Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Review: Consequences by Rachel Higginson

Consequence, the conclusion to Sayer and Caroline’s epic love story

Five years ago, I escaped a dangerous life I had always wanted to leave. I got away. I found freedom. But it cost me the love of my life.

For five years I lived in hiding, protecting my most valuable secret while Sayer Wesley sat in prison paying for both our sins. I promised to love him forever. I promised to never leave him.

I broke my promises.

Five months ago Sayer found me.

Five weeks ago, I was forced to face my past.

Five days ago, someone took my daughter. They kidnapped her in order to make Sayer and me suffer. I will do anything to get her back. Even if that means coming clean to Sayer, letting him into my life and introducing him to our daughter.

All I wanted was to protect her from this life and now she’s right in the middle of the chaos. Sayer is the only one that can help me. He’s the only one that can get her back.

But it might mean losing him again.

Fifteen years ago, I fell in love with Sayer Wesley. Now I must pay the consequences for falling in love with a con man.

4.5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

Consequences is the sequel in this epic duet series and I loved.  I think even more so than the first one.  Please note that you do need to read Constant before reading this book.  And if you have not read Constant this is your warning that there may be a spoiler or two.

Caroline’s daughter has been taken.  When she left town years ago it was to protect her daughter.  Now that Sayer has found her, she thinks he may be the reason that people know where she is.  But regardless of the why’s, she needs Sayer’s help.

Sayer has been in love with Caroline since they were young kids.  It has been five years since he saw her last and while finding his daughter is what’s most important, getting Caro to trust him and his feelings for her is just as important.  Without trust they cannot move on, and they cannot work together to find their daughter.  The two of them set out to find her but are somehow brought back into the life that they both wanted to leave behind.  How far will they go to save themselves?   Will they be sucked back into the live they don’t want or they be able to escape once again and truly find happiness?

I don’t want to go into too much detail about this plot of this story.  It’s best to just dive in and find out how this story ends.  I loved Sayer and could feel how much he still love Caroline.  She had a hard time trusting her and honestly I understood her but also got so mad at her for it.  I was so torn.  I think growing up n the world that these two did, really makes you questions everything and everyone.  And at times that everyone included Sayer.  Was he really here to make a new life with her?  Was her here because he was told to bring her back?  So many questions and yes I may have wondered myself if he was truly here for her, but I think deep down I knew the answer.  I also knew that they would get to their happily ever after, it would just be a long intense journey with many bumps along the way.  And boy were there bumps. 

Consequences was a great end to this duet.  The story itself was intense and caused a whirlwind of emotions.  I never knew what would happen next or how they would get out of the mess they seemed to get themselves into.  But have no fear, trust and you will see.  Sayer and Caroline together are perfect.  You see the love that they had for each other many years ago, but when you also find out was really happened five years ago you truly see the amazing man Sayer is and how Caroline was never far from his mind.  I loved this series and really hope that we get to see more of these characters.  I need Gus and Frankie.  Great job!!

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