. All he has now is his son, Spencer, and his career as a dentist. The life he thought he was going to have has been torn apart. The things he had once enjoyed no longer feel the same without the person he had shared everything with. 

That is, until Ferris Jenkins crashes into his life. Not only does the lifeguard save his son from literally drowning in the ocean, but he also slowly starts to bring Ezra back to life. 

As soon as Ferris lays eyes on Ezra, he can’t get the gorgeous dentist out of his head. He knows nothing will ever happen between them because…well, Ezra is straight and he’s gay. You can imagine Ferris’ surprise when Ezra gets drunk one night, kisses him, and admits that he’s always been attracted to guys. This gives Ferris hope that maybe, just maybe, he can land the man of his dreams. 

***Warning: You know the drill! For mature audiences only. Contains some graphic m/m sex scenes. Please remember that this is a work of fiction and comes from my own imagination.

4 stars
Review by Jen Skewes

Andria Large has done it again.  I swear this woman can write a MM romance like no other.  She just always manages to tell love stories between two men that just feel so real.  Even when one of those men was at one point married to a woman.  There is never a point where you think "oh this would never happen.”  Because as I said she makes the love and the relationship between two people feel so true to life and so genuine.  And this book is no different.

Ezra has recently become a widow and a single father to his 14 year-old son.  He loved his wife and is just living right now, taking care of his son and working as a dentist to continue to provide for him.  But he is still missing his wife and everything that they shared together.  Then one day while at the beach with his son, Ferris enters his life.  Saving his son from drowning, he owes this man so much.  The next day they go back to thank him, and Ezra and Ferris form a friendship.  And while Ezra may not have known it at the time, but Ferris came into their life at the right moment.  He came at a time when both him and his son needed him in so many ways.  He helped to save them both but I think in a way they all saved each other. 

Ezra has always felt some attraction towards men when he was younger but because of the fear of telling the truth to his parents he always put those feelings aside and never acted on them.  Then he met his wife and she was all that he needed, until she was no longer there. Now that he has met Ferris those feelings have started to come back.  Things with Ferris just seem so easy, and comfortable and just so right.  While he still has his fears and concerns, he is not going to hide his feelings any more.  He wants Ferris as his best friend and so much more and he is willing to make that happen. 

Everything that Ezra and Ferris felt with each other, I felt it too.  I loved their relationship.  For one I loved how it started and how they came to be friends and the impact that Ferris has on him and his son.  Their relationship was just so beautiful and I loved watching it unfold.  They were just so perfect for each other.  They both needed each other in way and it just worked so well.  While Ferris has been out, that doesn’t mean that his life was so perfect.  He had a family that did not necessarily agree or understand him.  And that caused for some heartache of his own.  But together Ferris and Ezra conquered the fears, the insecurities and were there for each other. 

I really enjoyed this book and love the connections between the characters, both Ezra and his son.  They all fit so well together.  Once again Ms. Large has delivered a wonderful story that is both hot and sexy, sweet and just the right amount of drama.  

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